Does Synthetic Urine Work To Pass A Urine Drug Test?

does synthetic urine work

Does artificial pee work?

Does synthetic urine work? First of all let’s shelf the question about does synthetic urine work or not and ask a more important question. Does drug testing workers for marijuana actually make sense? According to Bloomberg, No. In fact in a recent post they go on to say that Employers Rejecting Pot Users Will Pay a High Price.

QUICK ANSWER—Does synthetic urine work? Yes. We recommend the SubSolution—it comes with a foolproof heating powder because most people fail their urine test when they hand over a cold sample. Don’t be that person.

Sure you can’t have people showing up intoxicated and killing customers, coworkers or themselves. So even if workplaces were going to thumb their noses at drug testing safety insurers wouldn’t let them. But here’s the thing. It’s okay to drink at work and alcoholics aren’t tested. Bloomberg begs the question. “Is an employee really a danger to others because he smokes a little pot on weekends? Should employers really be testing for it?”

Unlike opiates or cocaine marijuana can linger in a pot smoker’s system for up to a month—depending on how much you use. Someone who just started smoking weed can stop and the THC in their system will dissipate a lot faster than someone who’s been smoking weed all day every ay for years. That’s because THC is stored in the body’s fat cells and the only real way to get rid of it is to lose the fat cells. But just because marijuana lin

gers a lot longer in the body that doesn’t mean that a worker is dangerous or a threat to himself or co-workers just because her or she flunked the test.

does synthetic urine work to pass a drug test

This is why employers rarely test employees for alcohol despite how easy it would be to administer the test and how destructive a drunk employee can be. How many office party catastrophes could be avoided if only employers treated alcohol the way they treated marijuana?  According to their post testing workers for alcohol would eliminate dangerous alcoholics from entering the workforce but in turn as Bloomberg says his is why employers rarely test urine for alcohol, even though it’s possible to do so; while this would eliminate most alcoholics — who can be just as dangerous as drug addicts in an industrial workplace — it would also eliminate nearly everyone else except Mormons.”

What if synthetic urine doesn’t work?

So before we answer does synthetic urine work let’s us answer what happens if it doesn’t? Because every person who goes home and gets stoned on 5 pm Friday will test positive for marijuana use Monday morning many people are forced to cheat. So what happens when things like even the best synthetic urine on the market fails? The workplace and the workforce both suffer.

Employers all across the state of Michigan claim that they can’t fill job opening because people are failing drug tests. employers say they can’t fill job openings because too many people can’t pass a drug test. People shortages are really dire in manufacturing, construction, warehousing or shipping companies. These are places that are typically know to impose drug testing prior to hire and for workers heavy and long-haul truckers.

Think about it for second, though. Why shouldn’t a warehouse worker be able keep his job Monday morning after he or she smokes a joint on Friday night? Smoking a joint is not going to lead to performance loss at work three days later—no matter how strong that weed. People that work in manufacturing or construction should have to worry about keeping their job or finding one in their chosen trade because they have some THC lingering in their system from days or weeks ago either. Someone working at a shipping company who at a super potent weed browning a week ago isn’t going to be any less motivated or any more of a danger to his or her coworkers or themselves than someone who didn’t. In fact that pot-smoker is probably much less worrisome than someone who is drunk all the time.

So when it comes to drug testing. Ask yourself if it’s really necessary that hard-workers get denied good jobs because they smoked a little bud sometime ago. Keep in mind were not talking about making a case of smoking weed at work or working while stoned. That’s not what we talking about. We want to make it clear that drug testing for weed and then firing someone because it’s in their system from a while ago is wrong and it’s causing trouble in the work force.

Employers hire outside USA

If American’s aren’t getting those jobs because they’re not passing drug-tests who is getting them? CNN says that as more Americans fail drug tests, employers turn to refugees.

“an increasing number of American-born workers, passing drug tests is a big problem.The percentage of American workers testing positive for illegal drugs has climbed steadily over the last three years to its highest level in a decade, according to Quest Diagnostics, which performed more than 10 million employment drug screenings last year. The increase has been fueled in part by rural America’s heroin epidemic and the legalization of recreational marijuana in states like Colorado,”

Marijuana is legal for adult use in places like Colorado, Washington, Oregon. California will begin selling commercial cannabis to residents starting January 1st. So there’s no reason for anyone to lose their job over weed if they’re not immediately impaired and fucking up their job.

Pro-pee evidence from the media

So let’s address your question. Does synthetic urine work?Well according to some sources using synthetic or ‘fake’ urine to pass drug screenings is becoming somewhat of a nationwide epidemic,” ksfy says that because it’s difficult to detect something drug screening facilities and labs all over are battling on a daily basis.

So they turned to Dustin Rhody, clinic manager of Workforce Occupational Health who revealed that the molecular makeup of synthetic urine is often almost identical to that of real urine. He goes on to say “I think the issue that we have industry-wide is that we kind of are going up against street chemists. And what street chemists do is that they’re constantly taking a look at a way to alter certain drugs or alter things like synthetic urine to stay a step ahead of the chemists that we use in our labs to identify these issues,” he said.

When you ask a guy like Dr. Cameron Murphy, Medical Review Officer at Workforce Occupational Health does synthetic urine work first he’ll probably get all into generalizations and tell you something like he told that ABC affiliate, “I’m not surprised because when it comes to drug users, they’re always trying to find a way how to beat the system,” said Dr. Murphy.

We know plenty of drug users who aren’t always trying to find a way to beat the system. Many of them smoke weed and hold down really successful jobs. And many other responsible drug users that we know are re hooked on things like sugar and caffeine are not trying to beat the system either. Seems like the clinic manager of Workforce Occupational Health might need to explore the reasons why he thinks so poorly of drug users.

System loophole allows users beat system

However good ol’ Dr. Murphy says there’s a loophole in the process. Only in specific instances are the collectors able to watch a person physically deliver their specimen. Other than than, they can only listen for anything unusual.

So make sure to head this dude’s warning. Don’t make any suspicious noises. We’re talking about dropping plastic containers that you may have use to smuggle in your synthetic urine to the test place. Things like glass hitting the ground will be a day give-away. Tearing of plastic sounds—you know like your heating pad gets stuck to the synthetic urine belt or something. That’s why practicing before hand is always a good idea. You want to have confidence when you enter the test place, right? So go over your routine a bit.

You’ll also want to try and sound like you’re actually taking a drug test in there and that means urinating in the toilet. They’re looking for that familiar sound so don’t disappoint them or you’ll probably fail your drug test. Don’t worry the drug testing lab isn’t going to go in there with a turkey baster and collect the urine that you deposited in the toiled. First of that just plain nasty and they’re looking to bust you. If the specimen they used came from the toilet it could also contain shit that didn’t come from you. So don’t worry.

What you need to know right before giving your sample

Just make sure that your fake pee looks like real urine. It has to be a bit yellow. If your sample is clear like water it isn’t going to pass. If it doesn’t foam a bit when you shake it—think how pee reacts when it hits the toiled. And most important is to make sure that you sample is at least 98 degrees before you hand it over. This is key to passing the urine test—hand over warm urine you’re golden.

If you hand collectors cold pee or something that looks suspect here’s what testers think; “okay, this cup has to be sent to the lab for further testing,” said Workforce Occupational Health specialist Angela Langrehr who demonstrated the procedure for KSFY. So we’ll say it one more time—right before you hand over your urine sample to the test taker—make sure it’s body temperature!

So does synthetic urine work? Well of course it does. It’s the stuff laboratory workers use to test and calibrate their testing equipment. But all you really have to worry about is passing that temperature test and your sample went really be screened beyond that.

Can synthetic urine be detected?

The true answer is that it’s possible for lab’s to determine if your urine sample is genuine or not. However it’s very expensive for those labs to perform such a test. That’s why labs quickly check the temperature of your urine right after you hand it over. They’re basically performing a validity check. Don’t give them a reason to think your sample is fake—by giving them something that looks like water or even worse cold urine—and you’re golden.

According to a recent Reddit ama or Ask Me Anything titled “I test your pee for all kinds of drugs. Ask a drug test tester almost anything,” labs are also not checking for hormones to determine if the urine sample came from a male or a female either. This site has a lot of great information to help your question does synthetic urine work or not. It’s super insightful and definitely recommended reading for anyone who is looking to pass a urine test. Consider it study material for your upcoming test. Keep in mind that being prepared is key.


Does synthetic urine work? Yes. We’ve got plenty of testimonials on our site in the comments section of our blog. Make sure to check them out and leave a comment whether or not synthetic urine kit worked for you to pass your drug test.

What brand did you use, where was your test take and how did you smuggle in your fake pee? Please let us know in the comments section below because your experience not only matters to us it will also help fellow stoners keep their job or find that dream job when only an unfair drug test is what stopping them.

Also how do you feel about drug tests in the workplace? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you’re looking for deeper information on things like how does synthetic urine work, or how to use synthetic urine, where to buy synthetic urine in stores or info on things like how long does synthetic urine last or does synthetic urine go bad check out of info-packed post on all that suff Synthetic Urine Is How to Pass A Urine Drug Test In 2017.

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