September Apex Extractions Fresh Club Subscription Box

September Apex Extractions Fresh Club Subscription Box

The September Apex Fresh Club arrived recently. Of course, it was filled with some super tasty concentrates and a vape pen. Now because of all the anti-vape news swirling around in the headlines—including sickness and death—we know what you’re thinking. Don’t use that vape pen, man

Well you can rest assured that we checked in with our buds over at Oakland’s Apex Extractions to see if the vape pen and their concentrates were completely safe to consume.

“Given recent news, all of us here at Apex Extractions feel it is important that you know that we do not use any cutting agent and offer only fully compliant cannabis products,” Scott Benson their CEO said recently. “Our Full Spectrum Pinnacle Pen and Carts along with all of our concentrates contain only materials derived from cannabis. Our CaliStick line of pens and cartridges uses naturally derived botanical flavors added to distillate for one of the purest THC experiences in the market.

Dirty Zkittles Live Resin Sauce

“Our products have never had any cutting agent, including Vitamin E Acetate, Benson continued. “We encourage the cannabis consuming market to only go to fully licensed facilities for their needs. This will ensure that the flower is pesticide-free and concentrates are clean and safe. We are not fans of the incredibly high tax rates California has required from all of us, but we are fans of the in-place safety measures. We all need to band together, pushing for more licensed outlets and lower tax rates in order to provide every buyer in California with access to pure and safe products.”

Anyhow when it comes to concentrates whether they’re in a vape pen or a small containing waiting for you to dab, freshness hella matters. If plants are literally chopped down then immediately flash-frozen to preserve freshness and maximize flavor than the sooner products made from those plants are consumed the better, right? Right. Unfortunately, however, distribution delays those products from getting into the customer’s hands—sometimes up to a month. The result? The concentrates have lost lots of their intense flavors. The way around the time delay? Home delivery, man—skip the distribution altogether and the long lines at dispensaries.

Luckily Apex Extractions launched a subscription service recently called the Apex Extraction Fresh Club. For $139, including delivery and excise tax, California subscribers 21 and up can get a curated collection of the tastiest and freshest cannabis concentrates available sent right to their door. 

Triangle Kush X Nothing But Kush Vape Pen
The half-gram, full-spectrum, strain-specific live resin vape pen was extra delicious. What was the strain? Triangle Kush x Nothing But Kush. We loved it because Kush is one of our all-time favorites. This particular batch had more than 65% THC. You could definitely taste a ton of terpenes in this thing—probably due to the fact that the vapor wasn’t too hot. Everybody knows that low-temperature dabs are where it’s at—flavorwise. So if you’re vaping super terp-rich concentrates you’d be crazy not to apply the least amount of heat possible so as to coax out all those subtle flavor and aroma molecules. The device itself looked a lot more like a USB thumb drive than a boring ol’ cylindrical pen. That’s cool because it won’t spike a hole in your pocket or roll off the table when you set it down.

This month we got four super dank concentrates in our Apex Fresh Club Subscription Box—Zkittle OG live resin sauce, Kobe OG live resin sauce, Candy Rain live resin sauce and Strawpicanna live resin sauce. 

Apex Fresh Club Vaporizer

Dirty Zkittles
The first terpy live resin sauce that we tested out was the Dirty Zkittles which is a collaboration featuring CaliKosher and of course Apex. These guys outdid themselves with this stuff, man. The second you open the jar, the overwhelming aroma of lemon and orange and other assorted zesty citrus just straight up smacks you in the face. We’re not kidding. You open the jar and this stuff is so loud that it practically shouts wake up motherfucker this is some serious sauce. It contains that familiar OG aroma as well. That distinctive odor comes from Caryophyllene which this sauce was just full of. It also had a nice mix of some slight ripe berry overtones. Close your eyes, take a whiff and this stuff smells a lot like the way Skittles taste. One toke and this stuff totally bombarded our taste buds with fruit flavors and that OG skunk funk. It left behind a super long-lasting fruity flavor and was seriously stoney.  

Kobe OG
The batch of Kobe OG live resin sauce was another CaliKosher/Apex collab. These guys have won multiple awards for their concentrates. So it’s no wonder that this stuff clocked in with 74.68% THC. From the first smell to last exhale this Kobe OG carried along a sweet and savory OG flavor that coated our senses. The smell and flavor were nearly overwhelming but not as intense as the Indica buzz that this stuff delivered.

Candy Rain
The batch of Candy Rain is an exclusive collab with Poseidon Estate. This strain is a cross of London Poundcake and Gelato—two of the most popular strains along the entire West Coast grown by Cookies Fam Genetics. This stuff has that classic bold purple flower with a ton of sparkling crystals. When transformed into live resin sauce it gives off a sweet and pungent smell. That familiar doughy cookie flavor that’s so akin to Cookies is basically replaced with a cherry taffy funk on the exhale that just leaves you wanting more. Apparently this will be a September Hempcon entry.

The final live resin sauce that was included in the box was Strawpicanna, a combination of two of the best-tasting cannabis varieties on earth—Strawberry Banana x Tropicanna Cookies F1. It was another collab between Apex and  Poseidon and reminded us of some old school strawberry fruit punch with a slight vanilla creame aroma and flavor. The exhale is smooth leaving a slightly strawberry fruit punch flavor that lingers. This will also be a September Hempcon entry. 

We couldn’t be more stoked with the September selection of goodies in our Apex Fresh Club Box—super stoney with a ton of terps. If you’re a cannassuer on the lookout for the freshest, tastiest and simply next-level cannabis concentrates available, and you live in California, you owe it to yourself to visit and sign up for Apex Extractions Fresh Club. Go right ahead and tell ‘em that Stuff Stoners Like sent ya.

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