Black Rock Originals Smell-Proof, Portable Stash Box Deal

Black Rock Originals portable stash boxBLACK ROCK ORIGINALS PORTABLE STASH BOX

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You want to take your weed with you, right? If you’re like us you’ve got a bunch of things to carry—joints, bud, rolling papers, a grinder, shatter a vape pen—the list goes on. And you really have no convenient way to carry it all. You could stuff all that stuff in your pockets or toss it in your backpack or you could score a smell-proof, water-proof Black Rock Originals stash box. We secured a limited amount of their of their stealth stash boxes for the low price of only $49.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. That’s the cheapest you’ll find these things ANYWHERE!

This SSL Exclusive DOPE DEAL includes:

  • Charcoal Safety Case
  • 3 Medical Grade Silicone Containers
  • Grinder Card
  • One Hitter Pipe
  • Dab Tool/Poker
  • Dab Mat

Get your case before the offer ends next week or they sell out.

Black Rock Originals CaseThese Black Original cases feature an Aqua-Tex™ zipper that keeps odor in and moisture out. That’s clutch, man. Sometimes you might want your weed with you, but not necessarily the smell. Plus you can get really stoned and drop one of these cases in snow, sand or spill bong water all over it and it’ll be just as fine as the contents snuggled inside. We dig these cases because we can stash all our shit in one so we don’t have to scramble for supplies when we’re on the move. That means our shit’s always ready to roll. We just gotta remember to always keep one rolled. Or two or eight. Bottom line though—if you get a BRO portable weed stash box there’s really no reason to leave home without it.

Black Rock Originals CaseWhat stoners are saying:

“I’ve been that guy holding 10 flavors of dabs, hoping they all don’t melt in my pocket before I show them off to my friends. I’ve carried the bulky sun glass cases, smelly zip lock bags, altoid tins, and even Macgyver’d my own makeshift cases to get me through countless shows, camping trips, or even a day mobbing through downtown. Those days are over.”

“I can’t remember what comedian said it, but if you break out a pint of booze at a party people look at you like you’re the loser alcoholic. But if you break out a flask — at a funeral, party, movie or social event — you’re the cool, classy guy. That’s how I felt about this secret stash box.”

*An additional $4.00 for shipping and handling will be charged for each weed stash box. For refunds, returns and exchanges please contact Products will be mailed upon conclusion of each week-long flash sale.

Ever tried one of the Black Rock Originals stash boxes? How’d you dig it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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