Looking For A Tasty e nail Dab? Here Are The Top 5 Dab Nail Makers

electric dab nailLooking For A Tasty e nail Dab?

The e nail dab is definitely stuff stoners like. Say what you will about dabbing with a torch, or even one of my favorite ways using the heat gun and the healthstone, but an e nail is always the solid choice for ease of use and cost per dab efficiency.

You didn’t even know about the cost per dab efficiency number did you? Of course you didn’t, because like most things in life, it’s made up. As in, I just made it up. But there’s some rhyme to my reason, some Method Man to my madness, so let’s talk about using an e nail for dabs and why it has a lower cost per dab number.

The main thing is, at least when comparing an electric dab nail or e nail for dabs to a nail that requires a torch, is the amount of butane it takes to get the nail hot enough to then take the dab. For as much fun as it is lighting up a glass dab nail just to toss it in water so it can explode, or torching up a quartz banger dab nail to actually take a dab out of…because remember, you don’t dab out of glass. So you should never have a glass dab nail. A metal dab nail sure, but definitely not a glass dab nail. I also saw a video of a gentleman using an actual nail for dabs. Like a nail for pounding into wood. People will go to great lengths for likes, as unfortunate as that may be.

So when you are heating up your quartz banger or titanium dab nail or whatever sort of dab nails you are using, you have to get the material quite hot. Much hotter than is required to actually take the dab. That’s because we have absolutely zero idea of how hot our nail is at any given time. We may like to think we do, and perhaps there’s a few heavy heady dabbers out there who do, but for the most part, getting it red hot then counting down is the only way to get it figured out. Trial and error as they say. Electric nail dab for the win!

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e nail dabThe Best Dab Nail

So what is the best dab nail? Luckily we have memes and the internet. You don’t want to get trolled for being the asshole that chazz’s a banger because you went in too hot. Please don’t be that asshole, especially after I see some of you drop $200 or more on a quartz banger. That’s silly in it’s own right, but that’s a topic for a different article.

So when you have your nail for dabs, you are wasting energy getting it more hot than it needs to be, so that we can count down the appropriate amount of time while indulging in our dab ritual, whatever that may be. An e nail dab setup in turn, keeps the e nail dab nail at whatever temperature you have the temperature controller set to.

dab nailE nails Dabs

For me personally, I like to sit right at 650. I know some who prefer the more symbolic 666 degrees F, and some people who like to sit down at around 550. It’s all about user preference, e nail component quality, and the sort of material you dab on. This means a much more efficient process that is always ready to go. No waiting, no hassle.

What is the best e nail for dabs then? If we are talking about the nail itself, I’ve been a huge fan of the quartz e nail that Lit-Enail.com has. Whenever I review an e nail, I always swap out the titanium multi size / sex nail for a quartz dab nail. I just don’t care for the metal dab nail. Again, that’s totally going to be user preference. I personally don’t care for the titanium, and I don’t like putting titanium nails in my heady glass rigs. I will however, until these American quartz makers get their prices down, shove china quartz right down my rigs’ throat.

titanium dab nailTop 5 Dab Nails

If you want to spend a bunch of cash, I would recommend the J-Red Diamond E-knot. I have a J-Red Diamond Knot for my 18 mm Hamm’s and Pop D pieces, but what I don’t have is their new e nail. A bit too spendy for my income at this point, but perhaps one day. Perhaps enough of you will bug them until they send me one to review. Just kidding, don’t bug him. Unless you are good friends with him.

People ask me all the time which e nail dab setup I would recommend. I still use my LIT Enail, and the 710 Life Enail. They both still work fantastic, and for the price are a great investment. There’s also a company called High Five Vaporizers that sells super affordable and cool looking dab e nail units.

If you like to spoil yourself with shiny fancy overpriced things that light up, the AugustHaus is a good choice. They are quite pretty according to the pictures, but I can’t personally vouch for them as I’ve never reviewed one personally. Maybe they should send one my way and we can remedy that. But for now, check them out, especially if you have money to burn.

The fifth one I’ll mention, and it’s really just to make a mention that my first Dabado Bolt is still working. I know this was a point of contention with the majority of you stoners here on SSL, but if you are one of the lucky few to get one that works, it’s a damn good portable enail. It’s definitely a small dish, especially once you’ve been messing around with the Hoye’s XXL bangers, but for an on the go solution to a nonexistent problem, it’s a good little rig to have. If it works.

By Mat Lee

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