Vaporous J-Pen Pro Series Vape Pen Review

vaporous-jpen-pro-14 vape penVaporous J-Pen Pro Series Review

Vape pen review action by: Mat Lee.
I feel like the readers here might be a bit tired of all the vape pen reviews, with what seems like a new pen coming out every week. The market is definitely flooded. But when that happens, it makes it more apparent when a company comes out with a product that completely hits the mark in every way. Some might even say the team at Vaporous has raised the bar when it comes to vape pen technology.

I first met these guys at the Imperious Expo in Tacoma Washington. Their story intrigued me, which you can read about here on the Cannabiz Journal. The short version is that these guys used to build six second race cars, and of course, like to get blazed. The problem was that all the vape gear back then that they tried was garbage. So fuck it right? They decided to start making their own. Not just getting them made in China like the majority of other companies are doing, but doing the CNC and CAD designing all in house. All cool stuff stoners like for sure.

vaporous-jpen-pro-14 vape penVaporous doesn’t just make cool, branded, custom gear for other companies, they also have a line of their own. I first reviewed their J-Pen Starter Kit in this short YouTube video. It was cool, and the small pens definitely serve a more covert purpose, but I’m usually a fan of the larger pens. It’s gotta be at least a dual coil right? Damn right. Then I got my hands on the J-Pen Pro Series, and have been loving it ever since.

It’s as stealthy as it is well machined, and feels exceptional in the hand, like a perfectly weighted juggle pin or throwing knife. A lot of pens out there come with lifetime warranties, but I’m pretty sure this is the last one you’ll need to buy.

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The coolest part about this pen isn’t even on the outside. It’s on the inside. They have an internally adjustable carb cap that let’s you dial in what sort of heat exchange you want happening. They also have something called the concentrate management system, which prevents your dab material from leaking out all over the place. Usually you have to wait for the material to cool down and become more tacky before putting the pen in your pocket, or somewhere else it might not stay upright. With the Vaporous J-Pen, you don’t even have to worry about it.

The pen works in three modes. Blue is low temp, white is medium, and of course red is high. I’ve only ever had to use it on the lowest setting and it has always worked well and hit great. I assume if you use something other than the ceramic / titanium dish, you might want a little higher temperature. But for that dish, and the distillate I’m using, low works perfectly.

vaporous-jpen-pro-14 vape penThe other cool device I had a chance to check out from Vaporous is the Pal Cartridge Cover Kit. This thing is basically a battery you would screw a normal 510 style cartridge on, but you don’t need the crappy plastic cartridge mouthpiece. Nope, this thing has you covered. Cartridge covered to be exact. It also comes with an adjustable battery that hits on low, medium and high.

The difference is in the J-Pen, the battery is 650 mAh, and the Pal is a 350 mAh battery. The reasoning I suppose is that cartridges need much less battery umph to get the job done than a coil does. It’s also good to note that the Pal works with .5 mL carts only. If you want to put something larger on, you’ll probably still need the mouthpiece. I still recommend the Pal, because as you can see from the video, the hits it manages to dish out from a cartridge are quite impressive. For the price of these awesome, on the go vapes that will last you rip after rip, it’s a definite bargain. Bargains, and Vaporous vapes, are both stuff stoners like.

You can check out the Vaporous goods on their site,

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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