Korova Chocolate Chip Dipped Cookie Review

Korova Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip CookieKorova Chocolate Chip Dipped Cookie Review

Korova edibles and their cool cow logo are everywhere in California. You’ll find their billboard in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento,and Los Angeles and you’ll find the many a Korova bar and Korova cookies in dispensaries up and down the state. And you know that korova products are some of the strongest on the market when unrivaled potency is stamped on each and every item. Plus you know each and every Korova bar tastes just as unrivaled when the ingredients are full of stuff you can pronounce—flour, brown sugar, chocolate chips, eggs, chocolate pudding. And of course cannabutter.

korova milk barKorova Milk Bar

If you’re wondering why the hell the Korova company chose a cow with a 3rd eye for their logo and why the Korova bar sounds so vaguely familiar will tell ya. First of all Korova is Russian for “cow.” And a few years ago a cow was born in India that had a 3rd eye. So the local Hindus of course worshiped it as reincarnation of the Hindu god Shiva regarded is one of the primary gods and patron of yoga and arts.

And the Korova Bar is the infamous Milk Bar that appeared in the movie A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. In the film the Korova Bar bar served milk laced with drugs (“moloko plus”). In the film, the bar has furniture in the shape of naked women and the milk is served from their nipples. Anyhow that’s why Korova sold those really odd-looking shirts not long ago.

The Korova Difference

The Korova bar, especially their black bar and their mint black, and Korova cookies are some of the strongest on the market. In fact both the Korova Black Bar and Mint Black Bar clock in at a whopping 1,000 mg of THC. Looking for something less seismic The Korova Blondie and Fifty One Fifty bar both clock in at half that amount with 500 mg of THC.

If you’re not feeling a bar or cookies these guys also have white cheddar popcorn available with 300 mg of THC as well as a gluten-free bar as well.

the korova
The Korova sign on Interstate 880 in Oakland

Korova chocolate chip dipped cookie

The Korova chocolate chip dipped cookie is something special. Not only does it look amazing, it tastes pretty damn amazing as well. Plus it’s potent as fuck. Each cookie contains 5 grams of weed. An eight of weed is 3.5, man. So eating one of these cookies is like the equivalent of smoking five joints! One cookie contains 250mg of THC and 3mg of CBD. And they’re made from a balanced hybrid of Sativa and Indica weed.

Because it was made with fresh ingredients what we could pronounce, like we said, it was tasty as fuck. It didn’t have the familiar weed flavor like most homemade weed cookies have plus it was covered in chocolate, man. That alone upped the flavor level at least 420 percent. And it was super potent as well.

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