G-Pen Gio Review

Vape pens are awesome. You know the ones that comprise of an oil-filled cartridge and a chargeable battery, right? And they’re everywhere because they’re super convenient, super easy to use and best of all they’re super stealthy. You can use a vape pen to blaze up the workplace bathroom, the movie theater or the cereal aisle at the grocery store. However there’s one big problem with most vape pens on the market nowadays. They’re just not all compatible with one another. Some batteries work really well with some carts and some do not. So the big brains over at Grenco Science have been working on a solution.

To improve upon the vaporizer game the Grenco Science dudes have created not only a new G-Pen battery but their own proprietary cartridge to rock with it. And man, does it look super sleek and easy to use. Just plug in a cartridge, inhale and you’re on the way to getting high. Pretty simple.

But don’t let the fact that this tool is simple to use fool ya. Just because there’s no buttons, or switches, or temperature gauges doesn’t mean this thing isn’t precision engineered. The battery is pre-programmed so you don’t have to think about anything—it works perfectly with each G-cart you throw at it no matter the flavor or the producer. That’s because  each manufacturer utilizes their own oil that’s optimized to work well with the G-Pen’s cart. Companies like Herbology, Caliva, Humboldt Farms and Cookies consider complicated things like heating core material, temperature and resistance when creating their unique oil formulations so that they’re work flawlessly with the G-Pen. This is supposed to lead to a solid and smooth hit each and every time.

So does it deliver a solid hit time after time? Well we were lucky enough to test our unit with an array of vape carts provided by Eaze. Just ordered online and bam they were here in about 25 minutes. Pretty cool. We test drove the Orange Cream, Forbidden Fruit as well as the Strawberry Banana from Herbology and the Daydream from Caliva.

The carts were really easy to load. Just drop them right into the pen and you’re good to go. Because everything is intuitively programmed all we had to do was inhale to activate the vape pen. It wasn’t one of those crazy breathes like you’re when trying to suck a marble through a straw—just an easy draw and the cart was heating up and immediately delivering tasty vapor. The cannabis cloud wasn’t scorching hot or overtly thick either. After many many hits over a day or two we noticed that the cart never seemed to clog and it definitely didn’t leak. We weren’t gentle with it either. We put this thing through the paces—carrying it in backpacks, bags, pockets, tossing it around, leaving it in the sun—even inverting for hours and not a single leak. Impressive? Yep.

Out of all the flavors that we sampled our favorite was the Strawberry Banana—probably because we’re friends with Crocket who bred that strain, and probably because it’s just so damn delicious. Plus it’s a treat to see it in a cartridge—a first for us. We also really dug the Day Dream from Caliva. This cart was about ten bucks more than the Herbology one and every bit as tasty and smooth as the Herbology cart.
We were able to almost finish an entire half-gram cart before we had to recharge the G Pen Gio. That’s a lot of vapor time. It quickly charges in a couple hours via a standard micro USB and if you’re jonesing for a hit the unit also works while it’s being charged. Dope.

The new G Pen Gio with it’s proprietary cart works really well to deliver a full hit that’s never throat-burning hot. The pen itself also never gets too heated and because there’s not button or switch it’s uncomplicated and there’s no risk that it’ll accidentally go off in a pocket or purse. Plus it looks kind of futuristic and very cool—unlike you’re typical vape pen that just rolls right off the counter when you set it down or spears a hole in your pocket when you take a seat. Overall we really dig the new sleek and solid G Pen Gio—it’s total Stuff Stoners Like.

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