The Martian Glass Bubbler – The Best Blunt Bubbler?

Martian Blunt Bubbler

Blunts and joints have been a favored method of smoking for a long time and still are. However, in recent years the way in which we consume our chosen herb has been revolutionized dramatically. With the introduction and massive popularity of dry herb vaporizers and bongs becoming trendy again, herb enthusiasts have more choice than ever before.

Blunts and joints are convenient if you’re on the go there is no disputing that, however, they come with a variety of health risks as they rely on combustion which as we know releases harmful toxins that are inhaled into our lungs. This makes bongs the superior method of inhaling your cherished herb, as the water base effectively filters out any unwanted toxins or debris before it enters your lungs.

High quality bongs are in most cases difficult to transport if you wish to be discreet. The best bongs can be expensive, made of glass and in some cases look like a piece of art, therefore most owners would prefer not to travel too much in order to keep their beloved bong safe. This was before the Martian Glass Bubbler by MJ Arsenal was released onto the market. This piece has helped to transform the way we enjoy hand rolled joints in the simplest of ways. In turn giving us the best of both worlds; the portability of a joint and the safety of a bong. What’s not to like?

There is a range of other bubblers on the market, let’s not act as if there isn’t. For instance the Marley Natural Smoked Bubbler by Marley Naturals and a personal favourite of mine the Glass and Walnut Bubbler also by Marley Naturals. However, they come at a far more considerable price tag in comparison to the Martian Glass Bubbler whose price is perfect for a person looking to try a bubbler out for the first time.

This stunning and convenient piece of glassware has captured the hearts of many in the smoking market. Its compact size means that while it is fragile, it is also incredibly portable and discreet with a height of 161mm, alongside this the Martian is spill proof. Once you’ve rolled yourself a blunt instead of lighting it up on the spot, pop it into the bubbler and light it up for a safer cooler and more enjoyable session. Because of its small size I recommend that you change out the water of the bubbler after about two uses to maintain a high quality session.

With the Martian Glass Bubbler by MJ Arsenal you get a compact, convenient and cool experience from start to finish. It has given joint and blunt users another alternative to using a dry herb vaporizer. The Martian Glass bubbler is exceptionally designed and very affordable, meaning once you buy this little wonder, you’ll never want to smoke a regular joint again.

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  1. Simon Mc

    One of the first blunt bubblers I ever bought and probably one of the best!! So cheap its a joke

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