Dispensary 101: A Guide to Finding Dispensaries Near Me

marijuana dispensaryDispensary 101

The dispensary is the pinnacle of stuff stoners like. Why? Because the dispensary is where you go to buy weed—be it medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. So if you’re looking for a dispensary near me? Or a dispensary near me open late? We’ve got you covered. We created an easy-to-use marijuana dispensary list so you can quickly & easily FIND MARIJUANA near you. Best of all there’ no automatic map bullshit tracking your every move. It’s a current and easy-to-use, alphabetical listing of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries by city and state. If you’re on the go, the address and phone number of each weed dispensary will automatically pop up on your phone or tablet, you can either tap to give the dispensary a call or find it on your map app.

Dispensary near me & Weedmaps

Think about the idea of a weed dispensary ten or even fifteen years ago. A storefront to buy weed? People would think you were high if you said that there’d be places that you can go buy weed—but nowadays dispensaries are a reality. There are so many Denver dispensaries in Colorado it’s funny. Once weed became legal the race to build the coolest recreational dispensary in town began. The cool cannabis dispensaries you see popping up like the Bloom dispensary, Sweet Leaf dispensary or the Altitude dispensary in Colorado are nothing like the medical marijuana dispensaries that first began in California after medical marijuana was legalized. In fact all the cool Colorado dispensaries and the sick Seattle dispensaries and every other killer recreational dispensary in Washington state or Colorado, even Oregon owe its existence to California and Prop 215 back in ‘96.

Back before all those Denver dispensaries sprouted finding a “dispensary near me” was difficult. You couldn’t just Google “dispensaries near me” and have Weedmaps show you a list of friendly dispensaries in your area. First of all medical marijuana dispensaries existed only in California for many years. And those weed dispensaries were few and far between. They definitely didn’t advertise. Plus WeedMaps didn’t even exist back then. How’d stoners find out about the nearest dispensary or the latest downtown dispensary to open? Well here in California they’d get a list of of all the medical marijuana dispensaries in the area after getting a medical marijuana recommendation. On there list there’d be the names of a bunch of weed dispensaries with their addresses and phone numbers on it and that’s it. You were told not to distribute the list too. A lot of times many early medical dispensary businesses were operating in a gray area and would be open for business long before they were shut down by law enforcement. Something many new weed dispensaries have never had to content with now that weed’s legal in many areas and along with it so are weed dispensaries to safely distribute it.

San Jose Medical Marijuana_DispensariesAbout a decade ago the Harborside Health Center was created by long-time activist Steve DeAngelo. These guys transformed the look and feel of a typical dispensary. Before these guys raised the bar, a lot of dispensaries were pretty sketchy. We checked out the Purple Elephant cannabis dispensary in neighboring Alameda, California way back in the day and weren’t too impressed. You had to go through the lobby of a car dealership to access it. Unfortunately Alameda’s one and only medical dispensary was eventually forced out of town when the city established new rules. Apparently it moved to San Jose. There were several other earlier dispensaries in Oakland that were a bit better including, California’s Prop 19 backer Richard Lee’s SR-71, but none of them had the “out of the shadows and into the light” approach like the Harborside, who have just celebrated their tenth anniversary.

Today with legalization on the horizon in California and other parts of the country it looks as if half the nation will have a “dispensary near me.” And that’s a good thing. Reports have shown that crime goes down in neighborhoods that have a marijuana dispensary selling weed instead of dealers in a black market. Think about it. When a new dispensary hits the neighborhood it increases competition. Why buy weed on the black market when you can just Google “recreational dispensary near me” and score some name-brand weed? Or better yet get that weed delivered.

Dispensaries near me & so is the income

Plus dispensaries are creating a ton of new jobs. Buying and selling weed, running the daily dispensary operations, marketing, advertising—there are a ton of jobs that accompany every marijuana dispensary that opens. Not to mention the tax revenue for cities and states that have marijuana dispensaries operating within their jurisdictions. Even most people that are against weed and weed dispensaries in general can’t argue with a new revenue stream. People are going to buy weed whether they get it at a local cannabis dispensary or from a local drug dealer—why not add to the city tax coffers? In Colorado they made so much money on weed taxes that they refunded people money! Imagine that. Colorado residents got paid because their state sold so much weed.

In fact there’s so much money in the Colorado dispensary market that ABC’s SharkTank Shark Kevin O’Leary told Business Insider that he’d “love” to invest in the industry: “This is like the end of prohibition. It’s going to be a remarkable opportunity. The cashflow in Colorado is three times what they thought it was going to be. They did the right thing by legalizing it and it’s now a huge cash crop. People should not be going to jail for marijuana. This is substance that’s been used by humans for thousands of years. It’s stupid what we’ve done to it, and I think it has to be federally legal.”

Vancouver May Crackdown On Medical Marijuana DispensariesDispensaries are SSL

Sothe dispensary is definitely stuff stoners like. Not only can you score weed at the local dispensery, which is adding to local revenue and in turn improving neighborhoods, you can also score a job. And as legalization continues across the country and more and more dispensaries  open you can expect more growth. Now that’s stuff stoners like.

Anyhow like we said above, if you’re looking for a medical marijuana dispensary near me? Or a recreational dispensaries near me? We’ve got you covered. That’s why we created our marijuana dispensary list so you can easily FIND MARIJUANA near you. It’s an easy-to-use, alphabetical listing of recreational marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries by city and state. Here’s the list if you’re looking for Colorado dispensaries or specific Denver dispensaries or a marijuana delivery service In Colorado. We’ve got one to find a medical marijuana dispensary or recreational dispensary in Oregon too. And of course a list for Washington state and Seattle dispensaries. And here’s where you can find a medical marijuana dispensary or delivery service In California. We update these lists on a regular basis. If you’d like to add a medical marijuana dispensary, delivery service or a recreational marijuana store please contact us so we can add it to our easy-to-use medical and recreational marijuana directory that makes it easy to find marijuana.

Dispensaries get at us

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Ever visited a dispensary whether it be a medical or recreational dispensery? Checked out any awesome recreational dispensaries in Colorado? How about sick Seattle dispensaries? What was your experience like? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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