Pax 3 Vaporizer Review—Is the New Pax Vape Worth the Big Price Tag?

Pax 3 vaporizerPax 3 Vaporizer Review

The Pax 3 vaporizer definitely feels top of the line. It’s sexy as hell. The thing looks like something you’d see for sale at the Apple store in downtown San Francisco. Or sitting on Elon Musk’s desk at the Tesla factory far more than something you’d use with weed.

Sure it might cost a bit more than your average vape pen but it works far better than just about anything out there—especially when it comes to vaping marijuana flowers. It’s worth the price for vaping flowers alone—it’s completely unparalleled. It even way outperforms last year’s model the Pax 2. We dug that thing but the Pax 3 rules so much more. No more having to wait for the lights to turn green the new Pax 3 includes a vibrate function to let ya know when it’s ready to rock. Plus the new unit heats up twice as fast as the previous model—we’re talking less than 15 seconds, man. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

It also does concentrates almost as well. That’s because it comes with a selection of these cool ass li’l ovens that you can easily pop in and out depending on what you’re looking to vape.

Vaping flowers w/the new Pax

It’s super easy to use with flowers. We found that grinding your weed thoroughly works best. It’s also best to pack it quite well—at least until the unit is completely full. If you don’t have enough weed for that you can use the Pax 3’s new “Half Pack Oven Lid” so you can load half the amount. Just replace the lid, press the top button to turn it on and once it vibrates or the LED lights flash it’s ready to use.

We like to use the included mouth tip when vaping from this thing. It makes for a smoother hit and never really gets warm. In fact the whole vaporizer never really got too hot no matter how many times we used it. A drawback to many of the dry herb vaporizers on the market is that they get hot—almost too hot too hold. That’s no bueno. But with the new Pax that wasn’t even a concern.

Vaping concentrates w/the new Pax

The Pax 3 also handles concentrates quite well. For ease-of-use a C0s cartridge can’t be beat. But let’s say you make your own dabs or you scored some really great shatter from a friend and you’re looking to vape it on the sly. Well the Pax 3 could be your guy. Grab the included concentrate oven, pop off the lid and get to filling the reservoir.

Just make sure not to get any concentrates in the two air holes or you’ll mess it all up. Once packed with your favorite dab—budder, shatter, wax, BHO—you name it. Just insert the oven back into the unit, switch it on and when it’s ready—you’re ready to rock. We tested it out with some shatter and it worked quite well. We were able to get several nice fat vape clouds that tasted great.

Pax 3Pax 3—Worth the money?

So is the new Pax 3 worth $279? Hell yeah—it’s worth the money—this thing rocks. Vaping dabs with this thing were pretty cool. But where the Pax 3 really shines is when using flowers. Most dry herb vaporizers on the market completely scorch dried flowers. That’s because they’re heated via conduction—which defeats the purpose of vaping anyhow. The new Pax works via convection as in warm air so there’s no burning or charring—nothing but vaporization. It’s sleek, stylish and sexy AF and comes in a variety of colors including our favorite—black. So if you’re looking to vape flowers all day eryday and have a few bucks to spend then we highly recommend you hook up with the Pax 3 from our buds at VapeWorld.

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