Cannabis Honey is Stuff Stoners Like Here’s How To Make THC Infused Honey

Cannabis Honey is Stuff Stoners Like Here's how to make THC Infused Honey

Cannabis Honey is Stuff Stoners Like

For one to be able to make cannabis honey oil, one must first know, what the fuck is cannabis honey? Basically it’s honey yo, but with weed in it. It’s weed honey! It goes by many names, cannabis honey, cannabis honey sticks, sticky bees, honey weed, you name it, and someone has probably already called it that.

Cannabis infused honey

I could start out here with a nice story about the birds and the bees… Well the bees at least, because in order to lean how to make cannabis infused honey, you’ll definitely need some honey. Medicated honey is a great way to keep your endocannabinoid system happy throughout the day if you happen to partake in the part of society that isn’t cool with you smoking or dabbing all day. The super cool part about medicated honey, is that not only do you get the beneficial effects of eating thca, or thc, depending on whether or not you want this stuff to also get you faded, but you also get all of the beneficial health benefits that honey on it’s own has. It’s a match made in honey weed heaven.

How to make cannabis honey

Some call it THC infused honey, others say medicated honey, while others still just call it weed honey. It’s all the same stuff, honey with cannabinoids infused in it. If you want to know how to make weed honey, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s pretty easy to make your own cannabis honey, sort of like making weed tea, but instead of soaking your bag of ground up, decarbed plant material in hot water, you’re going to let it soak in a jar of hot honey. Cheesecloth works great for this, or if you are really crafty, you can make your own marijuana honey tea bags. The options are infinite. There’s lot’s of recipes online I’m sure you can find a cannabis honey recipe that makes the exact end product you are looking for, but for completeness sake, here’s a quick summary.

Get a pot of water warming up. Not boiling, but definitely hot. Get a jar of honey and put it in the pot of warm water. The warmer it gets, the more liquidy the honey will become. Put your weed cheesecloth ball in the honey and let time and heat work their magic.

It’s all about quart jars and crock pots if you want to do this on a somewhat regular basis and not sit there staring at the pot making sure it doesn’t burn the material. You also might want some rubber gloves, if you don’t like getting your hands all sticky. Some people say to simmer for four hours, others like to do the longer, lower temp method, while others tend to forget about their little weed honey experiments and leave them for months. As long as it’s not catching on fire or getting contamination in it from something else nearby, it should be fine.

Once you’ve decided it’s been in there long enough, turn the heat source of your vessel off, leaving the weed bag cheesecloth in there to cool down with the honey mixture. Some people like to save this for making tea with later, while other, more adventurous stoners probably just swallow the thing.

I don’t know, personally, if I’m going to make some sort of cannabis honey stick, or other thc infused product, I would start out with high quality raw distillate. Warm that shit up, warm up your honey, mix and stir until you have a homogenous batch of the strongest cannabis infused honey anyone has ever seen. Granted, not everyone has access to labs or laws allowing the use of such dope lab equipment. One day though.

Also remember, if things heat up, they tend to build pressure. So make sure to check the honey jar, and if it’s building up pressure, burp it every now and then. Remember, safety first! The more you do it, the more you’ll find a method for making THC honey all your own. Remember, like the Pot Scientist says, we’re all pot scientists. Some of us do our science in the lab, while others do it in the kitchen. As long as you write shit down and have some sort of data to show for the work.

Marijuana honey bees?

As far as marijuana honey bees go, there’s a fantastic article on Bee Culture written by Sharon Schmidt. I highly recommend reading it. She dispels the whole marijuana honey bee myth, and in great detail. It’s definitely a fantastic reading, and along with canabis honey, reading is stuff stoners like.

That’s ok though, you don’t need to be a bee keeper to get a hold of some good ass honey. As long as you have that, and some herb, you can make your own medicated honey. You don’t need bees to do it for you. Bees are definitely needed for a whole shit load of other important ecological functions, but making marijuana honey isn’t one of them. At least not until we start to undergo a honey shortage, then it might be wise to study up on your apiary science.

At least now you know how to make weed honey, and we think that’s super awesome. All that being said, cannabis honey sticks and other medicated honey mixtures are all stuff stoners like.

Have you ever eaten or made your own cannabis honey? Let us know in the comments section below.

By Mat Lee

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