Sesh Supply “Atlas” Faberge Egg Recycler Review

Atlas GlassReady to up your glass game, but not get crazy with crazy-ass heady shit?

Atlas is the Greek god of endurance. It was said that the dude was condemned to carry the Earth upon his shoulders for all of eternity. That definitely takes some serious endurance. Talk about endurance though and the new Sesh Supply “Atlas” recycler comes to mind. This self-recycling piece of glass delivers fresh hit after hit ad works to help keep your glass clean. This thing rocks a 14.5mm Joint and a bent neck along with some clear and colored glass. And it’s made in the states, Savannah Georgia to be exact.Atlas Glass

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It also looks pretty fucking dope. The Sesh Supply logo adds a nice touch and let’s ya know you’re smoking some quality branded glass. At its base, the Atlas is a Faberge Egg with a propeller perc downstem. Prop percs are relatively new to the scientific boro scene—at least this is the first time we’ve owned or seen one. According to our buds from Smoke Cartel, who sent us this killer rig, The propeller perc is a kind of unique kinetic glass percolator. Air is forced through the angled holes, forcing the propeller blade to spin in the water offers a more even distribution of vapor. And it looks dope AF. It spins a bit as you begin to take a hit, but one you pop the bowl it really starts gyrating. Not only does it distribute smoke or vapor better than any other pec we’ve tried it looks awesome.

Sesh Supply Atlas Recycler Rig
Sesh Supply Atlas Recycler Rig

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The Sesh Supply Atlas clocks in at a little above two bills. But it’s completely worth the cash if you’re into stylish cannabis accoutrements. We always appreciate pieces like this for being unique, looking intricate as hell and for being super solid compared to that cheap glass you see flooding head shops near you. If you’re ready to step up your glass game, but not get all crazy with heady shit, and are a fan of filtering flower smoke through water without filtering out flavor—this shiny, spinny, Sesh Supply rig might be your best bet.

Ever try a propeller pec? How’d you dig it? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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