Can Using a Vaporizer Be a Lifesaver?

davinci vaporizerDiscover The Benefits of Using a Vaporizer

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Vaping is gaining a lot of popularity. Perhaps the biggest reason for the gain is the number of health benefits associated with using a vaporizer to consume cannabis opposed to other alternatives like smoking or edibles.

For those that are unfamiliar with the process, vaping is the act of inhaling vapors through a device called vaporizer rather than inhaling smoke through a joint or bong. A vaporizer can be used for consuming all kinds of dry herbs including marijuana. And they come in many different sizes in fact we’ve seen a weed vaporizer that’s smaller than a ballpoint pen and can be used on the go. All you’ve got to do is inhale. It’s discreet, easy to carry and delivers a minimal amount  of odor. Suffice to say the vaporizer is a dream come true for most stoners.

How Is Vaping Beneficial?

One of the most prominent names in vape research, Dr. Laugesen found in his research that it is impossible for vaporizers itself to cause cancer, opposed to an almost unanimous agreement between researchers about the cancer generation from smoking. In fact, if you are looking for solid numbers vaping is 95% safer and better than smoking.

The improvements in health and wellness are evident through research conducted by several medical organizations. All these studies strongly suggest that vaporizers allow a much cleaner and easier inhalation. The subjects in one such study suffered from several lung symptoms (bronchitis, emphysema, etc.) while smoking and experienced a vast improvement after a period of using vaporizers instead. This demonstrates how beneficial this switch proves to be.

Another huge positive with using vaporizers is the fact that they come with the least side effects of all the ways to smoke weed. This is due to the fact that the weed vapors are clean and the puffs are smaller and less concentrated. A communitarian study led by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers burn up to 46% THC in weed, instead of the only 25% burn from joints. This means that a vape user is taking a lesser dosage and achieving more infusion than a joint user. This is not just saving you time, weed and money, but also ensuring that you get your preferred amount of effect without using weed again and again. All the studies and researches clearly point to one fact: Life can be improved and turned around for any stoner suffering from smoking related health issues.

The DipStick VaporizerDoctors Recommend Vaping

Yes, you read that right! Up to 70% of doctors in USA approve and are promoting the use of vaporizers for usage with medical marijuana. This is because of the fact that instead of eating the edible marijuana, which makes the infusion of ingredients into the system very time costly, the vaporizer produces vapors that can be absorbed directly by the lungs and into the blood stream. The dosage starts taking effect immediately.

Vaping: Bud Or Hash Oil?

Vaping is versatile. Several vaporizers are available for use with dried bud. They work by heating the dry herb to a temperature high enough to vaporize  the contents of the weed (mostly THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol)). Some vaporizers (vaporizer pens in most cases) are intended for use with concentrates like BHO, Co2 or some other form of hash oil. Depending on where and how these products are made they could contain elements that are unhealthy like residual solvents that went into making them.

PRO TIP: New marijuana users are recommended to start off with bud instead of the more potent stuff like hash oil.

Best Vaporizer?

This is an interesting question and one which is very difficult to answer. The market is full of high end vapes competing with each other, with fairly minimal differences most of the time. The best vaporizer for you depends upon your usage and requirements (bud or concentrate). It also depends upon the budget you have and the experience you have using vaporizers. To discover the latest and greatest products in the vaping market and get a guide to selecting the best vaporizer for your needs check out QuitSmokingCommunity’s Guide to the Best Vaporizers.

Try Your First Vape Today

Vaping suppliers are popping up across several cities to feed growing demand. If marijuana is legal in your state, you should definitely opt for a try and get rid of your smoking habit. There are even specific websites and application that will help you find the nearest vape store. There are many great vaporizers on the market in various sizes and with various  tech savvy features. You can even personalize your devices with mods and upgrade them with different accessories. Also check out another recommended guide to weed vaporizers to find the best cannabis vaporizers available and help you decide on one for yourself..

Note: If the cost of a vaporizer is the only thing stopping you from leaving smoking, then you should try to consider the cost as an investment in a healthier lifestyle because there is nothing more expensive than poor health.

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