Ganja Goddess Delivery Review

Ganja Goddess had me at the name. The weed I know and love is a female plant. But, the industry seems filled with men and all their mansplaining about what’s the best way to grow it. Or the best way to smoke, or eat it, or look at it, or this or that. So when I heard that this outfit was started by a woman, I was stoked.

Goddess has been around for a while. That’s good. They offer the usual products including flowers, prerolls, concentrates, and other typical goodies. Even better is that they have categories for products from Black and Women-owned businesses so you can shop accordingly. Awesome, right?

And they give a shit. I know this because they messed up my order. You see, I was super excited to try a strain called GMO aka Garlic Mushroom Onions. But, they delivered something else by mistake. However, the Goddesses made it right, super quick. They sent out a replacement immediately and were very apologetic. People make mistakes, it’s gonna happen. It’s how they handle ‘em that counts, right? Well, the Goddess crewed corrected the mistake right away.

Okay, so the Goddesses were kind enough to kick down $150 worth of weed so I’d have something to review. What did I order with that buck fifty? Well, my first instinct was to go big. More weed is more weed. And, I always like more weed. But, then I thought more shitty weed is more shitty weed. So I decided to score three top-shelf-ish $50 or so eighths. 

Now, before I tell you what strains I scored for free, let me tell you that ordering was easy AF. If you’ve ever ordered shoes from Zappos you can order weed from Goddess. There are nice photos accompanying the products so there aren’t surprises and some detailed descriptions so that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Aight, here are the three 1/8th of herb that I happily ordered and my thoughts on each, please enjoy.

SFV OG from Santa Cruz Farms
SFV OG from Santa Cruz Farms

The first strain I scored was SFV OG by Santa Cruz Farms. I chose this because Santa Cruz is known for producing killer weed over the last several decades. Maybe it’s the close proximity to the ocean or the fact that it’s a college town known for amazing surf and skate scenes that makes their shit so legendary. Who knows? But I do know that those mofos in SC have all sorts of secret strains hidden up in the hills that you won’t find anywhere else. So I’ve always considered weed from that area to be such a treat. Plus OG is so tasty that I couldn’t resist ordering.

This strain was created by the legendary Cali Connection. It’s a cross between San Fernando Valley OG and San Fernando Valley Kush. And, like all Kush it’s got that familiar Earthy and Fuel-filled aroma. Our sample clocked in with a whopping 30% THC. It had 1.8% terpenes which isn’t too bad, and .1% THC. Interestingly enough it said that the total cannabinoid content in the jar was 35%. I’m super curious to know what other cannabinoids they were able to parse out.

The aroma on this one had some fat pine scents along with that musty Earthiness as well as notes of citrus—more lemon than lime—that gave it an inviting freshness. It also had some nice gas. I love that gas flavor, the more the merrier.

As you can see from the pics, the nugs were pretty well-frosted. I was almost reluctant to bust ‘em up and set ‘em on fire. But, in the end, I did just that and they were delicious. Tasted as good as they smelled with a smooth exhale—the sign of a decent cure. 

Oakland Purple from Claybourne Co.
Oakland Purple from Claybourne Co.

Oakland Purple
Because I live in Oakland and it’s mandatory to love purple weed here I had to get the Oakland Purple. Now, I’d love purple weed even if I didn’t live in Oakland—it’s beautiful and tastes delicious. What more could you want? Potency? Not problem, just smoke more. So with a name like Oakland Purple, I couldn’t resist. I was hoping that it would remind me of the old school Purple Kush we’d get out here from time to time. Those were really small, rock-hard nugs that tasted and smelled just like grape Kool-Aid.

This eighth, from a company called Claybourne Co., came in a glass jar that came in a sleek, black cardboard box. Now, I’m not a big fan of extra packaging, but it was a fancy box that had THC-RICH on the label, which by the way is what doctors say about my bloodstream. It also had the top 5 cannabinoids and terpenes listed out by percentage on the side. This made all the extra packaging worth it. Plus, the box had two viewing windows cut out on two sides so that you could see the dark purple buds inside which made it even more fancy. Of course, this strain is a couch-locking Indica and it clocked in with 18.82% THC.

Upon inspection, these were small, really dense, and strikingly colorful buds. I could sit and stare at this weed for hours. There’s an amazing amount of purple hues to this weed, from dark almost black shades, to neon purple, to really light lavender. There are also as many shades of green from bright, to light and all in between. To add to the gorgeous palette are splotches of light and dark orange. I mean these nugs are truly gorgeous. The photo doesn’t do ‘em justice.

There wasn’t as much grape aroma as I was hoping, so before proceeding with my review, I did pour myself a glass of grape Kool-Aid to scratch that itch for synthetic grape aroma. It did have some berry and Earthy notes (the weed, not the Kool-Aid.)

The flavor? Not too purpley either but there was some. We’re not talking Jolly Joes candy intensity here, but it was there. Also present were herbal notes and fruit flavors, maybe berry, but hard to tell. The taste was pretty amazing either way and the exhale was smooth and clean. Very enjoyable.

GMO aka Garlic Mushroom Onions from Coastal Sun
GMO aka Garlic Mushroom Onions from Coastal Sun

GMO aka Garlic Mushroom Onions
The last strain I got was something I couldn’t wait to try. So my buddy Jason who works for a local cannabis distribution company cruised by a month ago with some herb he was hawking. One of the strains was this new flavor called, GMO aka Garlic Mushroom Onions and I was hell intrigued by it. If you’re like me you might be getting a little underwhelmed by all of the sweet flavors of weed. All the fruity, candy, and ice cream-tasting stuff is great, but I’m a bit over it. So I totally welcome savory weed flavors, right now. 

Anyhow, I was so enamored by the aroma of this new strain that I couldn’t stop sniffing it and unfortunately, I didn’t get to try it before Jason had to bail. Suffice to say I was hella amped when I saw this on the Goddess menu. Anyhow, when the wrong strain arrived I was bumming. But, like I said, Goddess corrected that set-back in a flash and that was rad.

So this GMO was grown by Coastal Sun and clocked in with 31% THC, 0.1% CBD and 0.8%CBG. The label also said, “Phytonutrient Rich” whatever that means.

I was pleasantly surprised by the look of these nugs. Pretty large and solid. Great color with lots of different shades of green and some amazing burnt orange. They aren’t as dense as the other two eighths but pretty solid and trich-covered.

The aroma is amazing. That’s where this strain shines. I can clearly smell garlic and onions, but the mushroom is a bit difficult to discern. I do get some Earthy aroma but not quite getting that recognizable mushroom scent. However, I think I got it on the exhale along with a lot of savory tones, which were absolutely delicious. I can’t say enough good stuff about this strain. It looked great, tasted even better, and smells absolutely amazing. In fact, I would say it’s my favorite stain of the year. HIGHLY recommend it. 

Is Ganja Goddess Stuff Stoners Like and would I order from them again even if it wasn’t free? Absolutely and you can count on it. If you live in CA and want to give them a try visit, get in touch directly with them at or toll-free at 1-855-GanjaGo (1-855-426-5246). 

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