Blue River Pure Lemon Kush Terpenes Review

Lemon Kush Strain terpenesBlue River Pure Lemon Kush Cannabis Terpenes Review

Score: 9.99/10
From: Harborside Health Center and available at both locations:
Harborside Oakland:
1840 Embarcadero Oakland, CA 94606. Phone: 888-994-2726
Harborside San Jose: 1365 N 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112. Phone: 888-994-2726
Producer: Blue River featuring the award winning Tony Veruza.
Type: 100% Solventless Cannabis-derived terpenes.  There is no THC in the product itself. This is why it delivers a rather mellow in high. It’s typically used to enhance flavor, however the terpenes have their own psychoactive effects.
Content: THC 0%. Just terpenes
Sample Size: 10 Drops

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Lemon Kush Strain Terps
Pure, THC-free Lemon Kush terpenes are SSL

This product is a THC-free strain specific cannabis derived aromatherapy therapies and essential oil. The full spectrum terpene profiles are derived naturally from the plant in a solventless and chemical-free process. The pure terpenes are in concentrated form and intended to be used as a diluent in conjunction with food edibles, raw juices, tinctures, lotions, perfumes, aromatherapy and of course vaporization. That’s just what we did. And we used our new Electro e-nail from Cloud V. This thing heats up like a vape pen, has two temperature settings and comes with a super thick glass bubbler attachment. Hate using a blowtorch? You’ll dig the Electro.
Genetics: Most people think that Lemon Kush is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. However many breeders have their own take like Alien Genetics who say their Lemon Kush strain is a cross of Lemon G, a prized strain from Ohio, and an Afghan Kush.
Appearance: These Lemon Kush pure terpenes are as clear as water. They’re also just about as thick.

Lemon Kush Pure Terps
Lemon Kush pure terps look like a vile of tear drops

Smell: The Terpenes have a strong earthy aroma. There’s a hint of lemon citrus, but the musty, earthy smell is what’s noticeable up front. There’s also a hint of skunk. Actually imagine all those flavors mingling in your favorite sushi restaurant and that’s about what these terpenes smell-like. This Lemon Kush terpene could be used in aromatherapy applications. Grab one of those cool aromatherapy diffusers (dude they look like lava lamps, only you can put marijuana terps in ’em) then sit back, relax and inhale the depression away. Calgon’s got nothing on marijuana and depression, dude.

Flavor: These Lemon Kush terpenes taste very lemony and floral. Think fresh lemon blossoms. There’s also that familiar flavor of skunk and some musky earthy tones, but the delicate floral lemon flavors are potent. Instead of ordinary water we used Piece Water—a flavorless and odorless mineral, vegetable and fruit extract liquid. It’s thicker than water and seems to create more tension increasing filtration, but the coolest thing about it is that it keeps your piece nice and clean. We tried this stuff out with some Sunset Sherbert Live Resin Sugar Wax from F.O.B. aka Fresh of the Bud Extracts. You’ve heard of live resin, right? Well basically you take the weed plant and freeze it right after harvest—instead of allowing it to try. Why? Fresh flavors, dude. Flash freezing preserves all those tasty terpenes and glistening trichomes, dude. Also Sunset Sherbert is related to on of our favorite weed strains, Girl Scout Cookies. The Sunset Sherbert strain is unique. It’s a tasty cross of OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison. Crossed with an Indica known as Pink Panties. As you can see in the video at first we dunked the sugar in the vial. Next we tried dripping the Lemon Kush terps on to the wax with a Stuff Stoners Like rolling paper and buds below as a catch tray. Waste not want not, right?

Lemon Kush Terpenes
Lemon Kush Terpenes from Blue River extracts

High: There is none. These Lemon Kush terps contain zero THC, so there’s no high-causer present at all—just pure, unadulterated flavor. The product packaging didn’t list the THC content, but the flavor was quite light and mellow so it made for a great backdrop for the straight terpenes. The terps themselves delivered their own psychoactive effects. They translated into an almost sativa-like alertness and definitely added a little pick-me-up along with the tons of flavor.
Overall: If you love the taste of weed, you’ve got to try straight cannabis terpenes. There’s nothing quite like it. There are a lot of ways to enjoy fresh cannabis terpens—from adding them to food to an aromatherapy emitter, but vaping them is an option as well. So if you wanted to just taste the essence of your favorite strain, or even make a perfume from it, scoring straight Terpenes is the way to do it. Overall this stuff is expensive, but it’s a treat and like wasabi on sushi it’ll sure give your weed a fat flavor punch.

3 Responses to “Blue River Pure Lemon Kush Terpenes Review”

  1. Hasan

    Hi there,

    I’m from the uk and wanted to buy the terpenes from the different types of canabis strains as mentioned by yourself as above.

    Please advise if you can supply, the price per quantity for small commercial use or can you point me a relavebt direction so as to be attained.

    I’m working on a project and need the canabis terpene oil form pretty promptly.

    Best regard,


  2. Sam

    Everyone wants to know about increasing the flavor of their dabs when smoked. Meaning can we use this stuff to mix in to a batch of bho shatter in irder to increase the flavor or maybe add flavor where there was none. Nobody in their right mind would smoke terps straight when they cost that much although i love the idea of using some to make a true cannabis smelling perfume/cologne

  3. Turpentine Tortuga

    I havent smelled real weed in so long Im tempted to buy some of this. But it seems its not that legit. For the price, there should be nothing mellow or light or earthy about it. I mean, i used to buy lemon kush wax anywhere from 35 to 55 a gram that often stunk up the whole house after being opened, and satisfied my desert cravings.. Also heard online, the Blue River terps taste “processed”.

    Who knows, I been in Az so long now I forgot what weed smells like. I never knew weed could not have a smell, until getting my medical card .

    If these terps cant be smelled throughout the entire building, they sure arent worth 80 bucks for 10 drops.

    I hate to write the place off as a money grab from a frustrated ex gorilla grower who missed on out the real cash of legalization, but its an odd business move to sell pure terps that are weaker than the terps of weed sold for 2500 all day in nor cal, and the wax produced from it. The cup results dont lie, Tonys reinfused bud had way less terps than several naturally stinky entries..

    This “live resin” crap is another negative influence: fresh buds have hardly any terps! Is stanky, overwhelmingly flavorful mouth watering cured organic, flushed bud a thing of the past? No one in AZ knows of its existence, thats for sure.

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