How to Pass A Drug Test With Water

How to Pass A Drug Test With WaterUsing Water to pass a drug test

We noticed that people were wondering how to pass a drug test with water. In fact if you were to Google how to pass a drug test with water you’ll notice one or two very unhelpful resources pop-up. That’s because using water to help pass your drug test is not a very reliable or guaranteed method. But we’ll explore why people would think passing a drug test with water could work and how using water in combination with a few other methods could help you pass your test.

PRO TIP—Substitute your pee with Sub-Solution synthetic urine or dry a same day cleanse.

We’ve never had anyone ask us how to pass a drug test with water. Not yet. But that’s not to say there isn’t an urban legend floating around. What’s funny about these things is that there’s always a little bit of truth to these things. Drinking water as a way of helping you pass your test sounds plausible because drinking water helps dilute both the blood and urine. But just because your urine is mostly water doesn’t mean that THC metabolites won’t be found it in.

Now depending on how much time you have before you test you can use water to your advantage. Using water to pass a drug test is basically known as the dilution method. You’re basically drinking so much water that your’ pissing out nothing but water—in theory—and because of that you’ll pass your test. It’s worked before and it could work for you, but it’s not a guarantee by any stretch. That’s why we always recommend synthetic urine. It’s basically foolproof. Just make sure it’s warm and you’re golden. We recommend SubSolution because we know the owners of the company and lots of people we know have used it successfully. You can also try a same day cleanse. This will temporarily flush your body of toxins allowing you enough time to pass your test.

So let’s table the dilution method for a second and look at how water can be used to help detox weed. This will take time so remember, go with fake pee, pills or a detox drink if you’re in a bind. Okay—water is the ultimate detoxing agent. The more you drink the more you’ll have to pee. You can up your game by adding cranberry juice to your water. Does cranberry juice clean your system? Yes. Enough to beat a drug test? No.

However cranberry juice is great for detoxing because it’s what’s known as a diuretic. These are things that cause you to pee a lot. And pee is what’s going to help release that THC that’s clinging to the fat cells in your body. You can also take other detox drinks or specific detox water for weed products at this stage to help reduce the amount of THC metabolites that are in your system. Exercising, eating healthy things like fiber and avoiding fatty foods like ice cream and pizza will also help boost your detox program.

How to Pass A Drug Test With WaterHow much water will dilute a drug test

Keep in mind that using the dilution method is extremely risky. It’s not for everyone. You may get caught or arouse suspicion if you urine looks like very pale water. If that happens typically the drug facility is going to send you sample out for further testing. This is the stage where you’ll most likely fail your test. how much water causes a diluted drug test? It’s tough to say. Like we’ve said before—it’s not an exact science. Keep in mind that drinking too much water will kill you. People have gone on radio station contests looking to win concert tickets and died when the competition involved drinking a lot of water—so be careful. In theory you just want to drink enough water that you pee out water and not THC-tainted pee.

It takes more than water alone

So the trick to the dilution method is to submit a sample that’s looks yellow like water. Depending on how much time you have before you test all you’d have to do is take a vitamin B12 pill. Sometimes it takes several hours or up to a day before one of these things really begins to turn your pee yellow. But once it does kick in your pee will be as golden as it’s ever been.

You’ll also need to build up your creatine levels. Drug testers are going to take a quick look for this as the screen your sample. Because you’ll be peeing so much you’ll need to replace this stuff or drug testers will know that your urine is diluted. So you’re going to want to take some Creatine Pills from the pharmacy, grocery store or Amazon. The sooner you take them the better. You might need to do this at least two to three days prior to your test so that they kick in prior to your test.

Also if you have time get yourself a home drug test kit from the drug store or amazon and test to see if your water dilution method is working. You might be one of those people who doesn’t smoke much weed and that last time you blazed was so long ago that the THC has already left your system. So why not just test yourself and see. Nothing beats going into a drug testing lab with the confidence of knowing your clean or that your method of beating the test has worked.

Anyhow good luck with your drug test. If you have any questions on how to pass a drug test with water let us know in the comments section below. For more resources check out our post How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana and Synthetic Urine Is How to Pass A Urine Drug Test In 2017.

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