How to Pass A Drug Test

how to pass a drug test

We’re here to help. Because if anyone’s an expert on how to pass a drug test—it’s stoners.

PRO TIP: Check out the comment section below for advice from actual readers who have passed drug tests using our advice.

Learning how to pass a drug test is easy, dude. You just need to know how to take advantage of each drug tests’ weaknesses and how to avoid each drug tests’ strengths. Below we’ll cover what you need to pass a drug test quickly, inexpensively and with the least risk. How long does weed stay in your system? Good question—follow that link if you need the answer, we’ve got a great post on it.

When it comes to passing a drug test you’ve got only a few options. Either substitute your urine or detox your system. Don’t try any of those myths that you’ve heard about that include adding bleach or detergent to your urine before you hand over your sample. None of this stuff works. You either gotta go the synthetic urine route or figure our a way to cleanse your system of weed or whatever drug you’re trying to beat. In a nutshell here are your only real options:

  • Wait Until The Drugs Clear Naturally
    Waiting until your body clears the drugs naturally may help you pass a drug test. Over a period of some time drugs will break down in your body and naturally clear out of your system. The date of your test is an important factor to consider. Because the time frame that drugs can stay in your system ranges from a few days to a month. Marijuana can actually stick around for longer than three months depending on how often and how much you smoke.
  • Trust Fate, Luck Or The Many Urban Legends
    Luck and fate won’t help you pass a drug test any more than following an urban legend. Your best bet is to cheat.
  • Try Science
    The best chance you have is to give science a try. Detox products have evolved as fast as testing technologies have progressed. But make sure to do as much research as you can about the products you’re considering using. Here are a couple products that we hear work very well: NOXIDE Super Antioxidant Detox Drink or Q Tabs Herbal Cleansing Tea. If you have the time there’s a 7 Day Detox Kit that we hear is good too. And if you’re worried about testing for weed you can always test your THC levels with this Drug Test Kit.
  • Don’t Do Drugs
    This strategy sounds obvious, but not doing drugs is not a sure way to pass a drug test. Sometimes people fail drug tests and are not even guilty. That’s because common prescriptions, over-the-counter medicine and even foods can be wrongly identified as illegal drugs—poppy seed bagel anyone? With mandatory workplace drug testing—you are not only judged guilty on the spot, it is up to you to prove your innocence. or other drugs of concern.

To successfully beat a drug test your first step is to know your enemy—identify the drug test you will be facing because with each different testing method there are strategies you need to consider. There are strengths that must be avoided and weaknesses that you can leverage in order to successfully pass.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Urine
The urine drug test is the most common. That’s because it’s simple to administer, accurate and delivers immediate results. It’s also the most humiliating. Luckily however, the common piss test is also the easiest to beat. Use synthetic urine.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Hair
The hair drug test is harder to beat than the piss test. That’s because drug tests for hair can detect drug usage in any hair that was growing anywhere on your body at the time you consumed drugs. If you were smoking weed 6 months ago that means the hair growing at that time is contaminated and weed can be detected in it. The dreaded hair drug test can also determine when and how much of a specific drug was used. Luckily these tests are rare. Check out this article for more in-depth information on how to pass a hair drug test.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Saliva/Mouth Swab Drug Test
The saliva drug test can be given anytime and anywhere—making it very convenient for law enforcement. Even worse? The results for a saliva drug test, also known as a mouth swab drug test, are quick, accurate and immediate.

The saliva drug test is not affected by the typical tricks and techniques that might work to beat a urine test. Because of these advantages to drug testers the saliva drug test is replacing it. Another strength of these mouth swab drug tests are that their detection times are generally shorter than a urine test. For more information check out our post on how to pass a mouth swab drug test.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Blood
The blood drug test is very accurate. In fact it’s considered the the gold standard of drug testing. Luckily for stoners, however, it’s also the least used. it also must be administered by a healthcare professional. The blood drug test is most often given out by insurance companies or law enforcement.

Sometimes drug testers like to mix and match these tests, so be careful. You can expect that a urine drug test might be combined with a blood drug test to further incriminate you.

Have any advice you’d like to share? Please pass it along in the comments section below, man.

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  1. eric

    This um….article….didn’t teach us shit all for passing a drug test that any of us already did not know. How do you live with yourself?

  2. Deeznutz

    Certo (fruit pectin) is a sure fire way to pass a urine screen for marijuana. Drink that shit in water or gatorade a couple hours before the test, and drink hella water afterwards with it, piss 2 or three times before you take the test. Then boom. I dont feel like explaining anymore, but look it up ! Google that shit. “Certo fruit pectin” its like 4$ at the grocery store.

  3. hugeballs

    Question. . Will Certo work for heroin?

  4. Beernuts

    Get off the heroin dude

  5. Anonymous

    What about a mouth swob for weed how pass

  6. Russell Anderson

    So WTF it doesnt tell you nothing?? What if you have to have drugs from ur doctor in ur piss?? Can u still pass that??

  7. james

    yall suck dick

  8. james

    blue balls on you moms tits

  9. Randy

    Thanks man , learned a lot on this site. And there a lot of smart ass people out there aren’t there!!!??

  10. Crystal

    Dude, urine tests are not humiliating. Stop being babies.

  11. Jaime

    I need 2 pass a blood test in less than a week! Can some1 let me know how 2 do so please! I’m going in 4 surgery on my knee and they r testing everything in my blood! I quit smoking 4 over 6 months but started back up a month and a half ago and I smoke at least twice a day! How can I make sure that THC doesn’t show up on my blood test?

  12. doobie bogart

    they are not checking for weed if you are going for surgery they are checking more important stuff

  13. Ihateyou

    Yea urine tests are the easiest to beat… -waits for ways to beat it..- are you guys fucking retarded?

  14. donni

    I had to pass my employment drug test about 6 months ago, and I passed even though I smoked weed like a week before i found out. Here’s what I did to pass: (1) drink plenty of water and (2) take the Dr Max Powers 15 Days Cleanse (I only took it for 6 days) and I passed the Labcorp drug tests. All clean!

  15. Larry

    Stat 5 pill flush for saliva, blood and urine. 2 bottles for over 200 lb people.

  16. Pat

    Passed with CertoClear, it worked for me and a friend of mine. Google it, all the reviews are good

  17. Anonymous

    This dude said does it work for heroin

  18. Crystal Steele

    I got a call back for a job today n they want me to go to the lab for drug test today also but I smoke weed n know I won’t pass on my own, help. Its either gonna be mouth or urine

  19. Dani

    In my opinion mouth swabs are the easiest to pass. I smoke 3 hours before my test for work and all I did was gargle hydrogen peroxide. With mouth swabs THCstays in the saliva for 6 hrs. I’m still trying to figure out how to pass a UA because THC stays in your urine for 7 to 30 plus days depending on fat cells and the amount of which you smoke…

  20. sheann

    First off yall are dumbasses, go get some synthetic pics at head shop or truck stop if not monitored. If monitored then I’d say use a reputable cleanser and take a vitamin B complex pill so pee is not diluted looking and an aspirin just in case. I’m a regular(multiple times a day) heroine and meth user and passed like that after blowing a railright before the test. I’ve heard the original formula for Nexxus detox shampoo works. For all the assholes out there, I’m employeed with the 3rd largest cryogenic transport company in the world. Just because someone has habits outside the work week doesn’t mean they are uneducated and a loser, so suck it! But, hell all these people tripping on their upcoming piss tests 98% aren’t going to be supervised so go buy fake piss that has uric acid or creatine and make sure it’s the right temp and quit your bitching.

  21. sheann

    Oh, and your local headshop will have a mouthwash that’ll work for Saliva test. Done it myself, and again blew a few rail before the test. Just don’t do shit after doing the mouthwash.

  22. stonercam

    I have a court drug test in 11 days and I was clean for a month and I smoked 1 blunt of mid can I get it out my system in 11 days ? !

  23. Mario Adkins

    um it was my first time smoking today I’m on probation and I smoked one full blunt with my buddy’s i only way 160 pounds will I pass if I go drug test and how can I get it out my system later

  24. slapstick

    what’s been working for me at my pain doctor is to stay off pot 3 days beforehand..take creatine food supplement. on the big event day I take 4 aspirin..NOT Tylenol not ibuprofen or any substitute. start drinking water up until appointment time. 45 min later 2 tabs of model..guys too you will be ok lol..drink water continuously until stream is clear. then take a vitamin B tab..if time release smash it and take it. keep urinating until my appointment. I take what I’m prescribed at least 4-5 ours out..oxy in my case.

  25. slapstick

    take aspiring 6 hours before appointment..sorry I didn’t tell you in my above post.

  26. Stoner Stuff

    Danks, dude! We appreciate it.

  27. Kray-zee Bay-bee

    I use certo fruit concentrate……

    Drink in water or gatorade and bam!!!!!!
    Second or third piss is clean from weed and weed only i know just saying stay off herion and bath salts mother fuckersaregetting bad shit and acting like zombies 😲😵😷

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