December Apex Extractions Fresh Club Subscription Box

Christmas came and went. We got a lot of brightly wrapped packages last month. But nothing compared to the December Apex Fresh Club subscription box that arrived right before the holiday. It was definitely our favorite delivery—all wrapped up like a present, a big ol’ green ribbon and everything. This time the Apex crew skipped the vape pen. December was all about concentrates. Four fresh varieties to be exact.

When it comes to concentrates freshness hella matters. If plants are literally chopped down then immediately flash-frozen to preserve freshness and maximize flavor than the sooner products made from those plants are consumed the better, right? Right.

Unfortunately, however, distribution delays those products from getting into the customer’s hands—sometimes up to a month. The result? The concentrates have lost lots of their intense flavors. The way around the time delay? Home delivery, man—skip the distribution altogether and the long lines at dispensaries and have your concentrates come to you.

If you like the idea of concentrates coming to you rather than waiting in line you’re in like. Apex Extractions launched a subscription service over the summer called the Apex Extraction Fresh Club. For $139, including delivery and excise tax, California subscribers 21 and up can get a curated collection of the tastiest and freshest cannabis concentrates available sent right to their door each month.

Magic Melon
One of the four concentrates this month was a Sativa known as Magic Melon—a collab between Apex and Tinity Alps. It has an overwhelming aroma the second the box was opened. And clocked in with a 68% THC and a whopping 36.5% Terpenes. Talk about magical. This live resin sauce has a really distinctive tropical fruit smell containing hints of mango and melon. The complex flavor profile didn’t disappoint either—very fruity with a slight hint of fresh-cut grass.

When vaped in our Vape Exhale device the Magic Melon tasted super smooth. It’s high is a bit of a creeper, not fully revealing it’s full potential for a few minutes after ingestion.

Papa Mo
Papa Mo was the second killer concentrate that came in the December subscription box. This is the very first time that we’ve come across this strain.

It has a very distinct aroma full of grape and berry notes—think Jolly Joes or something. There was an underlying sweetness of something like cotton candy or buttercream cake frosting present in the aroma as well. This live resin sauce clocked in with 77% THC and 20.75% Terpenes.

Sour Tangie
The third tasty concentrate that came in the December box is a definitive crowd favorite—Sour Tangie. Looks like it’s a collab with Redwood Remedies and Apex. Stat wise this one came in with 75% THC and 19% Terps. Sour Tangie is a multiple award-winning Sativa-dominant strain that’s a cross of East Coast Sour Diesel x Tangie. It was originally bred by Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics.

Like its parent strains, this stuff is infamous for its insanely mouthwatering aroma and flavor. Crack open the little jar and you’re smacked right across the face with an overwhelming tangy tangerine citrus blast and some serious gas. There’s also an Earthy undertone that’s totally undeniable. And there’s some Skunk thrown up in there as well. The taste? Sour Earthy citrus that has a sharp pungent diesel aftertaste upon exhale that intensifies as you continue to consume. This one was probably our favorite in the December collection of concentrated goodness.

Banana Cream Pie
The final concentrate in the collection was a smooth Indica—Banana Cream Pie that clocked in with 77.83% THC and 13% Terps. This sweet strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Banana OG. It has that familiar baked good smell with a little bit of funky over-ripe banana aroma. The flavor was very much like GSC and didn’t disappoint. Super smooth and super stoney, another of our favorites in the box.

We couldn’t be more stoked with the December drop from the Apex Fresh Club Box—super stoney with a ton of terps. If you’re a cannasseur on the lookout for the freshest, tastiest and simply next-level cannabis concentrates available, and you live in California, you owe it to yourself to visit and sign up for Apex Extractions Fresh Club. Let the flavors come to you, man. So go right ahead and tell ‘em that Stuff Stoners Like sent ya.

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