Blue Hawaiian Strain Review

Blue Hawaiian Strain ReviewStrain: Blue Hawaiian
Score: 8/10
Review By: Mat Lee
Farm: Apollo Grown, Monroe Oregon
Dispensary: Miracle Greens 905 SW 3rd Street, Bend, OR 97702
Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Content: 21.41% THC
Tested Date: 8-16-17
Tested By: ChemHistory
Blue Hawaiian Genetics: Blueberry X Hawaiian Sativa
Blue Hawaiian StrainBlue Hawaiian Appearance and Feels: The Blue Hawaiian strain has a light green calyx with darker shades of green for leaves here and there. The pistils are nice light brown color with a great trichome coverage. These are some sticky, dusty buds for sure.
Blue Hawaiian StrainBlue Hawaiian Smell: It’s like berries and citrus aromas had a party all night long. If you walked into a bedroom where the berry orgy was happening, this is what it would smell like. It’s definitely more berry than citrus in my opinion, but that citrus aroma mixes nicely and gives it an almost tropical smell. This is probably one of my favorite smelling strains I’ve reviewed from Apollo Grown.
Blue Hawaiian marijuanaBlue Hawaiian Flavor: This is another one of those tasty strains that carries the aroma of a fully stacked terpene profile through to the mouth hole. It tastes like berries and citrus with a skunky almost pine kick at the end. Definitely a full flavored smoke that goes great in a joint and even better in a spliff, if you’re into that sort of thing. You know I am.
Blue Hawaiian marijuanaBlue Hawaiian High: The head is solid, as you would expect with any strain that is over the 20% THC mark. Although we should always remember that THC is just a number, and lab results can be iffy sometimes. Personally, I like to smell the flower, and if it smells good, and excites my senses, then I’m in. That usually means the terpene profile is a good match for your endocannabinoid system. The nose knows, and if you follow this advice you should always expect to have a fine time.
Blue Hawaiian reviewBlue Hawaiian Overall: For the Blue Hawaiian, it’s got that smell that makes my brain say fuck yes! The high is quite agreeable, with a subtle uplifting, creative happy buzz to it. Definitely something to smoke on the daily if you can find Apollo Grown’s Blue Hawaiian near you. If you are new to smoking cannabis, this would be a good one to roll a joint with and take a couple puffs. Then give it like five minutes and see how you feel. Start small, and you should always have a good time. The Blue Hawaiian, at least for me, is stuff stoners like.

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