Easiest Edibles to Make in a Pinch

Easiest Edibles to Make The easiest edibles to make should take no time at all to prepare. And they should also include just a few ingredients. Hopefully stuff you’ve already got in your pantry or something you can quickly pick up at the corner store. After all you’re looking to eat some weed, get stoned and move on, right? No problem, man. We’re here to help.

Sure you could just grab some premade edibles from the dispensary if you live in an area that allows them. However many stoners out there have no such luck. And many more just aren’t trying to pay a ton of cash for something they can totally make themselves for just pennies on the dollar. If you grow your own weed you owe it to yourself to take some of your trim and turn it into something that’ll get you high. Some say that eating weed will get you higher than smoking it. Your results may vary but we’ve noticed that eating weed does lead to some intense highs.

PRO TIP—If you eat too much weed and are feeling too high simply eat something that doesn’t have weed in it. Get some non-weed food in your system and soon you’ll be feeling just fine.

Another reason to learn how to make edibles is because many jurisdictions are regulating edibles. That means that many pot enthusiasts can’t obtain super high strength edibles because they’re just not allowed. If you learn how to make easy edibles yourself you can include as much weed in them as you want. So that’s cool.

We scored the web to find the easiest edibles to make and came up with two solid options. But first we should caution you. Keep in mind that these are the easiest edibles to make not the best-tasting or the most delicious edibles ever. If you’re looking to make some impressive edibles that taste as good as they look you’ll most likely need to learn how to make cannabutter or cannabis coconut oil. The professionals use this stuff to get cannabis into their food without making it taste too much like weed. The pros also use concentrated cannabis to not only eliminate that weed taste but to also really increase the amount of THC aka THE HIGH CAUSER in weed. But for the purposes of this post let’s just skip all that stuff and assume that you’re using dried marijuana flowers in your edibles. However feel free to check out our posts on how to make cannabutter and how to make coconut oil if you’re interested. You know someday you may want to elevate your weed-cooking game. But for now let’s just keep focused on making some simple edibles

How to make edible cookies easily

So like we said–we scoured the web to find the easiest edibles to make. We came up with a couple solid options. The first is to simply buy some cookie dough at the grocery store and literally mash some weed up into it. Seriously, man. Just bust off a hunk of cookie dough and put some weed in it. This technique works best with ground-up weed. So if you’ve got a grinder now’s the time to employ that thing. The smaller the weed bits the less likely they’ll get stuck in your teeth and the less overwhelming the flavor. If you don’t have a grinder then just use your fingers to bust up your bud. The finer the better, man.

Now we know what you’re thinking smarty pants. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “yeah this easy weed edibles recipe will never work because you’re not decarbing the weed.” It works. Believe us. How do we know? Because we’re lazy stoners and have used this method to make some easy edibles. And they got us stoned as fuck. Seriously. We’re not scientists but once you put these cookies in the oven some sort of decarboxylation happens.

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What is decarboxylation? Glad you asked because we’re going to tell you. It’s basically a really long way of saying making your weed active using heat. You see weed won’t get you all that stoned until you heat it. So when you light that joint or hit your pipe with a flame you’re actually transforming the THC into its more active form. The more active the more likely you’ll get stoned. Sure this is a stoner version of a really complicated process so if you’re really interested in all this decarb nonsense why don’t you check out our post about it, Decarboxylation Instructions for Weed. Or just take our word for it and mash some ground weed into some chocolate chip cookie dough, bake it and then eat it.

How much weed do you put in each cookie? Well how stoned do you want to get? The more weed you stick in that little morsel the more high you’ll get obviously. Sure there are some physical space limitations. You’re not going to be able to put an ounce of herb into a single cookie. But the more weed you include the stronger the edible. The stronger the edible the less of it you’ll have to consume to get stoned.

Keep in mind that you can weigh the weed you put in each cookie. This might be helpful so that each cookie has the same potency. Or just do what we do and eyeball it. We are talking easy edibles here, right? Either way don’t make too much of a fuss. We’re talking about the easiest edibles to make here so don’t complicate matters.

Weed firecrackers

Here’s a weed firecrackers recipe that results in some pretty tasty and super easy-to-make marijuana treats. Next to shoving raw weed into raw cookie dough these weed firecrackers probably the easiest edibles to make. And they can be constructed from two simple and common ingredients. You probably have this stuff in your pantry already. All you need is peanut butter and crackers. You can use saltine crackers, Ritz crackers, graham crackers, those fancy crackers rich people slather with caviar it just doesn’t really matter. What you need is a medium for your weed, preferably one that taste palatable. You’ll also need some weed but that goes without saying.

When it comes to making edibles be choosy about your peanut butter. Sure you can use that Skippy or Jiff that’s sitting in your cupboard. But those brands contain hydrogenated shit instead of good old peanut oil like the others. Peanut oil is important in this recipe. Why? Well THC binds with fats and oils. So if the THC binds with this stuff it will easily find its way into your system and then get you stoned. So if you pick up a jar of organic peanut butter and it’s got oil floating at the top then you’re good.

You also want to make sure that the peanut butter you choose to use isn’t all super chunky. Not that it won’t taste good but it’ll be difficult to spread without busting up your crackers. So the smoother the better when it comes to peanut butter for firecrackers.

So the first step in making these things is to slather your crackers with the peanut butter. Don’t get too crazy but don’t skimp either. The more peanut butter you use the less your taste the weed but the messier they’ll be. So slather accordingly.

Next either bust up your weed in a grinder, use a pair of scissors or your fingers. The smaller the weed particles the better because they’ll better integrate with the peanut butter oil. If you’ve got a coffee grinder you can go ahead and use that to turn your weed into a powder.

Now evenly sprinkle your weed powder or small bits on your slathered crackers. Next you’ll want to make little weed cracker peanut butter sandwiches. Make sure that you don’t push too hard and force all that peanut butter out. Try to keep the spread inside the cracker because if it spills out it’ll burn and the baking weed crackers will make your entire house smell like weed. So you’ve been warned.

All that’s left is to pop those suckers in the over at about 325 Fahrenheit for about twenty minutes. Keep an eye on them so that they don’t burn. When they turn a slight golden brown you know they’re done.

So that’s it. Now you know the easiest edibles to make when  you’re in a pinch. Please leave any comments or suggestions in the comment section below. Also if you’ve got a recipe for what you think are the easiest edibles to make please leave that in the comments as well. Danks.

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  1. AgingHempster

    Here’s an old standby: the Honey Glide.

    Take at least one tablespoon of weed, per person, and carefully fry it in a dry, preheated frying pan on medium-high heat. The weed is ready to use when it has changed color to a light golden brown. Be careful not to burn the stuff.
    Now take your dope and add it to a peanut butter sandwich. The classic recipe calls for just honey and marijuana on a folded piece of bread. With experimentation, though, I’ve found that peanut butter and raspberry preserves works best. The flavor masks, or at least makes more palatable, the dankness, while the raspberry seeds disguise the funky texture of the marijuana.
    It’s a handy, easy and pretty tasty way to get loaded.. er… medicated.

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