Concentrate Rig Review – Sesh Supply “Aphrodite”

concentrate rig Rig Review: Sesh Supply “Aphrodite” Dual Propeller Perc

Post By Mad Mat Lee
Oh hi. I know, it’s been a while. I got my wisdom teeth pulled, so it’s been hard to review things recently. It’s been one strange crazy trip since we last checked in. But the important thing is, I’m healed up and ready to bring you more cool reviews. Today I’m checking out the Sesh Supply Aphrodite. This is a double propeller perc, with a fab diffuser that stands about 12.5 inches. I’m always a huge fan of rigs that have the bent neck. Unless you’re smoking out of a longer bong that’s a 45 degree angle, having that bent neck is always key. Look at that neck! It’s obvious this rig delivers nice rips.

Like the last Sesh Supply rig the fine humans at Smoke Cartel sent me, this killer concentrate rig comes in a bunch of different colors. The one I have is the blue and orange scheme. You can check out some cool slow motion function videos on my Instagram page here. The way she percs is most definitely some hypnotizing trippy dippy stuff stoners like. I could get lost in a time suck watching these function videos all day.

I had never heard of Sesh Supply before Smoke Cartel sent me the Orpheus propeller perc. Now they are quickly becoming one of my favorite go to glass outfits when people ask me what kind of dab rigs or flower bongs they should get. The quality they put out from Savannah Georgia where Sesh Supply and this dope glass is made so far seems on point. I’ve never had an issue with anything breaking. Knock on wood right?

concentrate rig 2My one complaint, and it’s not really a complaint so much as a personal preference. The nails a lot of these rigs come with aren’t usually the best. Or at least not for me. I’ve used a lot of different nail setups and combinations, made out of all sorts of materials, and the one thing I keep coming back to is quartz. The Quartz Castle has been my go to for the last couple of years. They are fantastic quality and the only time I’ve ever managed to break one is from being clumsy and dropping it on the floor. Remember kids, if the dab nail is hot and it drops, don’t try to be a ninja and catch it. Just let it hit the floor. I mean unless you’re wearing heat gloves or something, but for real, who just hangs out taking dabs while wearing heat gloves. Maybe a glass blower or something?

concentrate rig 3I’m also starting to really like the quartz knot I got hooked up with while at the Seattle Hempfest. As you can see from the video, this thing dishes out proper hits. Plus it looks regal as fuck sitting on this rig. This is the first review I’ve done since I got the LED light pad, and I have to say it makes the color accents really pop. I’m super excited to put the Gilded Glass bong up there next.

Anyway, the rips out of the Aphrodite are completely satisfying and smooth. The double perc gets the bubbles moving and the fab swiss diffuser keeps everything broken apart and cool for superbly smooth hits time and time again. Especially when you pair it with a Terp Timer. What’s a Terp Timer you ask? It’s a glorified hour glass for counting down the appropriate time letting the nail cool once it’s red hot. It can also be used as a carb cap. I’ve found with these quartz castles, and the knot even, 30 to 40 seconds is the perfect time once the nail is red hot.

concentrate rig 4Of course your mileage will vary. Some people like lower temp dabs. “Waste it to taste it” is usually their motto. Some people like to get that shit nice and hot and cough their brains out. “You gotta cough to get off” is what I believe they holler once they finish catching their breath. If you want a nice rip time and time again. Get your quartz red hot then start at 30 seconds. Adjust accordingly. You’re welcome.

Overall the Sesh Supply Aphrodite concentrate rig is one cool ass piece of glass. I’m happy to add it to my ever growing collection. It’s good to support cool companies like this who maintain high quality and good prices. You can’t always buy highly inflated heady glass. Don’t get me wrong, I love my heady stuff, but damn that gets expensive. Luckily for all of us glass addicted stoners out there, Sesh Supply and Smoke Cartel have us covered.

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