HOORAY Showtime’s Weeds Is Finally CANCELLED

Showtime's Weeds Cancelled

Showtime’s Weeds, the epitome of marijuana misinformation, harmful negative marijuana stereotypes* and all out marijuana ignorance has been CANCELLED! Sounds like viewers have finally had enough of the show and it’s 8-season long portrayal of what they call the “dangerous world of drug dealing.”

Showtime’s Weeds is Stuff Stoners Don’t Like

First of all, yo, marijuana ain’t no a drug! Not that Showtime’s Weeds’ main star Mary Louise Parker Poser would know. That’s because the star of a show called “WEEDS” doesn’t even smoke WEED.

“It’s like Sudafed,” the ignorant Parker once told the Boston Herald.

Actually, Mary Louise Parker Poser, marijuana isn’t anything like Sudafed. It’s 100% safe and completely all natural where as Sudafed is a fucking chemical created by a fucking pharmaceutical company. And, before the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 people used to be convert the shit into crank. Can’t do that with WEED, now can you? And, unlike Sudafed you can’t overdose on WEED.

Actually you can overdose on WEEDS, however, because that’s why the shit got cancelled. So why do we HATE Weeds even though we’ve never even watched it? Because it’s made by, about and for…POSERS. Plus the shit’s about “drug dealing” and just like FOX News, Weeds’ ignorant writers lump marijuana in with harmful drugs. That prohibitionist mentality reinforces the negative stereotypes surrounding cannabis as it has done for the past 70 years. In fact, misinformation, lies and stereotypes are what lead to a ban on marijuana in the first place.

Good riddance

As activists groups across the globe work to put an end to the lies, the rhetoric, the hurtful stereotypes and the negative sensationalism regarding marijuana…it’s TV shows like Weeds that dismantle and discredit all their hard work and for that we say, GOOD RIDDANCE WEEDS!

*Weeds perpetuates harmful stereotypes just like DEA agents, marijuana prohibitionists, US President’s with the last name Bush and that one fucking hold-out dentist motherfucker who still thinks Trident Sugarless Gum causes cavities. We’d do some research to flush out and list those negative  stereotypes and then proceed to make fun of ‘em, but we’ve never really watched an episode of Weeds.

So instead we just did a Google search and stole some other haters’ shit and copied it to make our point. “The black mother is a large, domineering woman who rules the roost with pithy snark, the black daughter is a young, unwed mother with a surly attitude, the black son is a drug dealer, the Hispanic woman is a maid, the Hispanic man is a drug dealer, the young Indian guy works at Quikeemart and is a neutered, clueless naif, the young white son is a smart but awkward loser, the Jewish uncle is a conniving parasite, and the Jewish uncle’s love interest is a pretty, but masculine, militaristic Israeli.” Judging from all that judging  going on we can’t really tell if Weeds is a revolutionary new kind of programing or KKK propaganda (or both).

11 Responses to “HOORAY Showtime’s Weeds Is Finally CANCELLED”

  1. mindstate one la

    fuck whoevers bitch ass watches this fucking show….if you watch this piece of shit toy ass pussy show you’re not a conscious stoner, period…..lonely stoner, fuck your mother with a splintery wooden dildo for having your sorry ass…and fuck your father for fucking your mother….bitch…i don’t give a couple of flying fucks if you claim to smoke all day, you’re still a moron….the stupid bitch doesn’t smoke herb in real life,…… dumbfuck…and she made ass backward ignorant remarks regarding cannabis that has no validity whatsomotherfuckingever….cannabis is more than a “weed”….and it’s more than hollywood cashing in on a culture it misrepresents….i know these shows are watered down, but it is detrimental to the progression of decriminilization and the realization that cannabis is more than a recreational drug used by stupid motherfuckers watching retarded ass programming like yourself….

  2. mindstate one la

    ohhh reeaallllyyy??!!!???!!!

  3. Tamara Hazel

    A real conscious stoner wouldn’t be so angry, but I don’t blame you and your prepubescent rage.. it must be rough not having any friends to get you weed.

    Nonetheless, Weeds might be a bad show and might make Cannabis look bad – but it’s making Marijuana more mainstream acceptable by the masses.

    For example, Dubstep went mainstream because of Skrillex – he might be a bad musician, but he brought new dubstep artists to the table and set the bar for everyone.

  4. mindstate one

    Look “tammy”  first of all my “rage” stems from the bullshit the media force feeds everyone on a daily fucking basis. Do you not understand that the media is controlled and can be (and is) utilized to control peoples views… Weeds misinforms the masses by putting misrepresentations on a mainstream level..That in itself skews perspectives and thus creates an ignorant representation of what cannabis culture is and what cannabis offers as medicinal benefits..That creates a breeding ground for more ignorance…That wrecks  years of efforts of education put forth by its advocates and sick and suffering users who need it for health and well being…You yourself admit it’s a bad show that makes cannabis look bad. So lies are ok as long as a lot of people see and hear them???  I find that somewhat irrational.. Your dubstep reference is cute and i get the point you’re poorly attempting to make, but 3 words;  apples and oranges.. That’s neither there or here and off topic, though i see what you try say. All i’m saying is that the time for misinforming and miseducating the masses must end. If you don’t understand or agree, you’re the prepubescent who is not a conscious stoner. Run and tell that to all your friends who get your “weed”..

  5. Bob Mickle

    this bitch is a filthy kike who sticks the star of David in her vag

  6. Jeffrey

    First, yes it IS a drug and NOT “completely safe” as potheads want people to think. Second, it’s about frigging time they canceled this show!

  7. Maria Silva

    right? these guys are hatin,i love weeds an smoke all day

  8. Brebre33

    i think you all are allllll wanna be smokers and if you have not watched the show dont make stupid comments it was one of the best shows about pot they have made

  9. Just some kid

    Look kid your a stupid ass want to be pot head and weeds is a good show it show how getting in with the wrong people fucking with the wrong shit can and will get you in trouble trust me I know so p.s stop being a lil bitch just bc you don’t like it don’t make people who do like it stupid and your mom and dad should be hit in the face for Having a stupid ass want to be pot head kid

  10. jerid

    First off weeds never emphasized that marijuana was a harmful substance but only that some of the people who sell it are. It didnt emphasize that it was or wasn’t a drug it expressed both views. it is still illegal at large so the show was more about the complexities of dealing not the controversy on marijuana. Secondly, nobody steriotyped anyone. Not all of the Mexicans were maids and drug dealing kingpins and not all of the Jews were these cheap so to speak parasites. Many people from the same cultural backgrounds within the show played different roles and im guessing Mexicans played a huge role in the handyman, servants, maids sort of routine because they were living right on the boarder of fucking Mexico and the family was mexican. Similar to a “family guy” sort of humor they did put some emphasis on racism to be funny. Listen, im Mexican, so lets just stop being butthurt. I think everybody was poked at in a fun way. Even rich snobby white people as well as white trash. I seriously think her comparing marijuana to Sudafed was sheer ignorance. The portrayel of how someone can get mixed up in dealing and not knowing who they are despite the fact that marijuana is not a drug is pretty much what the show was about. They found a way to make it work in the end. they emphaisze that it was not the weed that compromised her life it was the dealing. Hence why in the end they were all sitting around smoking. So please shut the fuck up about how weeds made people think marijuana is bad. You would know this if you actually watched the show or did your research. And since when did marijuana make someone macho enough to call someone a pussy marijuana smoker. Can we please stop treating marijuana like its some extension of who we are. Its kind of like when someone calls martinis gay. Its fucking alcahol drink it lol. its just an object get over yourself. Stop calling people posers and pussies. Honestly she started pissing me off after season 5 but that’s the point of her character. She plays a selfish codependant bitch who uses her children and dealing as a crutch. At the end of the show she didn’t get the guy but learned a new sense of independence and became ok with being alone. Nobody ever makes that a happy ending so kudos. Secondly, Also, im blogging about the show weeds, have nothing nothing better to do, and have suddenly realized that I need to get laid.

  11. Don Keydik

    The show was retarded (trigger warning pansies)

    I had to stop watching when she would essentially bang every high up dealer than her on the hood of a car to get ahead.

    Go Feminism. The show was retarded. Nealon was the highlight but I couldn’t stand the writing.

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