FlytLab Lift Vaporizer Review

Lift Dry Herb VaporizerLift Vaporizer by FlytLab

We just test drove the Lift Vaporizer by FlytLab. Looking for a portable dry herb vape that doesn’t break the bank? Who isn’t, right? We all know the benefits of vaping—from saving your lungs to saving your herb. Plus vaping is easy, quick, stealthy and fun.

However the portable vapes that really kick ass also cost a lot of cash—we’re looking at you Pax 3. Not everybody has a lot of cash flow but everybody can appreciate a vaporizer that looks cool, works well and is easy to operate. That’s why we HIGHLY recommend the Lift Vaporizer by FlytLab.

The Lift vaporizer is awesome at vaping dry herbs and it costs about half of what you’d pay for the Pax 3. It’s a total steal dude. Sure the new Pax looks like a Porsche but this thing looks just as cool, is just as easy to use and also delivers just as tasty a hit. That’s because it uses a SmartHeat system featuring 3 heat settings—indicated by a light surrounding the power button. It also has a coil-infused ceramic oven that’s hella deep. You could easily stuff half a gram of weed in this thing. The oven relies on a combination of both conduction and convection heating. So you get the best of both worlds.

The Lift vaporizer also incorporates some great airflow action. You don’t have to pull too hard or too deep to get a nice vapor cloud. You’ll have to work it similar to sipping a milkshake and shoot for about a ten second inhale.

Once the the thing gets going you’ll get better and better hits. Like we said you can fit a lot of dry herb in there which is nice because vaping is much more fun than packing a vape pen. One cool feature is that the tempered glass mouthpiece can be pushed down to mix and tamp down the weed in the oven preventing scorching and helping to deliver a more even hit throughout the session. Speaking of sessions this is the perfect sided vape for one to two people.

Plus the Lift vaporizer’s mouthpiece never gets too hot. It felt just far enough away from the heating element to cool off and collect the vapor. The mouth pieces on lots of other portable dry herb vapes are made of plastic or get really hot while using ‘em but not the Lift. This stayed fairly cool to the touch no matter how many times you hit it. Plus you can’t go wrong with all metal and tempered glass—that means high-quality, right?

Using the Lift

Using the Lift vaporizer is easy. Just unscrew the top and you’re ready to pack your flowers. We found that really uniformly-ground herb worked best. You’re going to want to use a grinder with the Lift for maximum vaporization and big cloud action. And make sure to fully pack the ceramic oven. We found that a firm pack worked a lot better than a loose pack. Don’t forget to use the mouthpiece to help tamp-down your weed during sessions to get a better, more flavorful and even burn.

Lift Vape penDumping out your freshly vaped bud is just as easy as packing it—that’s because the oven is super accessible. It’s also really easy to clean with the provided brush. Cleaning is important when it comes to these things, man—it keep from performance loss and flavor degredation aka future disappointment and regret.

One drawback is that the Lift takes about 30 to 45 seconds to heat up. Sure that ain’t much time. But when you’re jonesing for a hit it could feel like a lifetime. For that we say plan ahead, dude. Warm that thing up about a minute before the commercials start or right as the last movie trailer starts and you’ll be vaping at the movies in style.

Bottom line

Like we said the Lift vaporizer seems like s steal at only $150. You get a super deep ceramic oven, tempered glass mouthpiece, 3 temperature settings and really nice-sized battery. Having that deep oven that’ll house half a gram of weed is dope. Did we mention that the battery life seemed really good? Yeah once we charged the Lift vape we were able to take a good fifteen solid hits off it before it seemed like it lost any power. Did we mention that fat ass oven? Oh yeah.

Okay you can handle up on a Lift vape over at our friends at VapeWorld. If you do they’ll give us a little back that we’ll spend on weed.

What are you thoughts on FlytLab’s Lift vaporizer? Give us your best Lift vaporizer review in the comments section below.

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