How Much Is a Quarter of Weed in Post-Legalization 2017


How Much Is a Quarter of Weed

How much does a quarter of weed cost

How much is a quarter of weed nowadays? It’s 2017 and marijuana is legal for recreational use in a handful of states across the nation. In places like Oregon, Washington and Colorado the market for weed has dramatically changed every since. California is scrambling to get ready for recreational sales starting January first. Hawaii is beginning to open dispensaries just as reciprocity laws officially begin at the start of the new year. Traveling stoners with valid medical marijuana recommendations will be able to purchase pot while vacationing in Hawaii.

So with all this legalization stuff happening across the nation how has pricing changed? how much is a quarter of weed in a recreational state versus one that allows only medical marijuana? Has the availability of marijuana in places like the West Coast affected the price of a quarter of weed in places like Kentucky or Alabama? And how much is a quarter of weed if you were to buy it from a dealer on the mean streets of a city that prohibits marijuana use?

Some people don’t think lower weed prices are a good thing. Crazy, right? Those people are called law enforcement and prohibitionists. According to Mother Jones high prices are one of the principal reasons that illegal drugs are used so much less often than booze and tobacco. Steven Davenport of the Pardee Rand Graduate School has analyzed marijuana retail prices in Washington state where prices have fallen every single quarter since July 2014 when their legal recreational market opened.

“Marijuana is a rare example where we can see the impact of legalizing a drug in real time which shows that were the production and sale of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine also legalized, those drugs would also become dramatically cheaper to consume,” Davenport tells Mother Jones. “This is a two-sided coin, of course. Advocates for legalization of hard drugs like cocaine and heroin will hail it: if we stop the drug war, prices will fall and drug users will be less likely to resort to crime to raise money for their next hit. Conversely, drug warriors will point out that this shows just how effective drug prohibition is: it keeps prices high and therefore reduces overall consumption. So which do you want? Higher consumption but (maybe) lower crime? Or lower consumption with (maybe) higher crime?

But to most of us lower prices mean paying less for a product we need and love. But before we get into pricing and how much is a quarter of weed based on supply and demand we should also mention that marijuana flowers aren’t so much in demand any longer. Sure in 2016 America’s legal marijuana market—both medical and recreational—was more than $6.5 billion in 2016. It’s projected to grow to $24 billion by 2025. However by 2025 people might not even be buying quarter ounces of flowers at all any longer. NO that’ll never happen. But sales of dried weed flowers are truly on the decline. A recent report released by cannabis analytics firm New Frontier Data says that recreational demand for dried flowers fell from 85 percent of sales in January to 64 percent in December. The decrease was mirrored in medical markets where flower’s share fell from 87 percent of sales to 65 percent. At the same time concentrate sales increased. So going forward as demand diminishes that should have an impact on the prices of flowers.

How Much Is a Quarter of Weed

Weed measurements

Like how much is a quarter in weed? So first we should define the amount of weed we’re talking about here before we get into specific pricing. Marijuana is typically measured using the metric system. You’ll remember the metric system from high school—that is if you didn’t smoke a ton of weed behind the bleachers while cutting science class you stoner. Anyhow there are three really common marijuana measurements. They are an ounce, an eighth and a gram.

PRO TIP—One thing to keep in mind is to round up if you’re purchasing an ounce of weed. That’s because a ounce of weed actually weighs 28.349523125 grams. So it’s not just 28 grams. It’s more. In fact it’s .349 grams more. Don’t trip too much about that extra weight when it comes to a half ounce of weed though. You’re really sorta splitting hairs there.

A gram of weed and an ounce are pretty self explanatory, right? You’re probably already familiar with these terms from the grocery store. So how much does a quarter of weed weigh? Well that would be a quarter of an ounce or 7.087381 grams. Let’s just say seven grams for simplicity sake. Now divide that seven grams in half and you get 3.5 grams or an eighth of weed. This is a pretty common measurement. You could easily roll about four fat joints with an eighth of weed. Some people will go through an eighth in eight minutes some eight days. Your mileage will vary.

So let’s get into some pricing shall we? After all we’re here to determine how much is a quarter of weed in post-legalization 2017. According to the Wall Street Journal the cannabis market has seen prices drop by about a third in the last few years—from an average of $15 a gram to $10. According to the Washington Post the current retail price of $7.38 per gram (including tax) in Washington. That’s about the cheapest we’ve ever seen marijuana for sale in a dispensary. Actually we’ve not seen that in person we’re just reporting the facts.

So how much is that Washington price of 7.38 per gram going to cost if you were to get a quarter ounce? Well let’s do the math. An eighth of marijuana priced at 7.38 would run roughly 25.83—double that to determine how much a quarter ounce of weed will cost you in Washington. So how much is a quarter of weed, two eighths mind you, in Washington state right now? It will cost about 50 bucks. Not bad, right?

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 5.38.45 AMBuy in bulk

Before we start talking about the price of a quarter in different parts of the country lets first talk about buying in bulk. This does affect price usually paying off better the more you buy. You’ll most likely pay a little less per gram if you buy marijuana in a larger quantity than a gram. Most people can’t afford or legally possess a pound of weed or more, but buying by the ounce sack could save you some dough instead of buying 28 grams. Especially here in California when ounces can go for as low as $150. We’ve scored plenty of decent ounces from places like the Harborside or the Berkeley Patients group here in the East Bay. That’s because sun-grown or outdoor flowers are plentiful here and prices have dropped according to supply as well as the overall national trend.

Oh yeah a note on quality—with the saturation of marijuana on the market has also come an increase in quality. Connoisseurs not only demand or expect lower prices they also expect high quality because the risk of growing weed has declined. So has the risk of buying, selling and using the proper products required to grow high quality marijuana. Testing marijuana has also become commonplace and more affordable. This in turn has led to an increase of quality weed on the market. Sure quality affects price—premium weed demands premiums prices—however market forces will prevail and there will most likely always be a range of prices and qualities available to consumers. Also marketing tags like organic are already going away as organic is par for the course. Plus large-scale growing will inevitably reduce price and hopefully increase quality.

So back to the topic at hand. How much is a quarter pound of weed. Wait? We mean how much is a quarter of weed nowadays. In California where marijuana is legal since 1996—medical marijuana made it’s debut here—the cheapest gram of weed we’ve seen is right around ten bucks. So how much is a quarter of weed in California right now? Well a quarter ounce of marijuana will run you about 35 bucks in the Golden State according to Price of—which we used for all the pricing data for the states in this post. Keep in mind that recreational sales haven’t started yet so prices will change accordingly. Shops will open to adults on January 1st, 2018 up and down California so prices will inevitably change accordingly.

Anyhow let’s consider the price of marijuana per gram in a place like Kentucky where the prohibition game is strong. How much is a quarter of weed over there? A gram of decent weed will run between 15 and 20 bucks. So you’ll be paying anywhere between 50 to 70 for a quarter ounce of decent weed. In places like Alabama the prices of pot are all over the place. Someone paid as much as 50 a gram for some high quality marijuana. That’s insanely expensive. That’s about 175 an eighth.

You should double check those numbers because we suck at math especially when we’re stoned—which is constantly. Anyhow you can see that someone paid 30 for a high quality gram  that would be about 105 bucks for an 8th of weed. Wow So how much is a quarter of weed in Alabama? Running the numbers a quarter of decent weed could run about $200 bucks.

Several people paid the same price for a gram of similar quality weed in Oregon. Recreational weed is completely legal there and widely available. A High quality ounce will run you $210.3. So how much is a quarter of weed in Oregon? That would run you about 50 for a quarter of weed.

Nevada just opened it’s marijuana doors to recreational users. They’ve been having a supply problem as bottlenecks inevitably occur when the supply chain is limited. It go so bad that they considered it an emergency actually. Local growers can’t get their weed on the market because of strict regulations. An ounce of high quality marijuana will run you about $270.23  if you can get your hands on one there. So how much is a quarter of weed in sin city? Oh about 67.50.

Similar strict regulations have been implemented in Hawaii which has a history of corporate corruption that leads to pollution and contentious land use—and that’s just for starters. It’s a shame local growers can’t sell their sun-grown cannabis to tourists—especially since reciprocity laws kick in next year. Yep you can bring your medical marijuana recommendation form your home state and score weed at a dispensary in the state and score an eighth of weed for about 39.3. Double that to get the price of a quarter ounce of weed in Hawaii.

How much is a quarter of weed on Maui? So in a dispensary it looks like it’ll run you about 80 bucks. Unfortunately the medical marijuana that’s available in Hawaiian dispensaries as they open is all indoor, factory farmed weed. What a waste of some beautiful sunshine, right? Especially since marijuana flowers all year outdoors in Hawaii. Anyhow if you know someone in the know a quarter of pakalolo will probably cost you a lot less than it would in a dispensary and be of way better quality. Anyhow check out our post Marijuana Weight: Grams, Quarters and Ounces Explained for more detailed information on marijuana measurements.n

How much is a quarter of weed near you? Let us know what state you live in and how much you pay on average for a quarter of weed in your town? Also let us know about the quality and whether or not you got if from a rec or medical shop or maybe from the black market. Don’t worry we won’t tell. So how much is a quarter of weed cost near you, man. Let us know below.

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