At Home Drug Test Kits Can Help You Pass a Drug Test

at home drug testAn at home drug test kit can help you pass a drug test

An at home drug test kit can help you pass a drug test for marijuana. How? By allowing you to study. Wait? Study for drug tests? Well by study we mean check to see if you’re chosen marijuana detox program is working. Because you basically have two choices to pass a drug test if you don’t substitute your urine with clean or fake pee. You can either detox to try and get marijuana out of your system as fast as possible or use asking agent to conceal the marijuana in your system. Follow the link above where we explain everything if you need help passing your upcoming piss test.

At home drug test?

The home drug test will allow you to test yourself to see if you’ll pass your drug test before you have to go to the lab and take the official drug test or drug screening. You know, the one thing that’s probably standing between you and a good job or your freedom. So why not take every precaution to pass? Okay now that you’re convinced let’s move on to deciding which at home drug test kit you need.

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We here at stuff stoners like are all about weed. So we like to recommend drug test kits that are specifically weed focused. But you can find kits to see if you’ll pass a test looking for all sorts of drugs. You can score a 5 panel home drug test that tests for marijuana of course as well as cocaine, meth/amphetmaines, opiates, and PCP from our TestNegative buds. Looks like they also offer a dedicated cocaine drug test kit.  What is this the 1980s?

We recommend these TestNegative dudes not just because we work with ’em but because their stuff is quality and affordable. You never know about the quality of stuff you get when you buy a cheap CVS drug test kit, or Walmart drug test kit. Don’t let a cheap cvs drug test kit stand between you and freedom. Do your homework. Just by doing a brief search online for weed drug test kits you’ll see a veritable cornucopia of companies all trying to make a quick buck off the backs and fronts of hard working, weed smoking humans. If you’re like me, you’ll quickly change the search from Google to Amazon to check out what other people have to say about the more popular at home drug test kits. Of course reviews can be just as fake as the fake pee that comes out of some of these pass the drug test kits, but you can usually figure out which ones are real and which ones are fake fairly easily.

Are drug tests stuff stoners like?

The marijuana testing kits, or better known as the marijuana drug test kit, ranges in price on Amazon starting at around three bucks for the single serving and over 50 or 60 bucks for the big box. Some of these definitely have the feel of parents trying to snoop on their kids. Granted, kids shouldn’t be doing drugs until their brains have fully formed, but let’s get real. That’s not how it works in real life. It didn’t for me, and I’m sure it didn’t for you. I like to think all the weed I smoked and the other drugs I did in my younger days helped mold me into the awesome human I am today. Nature vs Nurture vs Drugs yo.

I feel like being made to piss in one of these urine drug test kits is some pretty low shit. If someone can hold down their drugs and still function and do the job just as good as someone not on drugs, then fuck it right? Granted you might not want your doctor nodding out on oxycontin and fentanyl just before an operation, but let’s be honest. Not all of us, in fact, I’m willing to bet it’s a fairly small fraction of us who actually go on to be doctors or something. Being a doctor takes a special sort of psychopathy, and I don’t think most stoners fit that bill. I think we’re most on the empathic side as a whole, but of course, when you regress to the mean we’re all assholes right?

I’ve sorted the ratings so Amazon only shows me the ones with the most stars, and from there we can make a more well informed decision on which over the counter drug testing kit is needed.

Hair drug test kit

Some are described as an effective at home anti drug tool, which immediately gives me a creep factor feeling of over 9,000. That’s exactly the kind of rhetoric you would expect to see from people still living inside of, or trying to profit from this ridiculous drug war. But I digress, if you know you are going to be getting a hair follicle test, you should definitely pick one up. Some of the home drug tests that involve the hair drug test kit can show a drug history going back 90 days. These are a little different than the normal at home drug test kit you might be used to. As the name denotes, rather than peeing on the hair drug test kit, you use your hair! These ones also tend to be more expensive and don’t focus on just one drug. They will usually test for THC, cocaine, MDMA, PCP (Do people still do PCP?) and of course all the popular opiates and amphetamines that will eventually turn the majority of the population into something reminiscent of the Walking Dead.

PRO TIP—Need a hair drug test kit? We recommend testclear’s prescription drug hair drug test or 5 panel hair drug test kit that tests for marijuana, cocaine, meth/amphetmaines, opiates and PCP w/results in 7 to 10 days. TestClear’s express hair drug test kit takes 3 days.

hair drug test kitYou should also know that if you get something like the CVS drug test it, or another kind of at home hair drug test, you’ll have to make sure to leave a few days in there for the results to come back. Rather than having a strip that turns a color when you pee on it, most of these require you to send the hair sample to the lab. This also hopefully means that they are using actual lab equipment like a GC or an LCMS or something to see what drugs are in the hair. Assuming the lab has their SOP game on point, they should be able to give you the most accurate results of any of the at home drug test kits. Of course that also means they cost quite a bit more than the normal drug test kits CVS might sell, or the cheap drug test kits Walmart has to offer. Check out our post on how to pass a hair drug test if you have one coming up and you’re stressing about beating it.

Other drug testing kits

You can also get something called a mouth swab drug test kit. These are also a bit more expensive, and rather than using your bladder pee, they use your mouth pee. Mouth pee is also known as spit or saliva. I just like to call it mouth pee. So these oral saliva drug test kits also test for several drugs, including alcohol. Although I think if someone was drunk you could just smell it, but who knows. Dammit Jim, I’m a stoner not an alcoholic. Sorry, I just watched the newest Star Trek movie. Good shit Bones. Good shit indeed.

PRO TIP—We recommend TestClear’s mouth swab drug test kit if you’ve got one of those tests approaching.

Of course to combat the mouth swab drug test kit, Guardian Labs offers something called Stinger Detox Mouthwash. I have no idea if it works or not, as out of principal I’ve turned down many jobs that wanted to test my pee pee. But if you aren’t able to do that, this might be something worth looking into.

When you start talking about the other kinds of drug testing kits, you start getting into things you might bring to a festival or something to make sure the other drugs you might be seeking are actually what the dude tells you they are. There’s nothing worse than getting bombed out at a festival on some shitty research chemical when all you wanted was a nice fluffy LSD trip. So these drug testing kits are good for that. If you want to know more about the purity of a given drug, then what you’ll want is a drug purity test kit. Again, these are all a bit more expensive, and offer a different use case than the classic over the counter drug test kit most of us are familiar with. But they all serve an important purpose when navigating this fragmented drug market.

Have you ever used a home drug test to help you pass a drug test? Have you ever been forced to use any drug test kits by an auhtority figure on a power trip? Was it accurate? What happened? Let us know in the comments section below.

By Mat Lee

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