October Apex Extractions Fresh Club Subscription Box

We got the October Apex Fresh Club subscription box a week or two ago. This month’s theme was Breast Cancer Awareness month. The box featured some pink writing on the cover saying “save the ta tas” and was of course, filled with some super tasty concentrates, a vape pen and cart. Because Apex only uses cannabis in their vape pens there no need to worry, man.

When it comes to concentrates whether they’re in a vape pen or a small containing waiting for you to dab, freshness hella matters. If plants are literally chopped down then immediately flash-frozen to preserve freshness and maximize flavor than the sooner products made from those plants are consumed the better, right? Right.

Unfortunately, however, distribution delays those products from getting into the customer’s hands—sometimes up to a month. The result? The concentrates have lost lots of their intense flavors. The way around the time delay? Home delivery, man—skip the distribution altogether and the long lines at dispensaries and have your concentrates come to you.

If you like the idea of concentrates coming to you rather than waiting in line you’re in like. Apex Extractions launched a subscription service over the summer called the Apex Extraction Fresh Club. For $139, including delivery and excise tax, California subscribers 21 and up can get a curated collection of the tastiest and freshest cannabis concentrates available sent right to their door each month.

This month was our favorite so far—mainly because it was filled with a few of our all-time favorite flavors. What are they? Well anything with that familiar OG aroma and anything purple.

Beaming with OG aroma and flavor the batch of WIFI OG aka White Fire OG, was perfect for any OG lover like we are. This strain combines the best features of its parent strains—the sour, earthy, diesel aroma of Fire OG and the high resin production of The White. From start to finish the unique and powerful OG aroma overtakes everything else—it’s almost overwhelming. If you dig that familiar OG funk and flavor you’ll love this one.

The Purple Drip has some serious sweet grape scent. It was like opening a box of Jolly Joes or something. We just love that grape aroma and taste— especially when it’s smokeable and clocks in at 83.6% THC. The second you open the jar there’s a feast for the eyes and the nose. The flavor? Excellent—grapey, fruity, skunky—everything most of us love about weed is in this little bottle. This batch is definitely one to remember.

Now, this White Sunset live resin is definitely unique. It clocked in with 82.71% THC and has got a major sherbet aroma and flavor that comes in not so subtle waves. It’s sweet and tart and a little bit fruit—a lot like the frozen sherbet you’d find behind the counter at an ice cream shop. It’s best to leave this one at home as you might want to keep it all to yourself.

We also scored a pen battery with three heat settings. And a 510 threaded vape cart filled with Dragon Fruit X Super Lemon Haze—and that’s it—no deadly vitamin e oil or any other funky cutting agent. Super tasty, super potent and super portable—that’s how we’d describe this thig. We dig carts for their convenience and flavor. This one was no exception, man.

We couldn’t be more stoked with the October selection of goodies in our Apex Fresh Club Box—super stoney with a ton of terps. If you’re a cannasseur on the lookout for the freshest, tastiest and simply next-level cannabis concentrates available, and you live in California, you owe it to yourself to visit apexextractions.com and sign up for Apex Extractions Fresh Club. Let the flavors come to you, man. So go right ahead and tell ‘em that Stuff Stoners Like sent ya.

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