Is the Puffco Hot Knife Stuff Stoners Like

Review by Thom Hunters
Are you tired of dirty dab tools sticking to well, pretty much everything? How about snapping and pulling shatters off the paper and onto the floor? Does this sound like you? You’re going to want to keep reading.

Puffco (the makers of the Puffco Peak) have created the ultimate accessory for the Peak and other dab rig, though it clearly was designed to go with he Peak. Welcome the Puffco Hot Knife.

The PHK (for short) is an electronic heated bad loader which allows you to drop your concentrate in the center of the cup in the peak not having to scrape it down the side potentially clogging the air intake leaving a perfect dab in the bottom ready to go. 

The device is sleek and futuristic looking. Use is intuitive as there is one button on the device. Hold it down and your dab slowly heats and drops off the ceramic tip in roughly 3 seconds. Personally, I wipe It with a Q-tip to keep it extra clean, but it stays clean without the Q-tip every time, though I imagine you’d want to wipe it down every couple of times you use it to keep it nice.  

You’ll want to be careful after heating it as the tip stays hot, however the metal cover helps to avoid injuries and will allow you to stash it in a pocket without fear of burning yourself. 

I was wondering as I unboxed it if heating the dabs would do anything to the terpenes since they evaporate at  low level of heat. If I’m being honest, and terp degradation was nominal at best. Even on my lowest setting for dabbing it wasn’t noticeable. 

Yes, this thing is definitely Stuff Stoners Like. If you’re looking for a great gift idea for a friend who owns a Puffco Peak or Peak Pro this is it. Your friend will be your best friend after getting this. Is it too soon to suggest gifts for the Holidaze? It even works as a nice treat for yourself. If you like to dab like Old’ Tommy here, the hot knife should have a spot in your toolbox.

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