Deep Purple Kush Strain Review

Deep Purple Kush StrainName: Deep Purple Kush
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 7/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Two Heads Co.
Harvest Date: 5/18/15
Type: Indica Dom.
Content: THC 17.6% | CBD .3%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams

Deep Purple Kush Strain
Deep Purple Kush from Growers Outlet, Grown by Two Heads Co.

Genetics: Deep Purple X Reserva Privada OG 18 from Provision Seeds according to the farm. However there are a few different sets of genetics for what people consider Deep Purple Kush. I talked to the farmer of this particular batch, and they said it’s the Deep Purple X Reserva Privada OG 18 cross. The other crosses include the Purple Urkle X Querkle and the Blueberry X Purple Kush strain. Regardless of which particular version of which specific strain this happens to be, it’s some good ass purple weed and definitely stuff stoners like.

Deep Purple Kush Strain
Some say Deep Purple is Purple Urkle X Querkle

Appearance: Again, some of the nicer looking buds in the I-502 recreational market, at least for Pacific Country. Maybe one day I’ll have the resources to spread my wings and go check out the rest of the recreational market, but for now, I almost have more weed than I can review.

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Deep Purple Kush Strain
Some say the Deep Purple Kush Strain is Blueberry X Purple Kush strain

That’s of course, a good problem to have. Whoever Two Heads Co. has trimming their bud should definitely get a raise. There is basically zero leaf on this, all calyx, which as we learned in a previous weed review, is a very good thing.

Dark deep looking colas smothered in trichomes are what you get when you cop a bag of the Deep Purple Kush. When you put it in the grinder, the purple bits become more apparent. Otherwise it just looks like dense dark awesome cone shaped buds.

Deep Purple Kush Strain
Deep Purple Kush has dark deep looking colas smothered in trichomes

Smell: After breaking these tight little frosty buds into pieces, I’ve decided this is most likely the Purple Urkle X Querkle cross, since it’s spicy sweet berry aroma is most on par with everything I’ve read about the three different crosses. It’s definitely more spicy than grape, with more of a pungent earthy floral type of smell.

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Deep Purple Kush Strain
The Deep Purple Kush has a strong earthy kush taste to it

Flavor: Testing this new bud out of the brand new bong was a nice treat for sure, but there’s one thing I’ve noticed as far as water diffusers go. In my experience, it seems like the more diffusers the smoke gets pushed through, the more taste you end up losing. Maybe the rest of you are nodding your heads right, sarcastically mouthing the word DUH at your monitors. I never really thought about it until now. I’ll definitely have to do some more research.

The Deep Purple Kush has a strong earthy kush taste to it, with subtle hints of a sweet grape or berry-like flavor. In a spliff with some proper Danish Export tobacco, the smoke turns into a pungent sweet, spiced skunky flavor. A joint is equally as nice, although I recommend sharing it with a friend.

Deep Purple Kush Strain
For being an under 20% strain Deep Purple Kush has a nice buzz

High: Well hot damn this sure is a nice surprise. I’m usually not a fan of the more kushy strains, but this one is actually pretty nice. The new bong I just got down at Growers Outlet was christened with the Two Heads Co. Deep Purple Kush. I know, not exactly my first choice to break in a new piece with, but it was next on the list and being a little OCD, I like to go chronologically.

For being an under 20% strain, this bud has a nice buzz that new and older smokers will enjoy. If you are really new, just take it slow and eventually you’ll work up to those top shelf strains. This one has a lot of potential for spacey couch lock and day dreaming, so if you are looking for something to assist you in quieting your mind for meditation, this could be something worth checking out.

Deep Purple Kush Strain
If you love purple weed, you’ll love Deep Purple Kush

Overall: After writing the majority of the review, since these were 3.5 gram samples I set some aside for a day two reexamination. The first bong hit really set me down in my chair for a minute. It’s parents are the Purple Kush, which from what I’ve read, is supposed to have been created to include the best traits from the Purple Urkle.

Deep Purple Kush Strain
Ever try Deep Purple Kush? Let us know in the comments below…

The rest of the contribution comes from the OG #18 aka the private reserve aka the Reserva Privada. This side definitely lends to the earthy skunky flavor and potential energy black hole that the Deep Purple Kush creates. Definitely a good strain to have when in the mood for something heavy, dense, and grapey. It’s a great combination and as you can see from the pictures, the trichome growth is fantastic.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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