Vuber Atlas Vaporizer and Vuber Cosmos Vaporizer Review

Vuber Cosmos vaporizer
Vuber Cosmos vaporizer

Yay on the Vuber Atlas, nay on the Vuber Cosmos

By: Mat Lee.

A few weeks ago I acquired a vape pen or two to review from our friends over at Growers Outlet in South Bend Washington. The question was, however, are these vape pens real stuff stoners like or just more gimmicky crap trying to take advantage of an industry with limitless potential.

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The state of Washington is home to a ton of awesome cannabis related businesses. Vuber vapes is one such company, and they are in the business of making next generation personal vaporizers. I’m going to start this review off by being completely honest with you all, as you know I always am, and always will be. I’ve never had good luck with a personal dry herb vaporizer.

The only legit dry herb vaporizer types need to be plugged in. I feel like in order to get the amount of heat needed in a small form factor like that, it would drain whatever battery you managed to cram in there in one or two quick sessions. But anything less in a dry herb vaporizer and you’re just half-ass cooking your weed.

vuber-cosmos vaporizer herb chamber
Vuber Cosmos vaporizer herb chamber

I tried the Vuber Cosmos dry herb vaporizer and at first look, it’s a bad ass little vape pen. I think they are definitely on the right track with the way they are heating the flower, we just need more power in this vape captain! I’m guessing if you heated this up as fast and hot as it needed to be to vape well, that battery wouldn’t last very long. Put a battery big enough to get the job done multiple times before it needs to be charged, and this weed vaporizer will have to come with a fanny pack to hold the battery. Who needs a fanny pack with their weed vaporizer?

Unfortunately for now, I would pass on the Vuber Cosmos vape pen. I did give it to my friend up in Seattle to mess around with a little more, and he said you basically need to let it get hot to where it almost shuts itself off, then draw slow and it’s all good. He was passing it around a few friends and they all had good luck with it. Perhaps it’s good I have smarter and more patient friends than I. He likes the vapor pen. That’s cool.

vuber atlas vaporizer
Vuber Atlas vaporizer

The Vuber Atlas vapor pen however, is a whole other story, and has become my go to vape pen when I need something with more punch than my 510 cartridge. Which, ever since I started using it, has been all the time. The nice thing about vaping oils with the Vuber Atlas vapor pen, is that the 900 mAh battery keeps this thing going for a couple of days before you have to charge it, and that’s with some fairly regular use.

I also really like how they have set up their coils set up. This wax pen has two titanium coils wrapped around a ceramic core, which appears to be about a quarter of an inch deep. This ensures you get a nice tasty vape every time, and the excess drips into the dish to give you fat vape rips whenever you hold that button down and breath deep.

vuber atlas vaporizer coil
Vuber Atlas vape pen coil

I was nervous at first about using anything other than more solid waxy material in this vape pen. I assumed the less viscous material would drip onto something it shouldn’t and clog or burn the element out. I’ve witnessed this with so many other oil / wax pens in the past. Noticing the vape starter kit came with an extra element, I decided to give it a try. What I discovered pleased me greatly, and puts the Vuber Atlas vaporizer at the top of my list of stuff stoners like. As far as vape pens goes.

You may have heard of the Clear. Well, let me introduce you to a little something I like to call clear but not the clear, aka #ClearbutNOTtheClear. It’s clear, but it’s not the clear, but it’s just as terpy. If you have a chance to put some of this golden goodness on a Vuber Atlas coil and take a fat rip, DO IT. It’s like tasting good wholesome healthy terpsauce without worrying about getting your temperature just right.

vuber atlas kitThose of you who are experienced in dabbing the sort of material of which I speak, will know exactly what I mean. You have to adjust your heat depending on what you are dabbing, and this stuff people refer to as the Clear, or terpsauce, will give you a fat burn in the back of your throat and a healthy cough if you heat the nail like you would for regular old poop soup dabs.

With the Vuber Atlas vape pen, you don’t have to worry about that sort of thing. Just hold the button down for a few seconds while drawing through on the mouthpiece. Of course you can hold the button down for longer, and if you hold it down for too long it will blink at you a few times to let you know it’s going to cool off for a minute. But you can definitely get some pretty fat rips off this vape pen. Enough to make me start a little coughing fit, as I’m sure you’ll see in the video.

vuber atlas vape penBasically, this vapor pen will handle any kind of extract you put on top of the coils. Let me give you a couple of pro tips. They say you are supposed to make sure the battery is turned off when you load the vape pen. Probably to make sure you don’t damage the coils or short them out by pressing the button when a metal dabber is laid across them. Just be careful, yeah?

What I like to do is take my dabber and get a healthy size dab on there. Not too much to where you are going to make a mess, just enough to cover the coils nicely. Apply the dab to the coils, and as you are removing the dabber, hit the button a couple of times. This will warm up your material just enough it will soak into the ceramic dish. It also comes off the dabber easier that way.

vuber atlas vaporizer pen used coilAlthough the best way I’ve found to load a vape pen is to use an oil in a syringe. I like to use between a 1 ML to 3 ML syringe, depending on what kind of material and how much of it I have. Make sure you get a nice blunt tip for the syringe, you don’t want to be packing sharps around right? Warm up your material a little bit using a heat gun or something.

If you have terpsauce, remember that warming up the material will cause you to lose some of the more volatile terpenes, but that’s ok. If it’s good, it’ll still be good. Just don’t heat it too much. Once the material is more liquid than solid, draw it up into the syringe. I like to set mine in the fridge after that to let them resolidify some. Now you have an easy way to apply oil to your coil. Protips yo. The more you know!

I got my Vuber vape pen starter kit at Growers Outlet. You can also check them out online here. The Vuber Cosmos still has some hurdles to overcome, but the Vuber Atlas is definitely stuff stoners like.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

Have a Vuber Atlas Vaporizer? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below…

14 Responses to “Vuber Atlas Vaporizer and Vuber Cosmos Vaporizer Review”

  1. tia

    I would vape some Mother’s Helper and gotta have the J1.

  2. Mat Lee

    Thanks to Vuber and Growers Outlet, we’re giving away two of these Atlas Vapes, and the Globe attachments for them. Check out the details on our interview with Jim from Vuber here on episode 160 of the Hot Box.

  3. Cannabis.Sadiva

    This looks real neat, and a lot easier to use than some others I’ve seen. Definitely less intimidating. If I had the chance to use one, I’d probably ask you for a recommendation of what to put in it since I’m a newbie to this wax/oil stuff. Smoking has changed a lot in the last 15 years! Thanks for the awesome review!

  4. Tara sherman

    Omg I love this review. It’s funny. Love the background music and now i want that vape! How do I sign up for the contest?

  5. Stoner Stuff

    WORD! The contest is happenin’ on Mat’s site:

    We’re hoping to score a Vuber vape to give away soon.

  6. Mike

    Just got the Vuber Atlas yesterday but can’t get it to charge. I’m sure I’m doing something silly that can be fixed but the store and Vuber don’t really do customer service. Any advice before I throw the thing away as an unnecessary headache?

  7. Kelly

    Reply to Mike:
    “Just got the Vuber Atlas yesterday but can’t get it to charge. I’m sure I’m doing something silly that can be fixed but the store and Vuber don’t really do customer service. Any advice before I throw the thing away as an unnecessary headache?”

    Vuber actually has awesome customer service and a lifetime warranty on your all their products. Give them a call or email and they will take care on you.

  8. Beth

    I too just bought a cyber and am having trouble getting it to charge and having a hard time figuring out how much I should be putting in of shatter. I don’t really want to have to send any part of it in considering I bought it yesterday and being a brand new out of the box it should work correctly

  9. mat

    You definitely don’t want to overload it, otherwise it will clog. If you are having charging issues, make sure the connections are clean on both ends. Sometimes they might get a little sticky and it won’t get a good connection. A bit of isopropyl alcohol on a q tip will clean it right off. If it’s still not working, I’m not sure. Make sure you are using the charger that came with it. Other chargers might not work right because of the battery size.

  10. Brian b

    Just bought the vuber atlas yesterday. First vape pen, and I’m loving it so far. Got some nice wax for it. Smooth hitting, yet will kick u in the lungs for sure! No buyers remorse here.

  11. cass

    Dude mine broke got a new one asap

  12. Sherry

    My Vuber doesn’t smoke. I just charged it

  13. Mat Lee

    Did you tap the button three times or five times to turn it on?

  14. chrispy

    U have to understand that it turns on and off by its self. So u need to turn it on by rapidly clicking it 5 times. I love not needing a lighter.

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