Looking For A Dab Stick? Here Are Five That Are Stuff Stoners Like

Dab Stick made of glassLooking for a dab stick?

The dab stick. A quite necessary tool in the daily dabbers repertoire. How else do you plan on taking dabs if you don’t have a dabber or the proper dab accessories? Unless you are constantly dabbing the most stable of shatter, or some THCA or CBD isolate, you’re going to need a dab stick. Honestly, in the stoney dabber circles I run with, I’ve never heard them called dab sticks. We just call them dabbers, but apparently a lot of you in different regions like to use your own lingo. Let’s chat about 5 dab sticks that are stuff stoners like.

Living in Eugene Oregon, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with a lot of cool glass blowers. Most of them make cool dabbers or dab sticks, so let’s see who they are and what their dab stick steez is all about. There’s a ton of great dabs and hash oil out there, so find yourself a dabber, get some, and let’s chat about some heady dab sticks. Who’s smoking dabs? Hopefully no one, because if you are smoking dabs, you are burning dabs.

Dab Stick by B_hold_glassB_Hold_Glass Dab Stick

What can I say about this kid? B_Hold_Glass makes the swords. If you want a heady glass dab stick in the shape of medieval weaponry or swords from your favorite video game, he’s the one to get a hold of. His better half, Broka, also makes cool glass. If you’ve ever seen my Kirby holding a bloody Pikachu pendant, you’ll be familiar with her work.

Dab Stick by PoisonglassPoison Glass

Poison makes the cool test tube dabbers or dab sticks you might have seen on my IG feed. They are the perfect glass dab stick for the on the go dabber. Each one comes with a custom made sleeve and kek clip that fits the test tube dabber perfectly. Poison also makes some bad ass heady sherlocks and rigs. He’s the one that made my custom sandblasted circuitry rig.

Dab Stick by Sherbet GlassSherbet Glass

If a glass dab stick in the form of a realistic pencil or crayon is more your style, and you don’t mind shelling out the big bucks, you can get yourself a cool Sherbet Glass dab stick. Sure, you can get a glass dab stick pencil from a lot of other people, but word on the street is Sherbet Glass does it best.

Hamm’s Waterworks Dab StickHamm’s Waterworks Dab Stick

This guy is a fucking legend in my own mind. Ever since I got myself a rose quartz first gen Sputnik, I’ve been hooked. The one thing I haven’t been able to get my hands on, is a Ghost Dabber. For $800 to $1,000 you can get your very own Hamm’s Waterworks Ghost Dabber. He also makes other cool stuff, like this bb blow gun for example. Hamm is truely a visionary in the glass blowing game.

douxit dab stick made from boneDouxit

Last but certainly not least on this list of 5 dab sticks that are stuff stoners like, is the great Sage Doux aka the Heady Bone Carver. If you want something that screams prestige, hit up Douxit and get yourself some cool bone dab accessories. He makes everything from pendants, to carb caps, to fidget spinners, all out of bone, with opals and other beautiful stones in them. He’s also a super nice dude, which makes it all the better. I have a couple of his dabbers, and a cap in my private collection, and they are so epic.

If you would like a dabber, dab stick, or anything like that from any of these fine artists, hit them up on IG. If you want something from Poison, Bhold, or Doux, hit me up and I can facilitate that for you.

By Mat Lee

Have a dab stick you can recommend. Also what are your favorite dab and weed accessories? Let us know all about them in the comments section below.

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