How to Smoke Hash

Can Bubble Hash Be Used In A Vape PenSmoking hash 101

Stoners have been smoking hash for thousands of years. What is hash? Well it’s a collection of the tasty trichomes covering resin the cannabis plant. You now the stuff containing our favorite cannabinoid, THC? Hash is a delicacy and it’s pretty fucking potent. It’s also expensive.

But we are’ here to teach you how to smoke hash including what we think is the best way to smoke hash. However, before we get too deep in to our hash smoking lesson keep this in mind—there’s no wrong way to smoke hash.

Best way to smoke hash

The best way to smoke hash really depends on the type of hash you’ve got. And of course what tools you have at your disposal. Also because hash is costly you might want to consider its cost as you consider how to smoke it. Anyhow if you’ve got a pipe or bowl with a screen you can lay the hash on the screen and gently hit it with a lighter for a second or two. The trick is to not torch the hash. Because, like we said, hash is delicate and delicious so you want to make sure to taste it in all its glory—so don’t burn up all those tasty terpenes. Take your time,  just get the hash hot enough to smolder and you’re good.

Don’t have a screen in your pipe or bong? Lay down a nice little nest of weed and then place some hash on top. Follow the same method as above and don’t torch that shit. Again, just get the hash to smolder and begin puffing.

Can Bubble Hash Be Used In A Vape PenDon’t have a pipe or bong? Grab some rolling papers. Sprinkle some hash evenly on the weed or roll the hash up into a snake before you twist up the joint. You could also add some hash to a blunt. Don’t know how to roll a joint or blunt. No problem check out our posts, how to roll a blunt and how to roll a joint for some assistance.

    1. take a small amount of hash.
    2. roll it to make it look like a spaghetti noodle
    3. prepare some weed and a rolling paper to roll a joint
    4. place the weed in the paper
    5. now place the bubble hash “noodle” length wise in the joint.
    6. roll like normal
    7. light the joint
    8. inhale deeply.
    9. hold for a few seconds
    10. exhale
    11. repeat

Have some hash in the form of oil? Smear a little of that stuff on the outside of your joint. Now roll it in some keef if you’ve got it. Then read out post on the Top 5 Uses for Keif while you smoke some. You’re welcome.

How to smoke hash with knives

Smoking hash with hot knives is super old school Cheech and Chong type shit. And it’s simple. Just take two knives and heat them up using your stove. Once they’re hot place a little bit of hash on the blade, place the other hot knife on top. When the hash begins to smoke inhale it using a straw.

How-to-Make-Bubble-Hash_2How to smoke hash with a glass or cup

This is also another seriously old school method. You’ll need some hash, a cup, and a paper clip.

  1. unfold a paper clip so on end sticks straight up and the other end is folded. the folded end makes a “stand” for the paper clip. A pin pushed through a business car will also work.
  2. get a clear glass. really any glass will do but it’s nice to be able to see the smoke.
  3. place a bit of hash on the end of the upward pointing end of the clip. the bit of hash can be as small as a grain of rice to as large as a pea.
  4. with a lighter ignite the bit of hash on the end of the paper clip.
  5. once it’s smoking, cover it with the glass.
  6. after about 30 seconds slide the cup to the edge of the table.
  7. inhale the smoke from the cup by placing your mouth under the cup.
  8. repeat if you still have hash on the paper clip.

Don’t smoke hash. Vaporize it.

Of course you can always vaporize hash. If it’s full melt hash that you’re looking to smoke go right ahead and drop that right in your vape pen. Or dab it just as you’d dab wax or shatter or crumble. If your hash is less pure than full-melt you could add it to your dry herb vape pen or vape it like bud in your Volcano or traditional box vape. Just make sure to crumble it up first. The more surface area you create the better.

Into smoking hash? Give us your thoughts on how to smoke hash especially what you think is the best way to smoke hash in the comments section below.

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