Firefly Vaporizer Review

Firefly Vaporizer ReviewFirefly Vaporizer Review

Firefly vaporizer review By Mat Lee
Firefly vaporizer review Anyone? The second portable flower vaporizer up for review on my plate is the Firefly vaporizer version 2. The Firefly vaporizer dudes brag on the Firefly website that this little vape goes from 0 to 400 degrees F in 3 seconds or less. That’s pretty impressive sounding. So is the new Firefly vaporizer the coolest and latest twist on the vape pen? Let’s find out.

Since I just finished reviewing the Vapium Summit+, that’s sort of what’s on my mind as far as what to compare it to. As I said in that review, I’m not usually a huge fan of these portable flower vapes, but the technology has definitely come a long way since I first start reviewing this sort of on the go weed gear. I was pleasantly impressed with how both of these portable weed vaporizers performed.

What’s good with the Firefly vaporizer V2?

It’s shiny. I mean like real shiny. Reflective and shit. But unless you are super OCD, like more than I am, it’s not going to stay that way for long. I mean sure, you could clean it after every use, which looks great on paper, but in actual day to day use, who does that? Certainly not me, and I’m the kind of guy that needs to schedule bath time for his rigs to keep them all clean and keep the rotation in play fresh as fuck.

The Firefly vaporizer V2 also gets the job done in a nice slim form factor. The taste of the flower I put through it was fantastic, and the hits were nice and full, once I got the tuning down. I did a first look here on Hot Box live sesh 9. On there I mention that the charging was cool because you just set the Firefly 2 on the base and it’s good to go, but I said I didn’t like that it wasn’t USB C quick charge like the Summit+. Well, I was completely incorrect.

Firefly Vaporizer ReviewFirefly vaporizer battery

The Firefly 2 does have USB C to the base which enables quick charge capabilities when you use the proper battery. This gets the firefly vaporizer battery charged fully in just under an hour. I appreciate that they include a spare battery, but there’s not really any way to charge it, unless of course it’s in the Firefly 2, and the vape is sitting on the base. Unless I’m just being a silly stoner and not seeing where you can set the spare battery to have it charge. If you know, drop me a comment below!

Once you get the second firefly vaporizer battery charged, it only takes a sec to swap it out. So if you are camping or at a festival or something, you’ll have two batteries before you have to resort to other means of getting your weed buzz on.

I found that, much like the Summit+, you’ll want to download the Firefly app so you can kick the power up a bit. I’m getting really good results with the heating profile turned up to high, and the power tuning set to 107%. If you want to conserve the battery life more, you’ll definitely want to turn these down some, or just leave them at the default. It definitely will vape at the default settings, it’s just not as efficient as I would prefer.

Firefly Vaporizer ReviewThere’s six preset temperatures you can choose from, but they say definitely not to use the concentrates setting with flower inside of it. Which, if it’s getting up to 420 degrees F, could pose a slight combustion issue if the material is dry enough. I believe between 390 to 430 degrees F or so is where your cannabis will start to combust, depending on how dry it is.

They let you hit those higher temperatures because apparently the new thing is to make a flower vaporizer that you can also use for concentrates in a pinch. I’m definitely not a fan of doing this, but for the sake of the review, I did, and it works. But it’s not how I would prefer to use my hard earned dabs. If you must, toss one of the included concentrate platters in there, and put a very small dab in the middle of the dish. Crank the heating profile up to the concentrate setting and you should be good to go. The bigger the dab you put in there, the higher the possibility of it leaking and just making a huge mess.

I would personally recommend just keeping flower in it, and if you want something to vape on the go with dabs, check out a Vaporous Jpen or a Vuber, or an Ooze. Or, a Dr. Dabber Aurora, which is what I’ll be reviewing next.

It feels good in the hand, looks nice and works well, but is this the portable flower vaporizer for you? It’s definitely not as rugged feeling as some other gear I’ve reviewed, but for lounging around at home it gets the job done. So it all depends, how much money do you want to spend, and how bad do you want this particular vape?

Firefly Vaporizer ReviewFirefly vaporizer for sale

When I looked up how much the Firefly vaporizer V2 costs, I was kind of blown away. You can pick one up here on Vapeworld for only $330! I know right? So if you do some quick stoner math, you could get yourself two Vapium Summit+ vapes for the price of one Firefly 2. You could also get an Enail from LIT for that price, which I fully understand is a different use case, but damn. That’s a lot of money.

Firefly Vaporizer Review

Firefly vaporizer review final thoughts
If you don’t care and just want that shiny new new, then sure, scoop one up. But if you are more on the spending conscientious side, you might want to pass this one up and look at one of the other portable flower vapes in the market. There’s a ton of them out there to choose from. So I’ll break it down for you like this. The Firefly 2 is stuff rich stoners like, but not stuff the rest of us would like, unless it was given to us for free.

Firefly vaporizer review By Mat Lee

Have you ever tried the firefly vaporizer or their newest version? Give us your best firefly vaporizer review in the comments section below.

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