Berry 1 Strain Review

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Berry 1 Strain Review

Review By Mat Lee
Score: 9/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: American Farms
Harvest Date: 12/12/14
Sativa vs Indica: Indica
Content: THCA 17.9% | THC 1.15% | CBD .09%
Genetics: Berry. Old school berry.

berry marijuana strain review
Berry 1 marijuana strain review by Mat Lee

Appearance: This shit right here? This shit right here looks like the best buds you’ve probably seen in a while. Well grown, everything is frosty, nice and tight, with long brownish orange hairs extending toward the top of the bud. Some of the leaves have a slight purple tint to them. Under the little magnifying glass I have, you can see some fairly tall trichomes, which is cool to see in recreational buds. Usually they are all knocked off and broken from being finger fucked by some mangler type trimming machine or something. I don’t know, maybe their machine is just more gentle. This bud looks KILLER.

berry marijuana
This shit right here looks like the best buds you’ve probably seen in a while.

Smell: Holy crap, berry, berry, and more berry. It’s such a sweet prominent smell, from the second you open the bag. Definitely something skunky in there as well, but it’s hard to focus on anything but that dope berry smell.
Flavor: Phenomenal berry flavor. A tad on the earthy side, but some of the buds were straight up crunch berries.

berry marijuana strain
As much as I want to give the Berry at Growers Outlet a 10, I just can’t.

High: Great buzz from the first bonghit. Like the kind that sort of rings your bell a little. Not a full fade to purple or white or anything like that, but a nice wave of stuff stoners like. The full berry flavor becomes apparent when smoked in a joint or spliff. Wow. Truth be told, I ran out of my nice Danish Export tobacco, so until more gets here, I had to settle for a bag of drum. Wow that stuff is dark. The last few spliffs I smoked all I tasted was the dark tobacco. But the Berry still managed to make it taste sweet and amazing. That’s a testament to the berry terpene profile. Such strong scents and flavors, thanks for your friendly neighborhood terpenes.
berry strain reviewOverall: As much as I want to give the Berry at Growers Outlet a 10, I just can’t. I know there is something better out there, I just haven’t smoked it yet. For now, I have to say that out of all the weed I’ve reviewed in the Washington recreational market, the Berry is among one of the best. Between the look, the taste, the smell, and the buzz, it’s all stuff stoners like. If you have a chance to try it out, and it’s a batch from American Farms, get it! You will not be disappointed. If you don’t smoke weed very often, the berry is gentle, but it will still put you down if you aren’t careful.

berry strain reviewRemember these reviews are one stoners relative point of view and experience. The way my endocannabinoid system handles weed will most likely be different to how yours handles it. So know thyself, and take it easy, and you’ll be fine. Plus, what’s the worse that will happen? It’s not like weed will kill you. Speaking of, it’s probably time for me to write another MDtW. It’s been a while. So much weed to review! Who would have thought that would be a thing. First world problems right?

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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