Dabado Gold Bolt Portable Dab Rig Review

Dabado Gold Bolt Portable vaporizer aka Dab RigDabado gold bolt kit review

Review by Mat Lee for SSL—After searching high and low for the perfect portable dab rig, and for the most part drowning in disappointment, I think I might have finally found a suitable solution. Sure, I still love my Vuber Atlas for some on the go down low 510 cartridge smoking.

Of course, I can still swap out a titanium and ceramic dual coil or even a globe on my Vuber if I want a little more of a kick with my rip than what a cartridge delivers. But sometimes, you know. Sometimes, you just need something to plant your dick in the dirt so to speak. Something more. Something with a little more oomph.

I could pack up the LIT e-nail and the Stax or the HB and toss it in a case with all the proper attachments, but again, those aren’t especially mobile. At least not as mobile as I would like. I know, I know, first world problems and all that. But it’s the problems we face that drive innovation.

Dabado Gold Bolt Portable vaporizer aka Dab Rig
The Dabado Gold Dab rig comes will all you see here…

Never let it be said that my spending time double tapping instagram pics I think are cool or sexy or whatever was a waste. Once you follow the appropriate accounts on Instagram, it’s like a glimpse into the forefront of what’s dope as fuck in the weed industry. All the cool new dabbing gadgets and the beautiful oil people are processing to put in those gadgets find their way to Instagram. Every now and again we’re lucky enough to get something stuff stoners like from a company stoners like. Today it’s the Dabado Bolt kit.

Check out this short video I made showing off the Dabado LeGold Bolt kit in action:

I was lucky enough to get a limited edition gold Bolt kit to put it through the paces with all the different types of material we dab daily here on Dabby Road. I would definitely recommend letting it heat up a few times to full temperature to burn off any weird residue that may or may not be on it. Mine had a little bit of a hot metal type of smell, but after we let it get nice and hot a few times, applied a little terp sauce seasoning, it was good to go.

Before I get into the actual review itself, I should mention there are quite a few knock off’s on the market, as happens with any cool new technology that must get manufactured overseas and gets to market first. Spies spy and copies get copied, then all of the sudden there’s a bunch of knock offs running around the market.

Dabado Gold Bolt Portable vaporizer aka Dab Rig
After searching high and low for the perfect portable dab rig Mat Lee found a suitable solution

Sure it causes more innovation, but innovation costs money. If you aren’t able to recoup that R&D money the knock offs didn’t have to invest in, it can be harder to remain in the market while trying to stay fresh and relevant. Especially when the market is vapes and extracts. It seems the technology side of this keeps it moving fairly fluid.

At first we didn’t realize you could add water to the glass part and make it perc a bit. The dry rips out of the Dabado Bolt delivered terp-tastic tasty rips that weren’t too overpowering. I will probably continue to use it dry just because cleaning out watery dab reclaim is a huge pain in the ass, and the water will cause the reclaim to clog the diffuser slits more often. If you want a smoother hit though, you’ll definitely want to toss a little water in there. Be careful though, not too much.

Dabado Gold Bolt Portable vaporizer aka Dab Rig
A (slightly dirty) Dabado Gold Bolt in all its glory

So at first it’s a little convoluted how you control the temperature on this thing. Reading the instructions is usually a good idea. Once you charge up the Bolt and put it all together, you tap on the power button three times. This will start it heating up. We had great success dabbing all sorts of material only needing the first heat setting. If you have something with a little more fat or wax in it, aka unwinterized material, you’ll definitely want to let it get up to the second heat setting.

To do this you simply wait until it reaches the green light, which is the first heat setting, then tap the button three more times, this will start the Bolt heating up even further. You can do this three times to reach a maximum temperature of around 526 degrees C, or 980 degrees F. Of course you shouldn’t ever really need to reach that 526 C number, unless you find yourself trying to dab some serious #PoopSoup or something.

The titanium dish heats up in about 30 seconds, and they say you can get around 50 dabs out of a full charge. The battery is a 2600 mAh battery that you can also replace. I also like that if you lose the charging cable that came with it, you can probably get away with using any cell phone micro usb cable.

All in all, at the end of the day, there are quite a few knock offs out there. Don’t be fooled by the imitations. If you want a legit portable e-nail vape, get yourself one of these dope little Dabado Bolt Kits. They are most definitely stuff stoners like.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

87 Responses to “Dabado Gold Bolt Portable Dab Rig Review”

  1. Josh

    Dabado sucks, it’s a great way to waste dabs cause the damn nail isn’t hot enough til it’s been powered up 10 times, nails last like a week. And lol, the customer service.. Well there isn’t any. It’s just a few lazy ass potheads trying to make money by selling and promoting a product that doesn’t even function correctly, and then just blow you off or completely ignore you when you try to contact them

  2. Josh

    Fuck BOLT

  3. Richard

    Dabado is amazing! I dont know what the guy below is smoking. I use my Bolt on the go and on every adventure, AND Ive had it for 2 months. My glass broke right when it came it and they replaced it free of charge right when I called them. Love the Bolt and cant wait to see more devices from Dabado!! Stay Stoney.

  4. Mat

    I’m sorry Josh had a difficult time with his bolt. Like I said in my review, it probably depends on the material you are dabbing. The winterized stuff works amazing in the dabado, as does clean shatter and live resin. It rips great every time. Maybe you got a defective unit?

  5. Angie

    Not happy bolt heater broke in a month sent it back got broken bolt back with half the stuff missing.

  6. Mat

    That certainly sucks. Did you get a hold of them to send it back? Was it an actual Dabado bolt or a knock off?

  7. Nico

    Those dabs were so tiny are you for real? Is that all it can handle?

  8. Mat

    It can hold up to a gram. Depending on the material you use.

  9. jared

    I like the product but my ceramic piece cracks on first heat up. This is my second one because my first ones ceramic piece broke completely and the store I bought it from replaced the kit. I don’t see how it would work once the piece fully breaks again, and I’m sure the place I bought it from won’t want to replace it again. I also don’t see a way to replace the ceramic piece so in the end it is a waste of $190.

  10. James

    I also had my ceramic heating peg snap while replacing my e nail…..worst day ever…only had it for 3 weeks

  11. logan

    I agree with the bad reviews my dabado won’t heat up hot enough it just melts my wax slowly they hits like a pussy.. so not like anything I’ve seen online and yea it’s my second unit the first one came with a broken ceramic base and I tried to use it and it didn’t get hot enough just like mine now and I called and some stoner picks up and tries to say they can’t take it back cause it’s been used so I fucking cleaned it all sent it back they didn’t even know and I got my new one and it’s just not worth the money any of you “supporters” wanna but mine since your so in love with them lol 140

  12. Mat

    All I can speak of is from my own personal experience and I’ve never had a problem with it. It is good to note that many people are so others are aware before they make the purchase.

  13. Ray

    Ive had a Bolt for 2 months now with no problem! Make sure you keep it clean it and it will last you a while. I also make sure to dab at the 3rd temp!

  14. Gerald

    Yeah I love my Bolt too! I can’t wait till their all magnetic pen comes out too!!! Theyre killing it.

  15. josh

    DO NOT BUY. shitty product and even worse service. They sent me a defective product. I tried using it once and it didnt work right so i shipped it back for repairs. 3 weeks later now, they are saying the warranty is voided because of misuse. I tried it once and sent it back. How is that misuse. Again DO NOT BUY

  16. Sean

    I have had my Bolt since the new year with no problems! I hit it everyday about 20 times too….its the only way to get through work, and plus there’s no smell at all!

  17. Truesmoker

    Dabado is a joke fhey left me hanging. I sent there product back because it stop working and now theh are saying it was my fault after 3 weeks saying it had water damage well km sorry thats not true. One day i switch bowls and it stop working hmmm these guys are a joke i dont recomend anybody to get this or spend there money theres lots better out there like the nector collector! Just keeping it real p.s there customer service sucks!

  18. drivingmissdabby

    so theres some explanation to those who are getting those warranty voids. if you are filling the tube with the bolt attached that is reason number one on the very top. two, you pulled too hard while changing the nail and broke the ceramic piece those things are hella fragile, and I think its pretty unfair to have that so frail and then void someones shit for it. that’s really not a consumers fault yanno? but these are questions I asked as a random noob in chat after only getting a response telling them that people claim their customer service sucks, and it does kind of take forever to get a hold of someone. keep in mind some people really accidentally fuck up but blame dabado instead. happy smoking and hope these two little things help someone. Also I’m not saying you guys are full of bologna I’m just saying those are some possibilities so don’t reem at me don’t care anyway just trying to help.

  19. Mat

    thanks for all the comments. I’m sorry some of you are having problems. I still use mine here and there, and have zero problems with it.

  20. Truesmoker

    Well here and there is diffrent from everyday use. Im sorry to i miss unberstood your ads and your reason for making dabado. I used it everyday and throughout the day. I thought that was to replace home rigs. Makes sense now its not durable well its ok i wish i would of known…

  21. Mat

    I would use it everyday if I didn’t have 20 other rigs to choose from. It’s definitely one of my go to mobile rigs though. I don’t make them, and this isn’t an ad, it’s a review of my experience using it. I’m also gentle with my toys so maybe they last longer than those of you who aren’t as careful with your rigs. Everyone’s mileage may vary.

  22. Truesmoker

    Well true its the ware in there and its based on each persons prefrence but yet. To assume is one thing but if you dont know exactly what or why its hard to determine what and howbi use mine its ok if you want to showoff jow many rigs you jave but it doesnt change the fact that my rig was a bust and the people who sold to me from colorado didnt work with me so regardless that was my experience with dabado so you have yours and inhave mine bottom line !

  23. Truesmoker

    Well true its the ware in there and its based on each persons prefrence but yet. To assume is one thing but if you dont know exactly what or why its hard to determine what and howbi use mine its ok if you want to showoff jow many rigs you jave but it doesnt change the fact that my rig was a bust and the people who sold to me from colorado didnt work with me so regardless that was my experience with dabado so you have yours and I have mine bottom line !

  24. Truesmoker

    Well true its the ware in there and its based on each persons prefrence but yet. To assume is one thing but if you dont know exactly what or why its hard to determine what and how I use my rig but its ok if you want to showoff how many rigs you have its ok but it doesnt change the fact that my rig was a bust and the people who sold to me from colorado didnt work with me so regardless that was my experience with dabado so you have yours and I have mine bottom line !

  25. Mat

    Word to that. I think it’s a herculean task to be able to write a review that will encompass every single use case out there, and take into consideration how everyone will treat their gear. But again, not trying to show off, just trying to justify to the readers why I don’t use it everyday. If it was my only rig, I definitely would. I could go back to using it everyday and let you all know when it finally breaks if that will make everyone feel better.

  26. Dustin

    Dabado has great customer service!! I dropped my Bolt on the ground and it stopped working. They were able to repair my Bolt and send it back to me in the same exact week before I left on a road trip to Seattle! I guess everyone has their own experience and its what you make of it 🙂

  27. Truesmoker

    You must work for them lmao

  28. Carolyn

    Dabadoo has literally the WORST customer service. Not worth your time or money trust me. Had to send mine back because it stopped working. It took a month to finally send it back even though we would be told “oh it’ll be sent back tomorrow” the WHOLE time. They sent back the wrong color and it was packaged horribly. We tried to get ahold of them because of how unhappy we were and they ignore our complaints.

  29. Ace

    I get better clouds on a tiny 10mm rig…. Don’t waste your money.

  30. Rachael

    I have the new Bolt with the ceramic nails and it hits amazing! They have a new 2 temperature feature that gets the Bolt much higher and myself higher too lol I can’t wait to see what else they come up with for future versions!!

  31. Juan

    Only had my bolt for 4 days before the ceramic top broke!!! Prior to that they gave me a faulty battery and told be they would send a new battery but they won’t replace my broken bolt!!! Extremely upset .

  32. Mat Lee

    How did the ceramic break? Seems like you would have to drop it or something unless it was damaged in shipping.

  33. Dabapo

    Dabado has the absolute worst customer service possible and an even worse product. The thing does not work. “45-50 dabs before a recharge”…maybe 15 if you’re lucky. And like the above comments they have to be the smallest dabs you’ve ever taken for the nail to work.


  34. Dabapo


    Invest in a CloudV and get a product that works

  35. Juan

    Matt, I had looked around for a month on a portable e-nail before deciding on the bolt. But when the bolt came it slowing started to seem like a bad buy. Right from the start of having it , after I fully charged it , it dies after only about 5-10 dabs before it dies, then I noticed the ceramic heating element started to get lil cracks just using it I noticed it the second day and I called customer service and they told me it was normal then 2 days later while using it the ceramic peice broke where I noticed the cracks . I was very disappointed. I’m Mailing it back today and I’m really hoping they fix the problem. But like I said after 4 days of use it BROKE.

  36. Mat Lee

    That definitely sucks man, maybe I just got lucky with mine. I’ve had it since the review and it still works great.

  37. Juan

    GREAT! I’m hoping for mine to do the same when I get it back . I miss is and it worked great minus those 2 problems. But I’m really hoping I just got a bad bolt

  38. Dabado is TERRIBLE

    Dabado is terrible. DO NOT PURCHASE!! The piece will break on you or only allow 15 dabs MAX before dying, and will have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE help to do anything about it.


  39. Jose

    My bolt is amazing! Try using an external 18650 charger when charging your batteries. Sometimes they loose lots of power when being charged with the standard and that could be why your not getting the full potential of the battery…just my guess

  40. Mike

    You work for them Jose???^^^

  41. Mike

    And it doesn’t make much sense that the standard charger they give you doesn’t fully charge the battery…? What’s up with that? Have to pay extra for a charger so that you can get the full potential (what is promised with standard) out of the Bolt? Dumb

  42. Joe


    So how long have you worked for Dabado/have they been paying you to say good things for? Cus none of what you have said is true and good thing your Bolt still works (UNLIKE EVERY OTHER PERSON ON HERE) Cus no one else’s does you dumb lying fuck haha

  43. Mat Lee

    Never worked for a company who’s stuff I’ve reviewed. I like how everyone thinks that just because someone has good things to say about their experience with a product, they instantly are shills or work for the company. While granted, I’m sure this is the case with a lot of review sites, I assure you it is not the case here. I still have the same review gold bolt they sent me back when I first wrote this review, and like I said before, I don’t use it everyday, but everytime I go to use it, it works perfectly. Not sure why so many people are having issues with theirs. Knock offs perhaps? People not knowing how to use their tools perhaps? Who’s to say? As I said in the review and in my comments, this is just one stoner’s experience, and your results may vary.

    If there was less flaming and more hey, can you maybe help us out? I would consider reaching out to Dabado and talking to them about it, but since most of you are just hating, you can figure it out on your own. Although for my own curiosity, I will look into why so many issues are being had, and if I find out anything worthwhile, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  44. Joe


    Thanks for the honest response, it is very appreciated!

    And the reason that I have been hating on Fabado and the Bolt, is because I have received a product that does not perform anywhere close to what was promised or expected. When I have reached out to Dabado and told them my situation they simply do not respond and acknowledge it. That is the cause for the hating. It’s not as though I am just hating for no reason, I purchased a product and it does not do what I was told it would. When I called them out on this they simply stopped responding.

    What else is there to do but hate..?

    If you could reach out to them, as I’m clearly not the only person to complain on their extreme lack of customer service, that would be great!

    Thanks again for your honest response, appreciate what you do!

  45. Mat Lee

    I totally understand where you’re coming from Joe, and everyone else who is having a bad experience with the bolt. I did reach out to my contact at Dabado so I will definitely keep you all posted what I hear back.

  46. Mat

    Ok, so I got a reply back. Here is what my contact said…

    “We send out thousands of Bolts every month and a couple will have malfunctions or electronic problems because that’ll always tend to happen when dealing with anything electronic. We do cater to those who have problems and they can fill out service forms on our site to get their unit repaired or receive a refurbished unit.”

    “We just went through some fire and hires in our customer service department as well that had some people who bought in December & January confused on their repairs because of the transitions. Were addressing all the problems now and are happy to assist anyone having problems!”

    I’ve asked to get an email address or a number that I can post here so everyone having problems can hopefully get it sorted out. I hope this helps.

  47. Mat

    They also said to if you need repair help email repairs@dabadovaporizers.com or highthere@dabadovaporizers.com for any questions!
    I’m sure those are the addresses you have been using already, but it’s worth another shot.

  48. Joe

    Appreciate that!

  49. Alan Saunders

    I love my Bolt and haven’t had any problems with it whatsoever!

  50. Henry

    a buddy and i went 50 50 on a dabado, the express shipping and such. got it today and it already stopped working the nail stopped heating up. it seemed like it didn’t even heat up enough to actually vaporize the dabs but we still got baked so we didnt think to much about it but now like i said earlier it wont even heat up. tomorrow i will tell him about what ive read here and try to get ahold of customer service. also we got it off the website so i don’t think its a knock off.

  51. Henry

    also why haven’t any of you unsatisfied customers posted anything in he commonet about buying it all i saw on the website was nothing but 5 stars till 13 pages later i found some 3s

  52. DBoy Fresh

    Hey guys…..I feel what you are saying with the eRigs not being for everyone and yes the electrical parts will malfunction on any electronic. Yet i still feel the Dr Dabber Boost is a batter eRig than Dabadoo’s Bolt. You can’t get it in 32 Flashy metallic paint jobs but it works better and more efficiently not to mention they have far superior customer service! I had to replace the ceramic rod and within a week of me contacting them i had it back and working perfectly. Not to mention their Aurora is probably the best vape pen i’ve ever used.

  53. Fuck HENY

    Henry, us unsatisfied customers have made it very clear that we have not received the product we were expecting. Of course you only saw good things on their site it’s their site…. Maybe you do your research a little more before buying instead of criticizing others Cus you fuckin suck. Fuck you Henry and fuck Dabado Bolt!

  54. Josh again

    This is theee worst fucking company I’ve ever had to deal with, customer service doesn’t exist and fuck you for standing up for their worthless asses. They sent defective products then don’t replace them. I contacted them via email, they promised a response in 48 hours. That was almost a month ago. I contacted them on their snapchat, they don’t answer questions just always have an excuse like..they’re out on their 2 hour long lunch, or “have you called”.. I got that one two times in a row, after I’d called and left at least 10 messages. Then I contacted them thru snap again for them to only say the same thing when I ask on that platform seeing it’s the only one they’ll read. They don’t acknowledge shit. Just say
    “have you called” it’s a voicemail they never answer. They are fucking scam artists people
    You can get the same product off dhgate.com for a little over 80 dollars. FUCK BOLT I REPEAT FUCK BOLT

  55. Josh again

    Oh yeah, and everyone let’s report them to the better business Bureau and the ftc and get the fucking cunts shut down.



  56. Travis

    Y’all are tripping!! All you have to do is email repairs@dabadovaporizers.com and they’ll fix your unit if it’s having heat up problems….get up off your lazy ass and stop complaining. My bolt just came back from repair and is working perfectly!

  57. Bridget

    Complete waste of money, and no Travis, we’re not “tripping”. Their customer service is horrible. They seem like a bunch of lazy stoners giving a horrid name to the medical cannabis industry. I waited over two months to get a charger that worked. They promised they’d send one out and never did. Theres also no way to properly clean the glass piece, and its nearly impossible to get on and off of the base. The glass piece broke from simply trying to remove it from base. Emailed dabado my issues, and they misunderstood (Not sure how, I don’t know how much more clear I could have been) They thought my magnetic base broke, and told me they’d send a new one. When I told them it was actually the glass and ceramic that broke, they told me it couldn’t be replaced because the warranty is void once used. They refuse to send a new one, after all this hassle, and just offered me 20% off a new glass piece. What sense does it make that they’d offer a new base, but not glass piece? I’m an actual medical patient and don’t just use this to “get high” or for recreation and am beyond pissed. I’m $100 in the hole with a piece I can’t use. Will absolutely be reporting to bbb.

  58. Mat Lee

    I would definitely be angry if I had the same experience as everyone here who has had bad luck with their volt. Mine is still working great. I actually have a bolt vs SourceVapes Nail head to head I’m working on finishing up. I wish I could do something more to help.

  59. Mr p

    Terrible customer service from dabado. Preordered a bolt weeks before they came out. Was sent to the wrong address, had to wait for it to return to them so they could re send it. Took about two weeks after it was supposed to be delivered to finally receive it. The device Didn’t work right out of the box. Sent it back to be serviced/looked at and never heard from them again. Emailed them multiple times and never got a response or the device back. They suck

  60. Dabali

    Just ordered mine hours ago, i will follow up with my experience when i receive. Did not see this first but saw a bunch of youtube videos that made me want one. Hopefully I will have good, or at better luck then some.

  61. Ryan

    The nails can last for a long time if you take care of em and take the time to clean em every once an a while, and technically you shouldn’t need that 980°F third heat setting unless your using their quartz nail which usually dabs shatters the best, not to sure bout the other forms of concentrates but they should all work great at the right heat. Also about the reclaim in the glass, it is hard to get out but will dissolve in potent everclear, ether, or 180+ proof pure ethyl alcohol (best choice) that you should be able to find at at least one headshop if not, maby the net, but use little as possible over a glass mixing bowl maby. A relatively large bowl preferably, fill the chamber with your pure ethyl alcohol concoction almost full or as close as possible and shake vigorously until u see all the reclaim has dissolved, then you can pour it into the bowl and fill your glass one more time maby half way, maby a Lil mor, to get all the leftovers, shake vigorously and pour into the glass mixing bowl. This makes sure you get everything out, but also makes sure to leave the glass piece very clean. Now your liquid in your glass mixing bowl should have all the reclaim completely dissolved in the ethyl and this liquid starts evaporating almost instantly and will evaporate pretty quickly on its out without risky heating it. The more surface area and the thinner the pool the faster the liquid will evaporate and leave behind nothing but pure reclaim that will test at, or near that of the product that was originally smoked. The more you burn your concentrates & extracts, the lower the reclaim quality gets but vaporizing at a perfect vape temp will leave behind a residue with the exact same Cannabinoid potency as the concentrate or extract that it was created from. If it dries completely and isnt hard, you can try and whip it once but there shouldnt be any leftovers but whip at least once or twice just in case to release potentially trapped ethyl. This is a VERY flammable liquid that produces extreamly volitile & explosive or flammable fumes if contained in an enclosed environment, PLEASE take the necessary precautions if you plan on doing this, even though this article is for learning purposes only and I in no way condone anyone trying this ANYWHERE at ANYTIME

  62. DabbinCharlie

    Dabado has decent costumer service. I bought one the first day my heating element broke. The soder was broken to the ceramic rod. One week I had it fixed been working not stop everyday for 3 months. It don’t last the 50 uses maybe like 20 25 but get ripped as hell off it. Good review.

  63. Robbie

    For a bunch of stoners this feed is hostile as hell.. Ordered mine today and will follow up with a review

  64. kEN

    After reading comments, this sounds more like a $150 gamble, i think i wil stick to my vape pen and use a normal rig when im stationary, shame they cant make it more durable, but like every thing these days make it cheap so they spend more !

  65. Kevin

    I just got a bolt kit in the mail this morning, my friend has one and he likes it a lot. I have used his a few times and it seems to work well so I bought one. I ordered a blue bolt and got a white one in the mail. But I figured I could deal with the white it still looks cool. I noticed some of the stuff inside the case was out of place like the carb cap was out of its foam slot and roaming free in there during shipping. But that’s probably usps to blame. As soon as I tried to out the quartz nail on it broke right where the threaded collar is. Out the titanium nail back on and it worked fine all day. Went to put the ceramic nail on and the solder came off of the ceramic element. I have had mine for less than 12 hours and it’s already back in the box ready to be shipped back for repairs. By the looks of most of the comments here I’m probably a bit more patient than most of the people who got bad service. If I got an email with someone screaming “Fuck your company” I would probably laugh, make sure your card cleared and delete your email.

  66. Anonymous

    Did you really try to tell us that you can fit a GRAM in that fucking tinyyyy nail????

  67. mat

    Lol I sure hope not. If I did I must have been stoned. The model I have is definitely a one little dab at a time sort of thing. But it’s sufficient to get a nice rip, and much preferred to cartridges and coils. At least in my experience.

  68. Jack Burton

    Horrible customer experience, non responsive. Too bad for me I didn’t read enough real reviews as I pulled the trigger too quickly with the purchase. They sell used items and pass them off as new which was a huge red flag. Still haven’t received this “product” and likely never will at this point.

  69. Troy Robertson

    Not sure what all the hate is about…ive had my Dabado Bolt for about 5 months and no problem at al! Its perfect for taking it to work or when on the go! Gets me as high as a normal dab but id recommend the recycler for sure.


  70. Mat Lee

    That’s good to hear. Dabado just sent me the 140watt battery with the new jetpack glass attachment. Review coming soon!

  71. Becca

    Man I should’ve done more research. I got the Bolt M and I didn’t even get a chance to use it before it broke. It “overheated” at a 20 watt setting. And the customer service is bullshit. They’re denying the warranty because “the fault could have occurred on either side.” UHM WHAT? Yeah that’s exactly when you need to honor the fucking warranty! Now I’m going to be a paranoid person when buying new devices… and will scour the internet for info.

    Oh and to the person who says “why are u guys hating when their site has 5-star reviews”…. THEY SCRUB ALL BAD REVIEWS. I submitted a 1-star review and kp and behold, it simply vanished! This company was started by some sleazy asshole looking to capitalize on stoners. Just the worst. I reported them to the BBB.

  72. Becca

    Just got an email from the BBB – guess what… NO REPLY FROM DABADO. So they have to close the case. Bunch of winners over there! So everyone knows – go to vivvovape.com and buy the Vanguard 510 eNail. ITs $30 for the same thing this bunk ass company will sell to u for $100.

  73. david

    I ordered the thunderboxpro and the m nail mod. Its a very poor design. The o rings should be glass on glass instead. And the bubblers so short that even with the minimum amount of water he still end up sucking it into your mouth and lungs. If you plan on ordering this product plan on smoking your o rings and drowning with the original Factory bubbler. Might want to consider ordering a different class peace and throwing the one that it comes within the garbage. The only reason I’m on other sites leaving my review. My honest review. Is because dabado ask me to fill out a survey so I did honestly which it wasn’t negative review. So I went on to dabado website to find the review that I left and I quickly realized that dabado is one-sided and biased on the reviews that they pick that people can see. My glass nail and mouthpiece both were broken when it arrived and I inform them and they were shipped but I now have my new mouthpiece which instead of having chips of glass broken off of it now has tooling marks instead. Also I noticed that I didn’t receive the O-rings That was supposed to come with it and I’ve contacted dabado 2 times about the missing O-rings and the fact of drowning while trying to use their product. And still no response. Everybody do yourself a favor and hold off on ordering from dabado until they redesign their rubber O-rings to be glass on glass, that way all you are really smoking is the concentrate and not the O-rings

  74. David D

    thanks for all the reviews! was about to pull the trigger on their thunderbox pro with xl attachments….looks like I will hold off for now. glad I read these comments. anyone have any alternate suggestions for a portable e-nail?

  75. DabVader

    Dr Dabber Boost…..great customer service and better warranty.

  76. Mat Lee

    I actually just got a Dr Dabber Aurora to review. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  77. UnHappyCustomer

    Buy something else. The solder points are the weakest I’ve ever seen. Their customer service refuses to hold true to their warranty, and blames it on you… even if you follow the instructions. There are WAY better products out there. BUYER BEWARE, this product sucks and will break within just a few uses.

  78. Mat Lee

    It definitely seems like it’s user to user, or perhaps batch to batch. Everytime someone makes a comment like that, and I completely respect it. I would be pissed to if mine didn’t work right. But everytime, i take it out of the box, fire it up, and it works perfectly. Maybe I ended up with the only one that works. I’m glad this comment section is here so people can read all the info and make a more well informed decision,

  79. J. Miller

    Received my Dabado Bolt M v2 bolt on kit with glass attachment flawed! Small hole where glass was not properly fused. No way to know until first use, customer service refused to replace because it was used, all they offered was a discount on a new piece. This company is taking good peoples money, selling them flawed product and making them pay twice. 100% a manufacturing issue that they won’t take responsibility for. Then to top it off when I asked customer service for a supervisor, they proceeded to tell me they had other customers waiting and literally hung up on me. Stay away from this company, shop elsewhere!

  80. Mat Lee

    Definitely good to know. We should probably stop buying them huh? I just actually had a friend who ordered one and it was dead on arrival. Not sure what’s up, but everything they’ve put out since the one I got, which still actually works, has been complete garbage. Has anyone on here gotten one that actually works?

  81. Daba DONT

    I ordered a BOLT from Dabado. It arrived with a hairline fracture in the glass piece. It wasn’t realized until use that it was defective. I immediately informed the company and they said that because it was used that they cannot do anything. They offered me a 15% discount to PURCHASE another of their DEFECTIVE GLASS PIECES. BUYER BEWARE…this company is unscrupulous and fraudulent, in my opinion.

  82. Robbie

    I don’t recommend the bolt but their dab pens have been great. 6 months of using it and it’s still goin

  83. Mat Lee

    You guys and gals are all going to hate me, but I just pulled mine out of the box, and it still works lol.

  84. joe marflak

    do you rhink they worked out the defects yet? haha i want something like this so bad!!

  85. mark

    fuck this company. they sent me the bolt pro 2 that i ordered to have in time for a xmas gift and when i opened it it was broken, i sent them an email saying i received it broken and after 2 weeks they sent me a new replacement piece. xmas gift ruined now. so when i get the new piece it fits a bit sloppy and i write and tell them. they say put o rings on it, i do and it doesnt work of course. at this point its been two months and i have a 200$ product i cant even use. i keep writing them asking for compensation ( not even a refund) and the customer service guy randy b keeps telling me the same robot response saying that my warranty is void. they wont even compensate you for a unusable product. please do not buy from this company.

  86. ken Granter

    my Bolt 2 arrived smashed. Randy B.
    Randy B. (Dabado Vaporizers)
    Mar 8, 5:01 PM MST
    Hello again,

    Sadly it appears that your device has been shipped internationally and international orders do not carry a warranty and there is no warranty for your device.

  87. Corey lee

    I would pass on Dabado, I had several models Bolt M Pro and the V2. They worked for about a month and then “no coil” or “low ohms”. I like to keep my units clean and these were no exceptions but they just didn’t last long. I would call about the warranty and the reply was the warranty does not cover electronics. Needless to say i have never gone back to Dabado, I have found a new portable enail for $20 works like a champ and minimal cleanup.

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