Win a Smell-Proof Stash Case

Black Rock Originals Stash Case

Win a Smell-Proof Stash Case


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We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on October 16th and mail them one of these Black Rock Originals cases filled with some Stuff Stuff Stoners Like signature rolling papers and STICKERS. A Black Rock Originals lighter, stickers and grinder card too. You must be 18 years old to enter. *We’ll cover the cost of shipping in the US only. Live abroad? Shipping’s on you, man.

Black Rock Originals Stash CaseFuck a fanny pack. And your bag is just way too cavernous to carry your weed gear. You want to be able to get to that shit quick when you need it. Maybe in the dark even. We feel ya, dude. You roll a bunch of joints, drop ’em in an Altoid container and your Purple Kush tastes like cinnamon and shit. It’s time to stop being that dude with 10 doob tubes in your pocket waiting in line at the club. Step up your weed game with a smell-proof, water-proof and basically user-error proof Black Rock Originals stash case, dude.

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These case are made in Colorado. They’re really cool, lightweight, compact and have room for all your on-the-go weed needs. Stash your rolling papers, some tips, your lighter, maybe a small grinder—definitely a grinder card, concentrate containers, dabbers, wipes, the right-sized bowl, a one-hitter, etc.

These things are basically like a mini guitar case for your weed gear. They’ll fit in your pocket and won’t get lost in your backpack or purse. They come with an Aqua-Tex™ zipper that keeps odor in and moisture out. That’s clutch, man. Sometimes you might want your weed with you, but not necessarily the smell. Plus you can get really stoned and drop one of these cases in snow, sand or spill bong water all over it and it’ll be just as fine as the contents snuggled inside. We dig these cases because we can stash all our shit in one so we don’t have to scramble for supplies when we’re on the move. That means our shit’s always ready to roll. We just gotta remember to always keep one rolled. Or two or eight. Bottom line though—if you get one of these cases and you love weed there’s really no reason to leave home without it.

Black Rock Originals Stash Case

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What stoners are saying:

“I’ve been that guy holding 10 flavors of dabs, hoping they all don’t melt in my pocket before I show them off to my friends. I’ve carried the bulky sun glass cases, smelly zip lock bags, altoid tins, and even Macgyver’d my own makeshift cases to get me through countless shows, camping trips, or even a day mobbing through downtown. Those days are over.”

“I can’t remember what comedian said it, but if you break out a pint of booze at a party people look at you like you’re the loser alcoholic. But if you break out a flask — at a funeral, party, movie or social event — you’re the cool, classy guy. That’s how I felt about this case.”

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39 Responses to “Win a Smell-Proof Stash Case”

  1. nigel pantling

    I’m signed up. And want put in this draw please. Love this product idea.

  2. Adriel


  3. Stuffy

    Cool product! I will put just fun stuff in it like weed!

  4. Kristin Greer

    Step completed . I’ll put my stuff stoners like papers a lighter , extra phunky feel tips and most likely some og kush being one of my favorites

  5. Mikey A

    Yeah I’m all signed up on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail….sorry, no Instagram. Thanks for the chance. 🙂 Awesome case man!

  6. Marcus brown

    I would love to have this

  7. Theresa O'Grady

    Step 1. Complete!
    This is the best! No more zip lock baggie in my purse! Those handy straps I could pop in a couple of glass containers with assorted goodies!
    Grinder card, papers, and a couple cigars.
    Of course the g pen would follow along with a couple wipes, lil tool mathinger for wax, and the charger just in case.
    Of ever there was a person who needed this wonderful invention its me!
    I would never need a purse again!

  8. Jason

    Competed step one, as far as what I would add to this I would add some of those kick ass rolling papers, maybe a tiny rolling tray (if they make em that small haha) and maybe some crutches for all them joints I’ll be rolling up haha. Week may one lucky stoner win 🙂 cheers everyone and PEACE!!

  9. Kris Starosta

    I’m signed up! I could put some dank goodies in this tote. Sweet gear!

  10. Jeff R

    You put Your weed in it man!

  11. J

    Followed! I’d put my hola herbs and sacramental pipes in there.

  12. Logan

    Steps done! No more baggies, or having to put my baggy in my bra. Love this product!

  13. HamppuKeisari

    step 1 done,
    my room mate allways tells me that my weed is smelling so bad so with this the problem is solved! 🙂

  14. Ethan Cantu

    I’ve completed step one. What I would be putting in here is more than cannabis, it’s a lifestyle. This bag would allow me to take my lifestyle on the go keep it discreet.

  15. Uche

    Followed… Hook me up

  16. Eric

    Did step 1! I need this thing, i still am using an altoid tin and im tired of it. I need this so i can stash my greens.

  17. Kendra

    I followed on Twitter. I would put my trippy materials in this sick pouch!!!

  18. Kelly S.

    I would have to put my papers in there, my little bowl, my one-hitter and some of my first batch of indoor grow, some fine White Rhino, beautiful, colorful, firm nugs that are pretty funky smelling. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  19. Trevor McCormick

    Done, and I’d fill out with fat joints lol

  20. Uksteve

    I’ve completed step one… im not on Facebook your one of my 48 folowings though.. so count yourself special…. this bit of kit would be so much appreciated by myself on the island of Britain. ..if i win I’ll take with me to Orlando land next year….. I’ll pay postage if needed .. love from Wales ( the country) @ pedwar_dauddeg

  21. Denice Lessard

    I travel and we all know how strong our weed can smell. This will allow me to go to events or visiting while knowing that my stash is protected. I have a case for my electronic gear, why not my weed? ❤️ Stuff Stoners Like

  22. Shelby

    I will most likely use it to keep my smoke in and to keep it discrete. Why be all flashy when you can be cool and keep the loud quiet lol

  23. Rocky Fraser

    Step 1; Twitter and Insta ✔️
    To keep my dank away from the big nose of the pigs ❌

  24. Jim

    Completed step one. Would love to put some dank indica buds and a vape in this. Stuff Stoners Like rules!

  25. Matthew wyant

    Hey following u since the day I started twitter lol only a couple weeks but hey I like your guys swag. Even if I don’t win I’m still following and signing up for the newsletter

  26. Matthew wyant

    I just love that card never seen one or use one and just read there’s stickers as well man someone’s gonna get hooked up. Good luck everyone wish we could all win 😀

  27. Samantha

    Blunts, stash, toker

  28. bill martle

    completed step 1. Now step 2: I would put in there my favorite little pipe, some Phantom Cookies, and some Obama Cush.

  29. Shaun oreilly

    This looks class done step one and definitely want to fill this with a hell of a lot of grass

  30. Jay Mayhem (@wakebakenbike)

    I’ll admit it, I like free stuff, especially when it comes to primo paraphernalia for my sweet dank. I’d trust my Bud in this, anyday.

  31. Bethany

    Step 1 done! I will put my fav gorilla glue buds along with my bright green vape and some watermelon edibles.

  32. Mr Omneo

    Tweeter,book of faces & InstaGrammatic imma stalking you on them all.

    I’d love this to store my home grown flower which sadly still gets you in bother with the law here in the UK

  33. Martin

    I feel it’s the time to go out without other noses snooping around, this will help.

  34. W1LLYW1LL

    I’ve been a follower on Twitter for a minute now, so Step 1 been done.

  35. Diane

    I would put all my daily essentials in this sweet little case..

  36. Jason

    Complete… hopefully cover up the GSC and GDP 1 dube smells the hole car up.

  37. Chase Boucher

    I’ve been looking for something exactly like that forever! Not really that hard but, still looking! It’s really tough bringing my meds to work, even though I’m technically allowed, I’m supposed to try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Right now I use an old crappy sun-glass case for my pipe, and it does not have a water proof, smell proof zipper.. That would be amazing for me to have 🙂 I’d use it everyday. It would contain only the highest (pun intended) quality meds and papers. Probably some Pre-98 Bubba Kush or some Alaskan Thunderfuck, along with y’all’s papers of course. I still have some of those wicked king sizers from ‘The Kitchen’ too, so those may make their way in as well.. 😉 Yep, anyways, love peace and chicken grease! Keep on keepin on. And come visit Canada after we legalize on the 19th!!! (Fingers crossed!)

  38. Michael Fortunato

    done…looks like a awesome travel case.

  39. Rona Evans

    I completed steps 1 & 2. Hook a Stoner Up!

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