Marijuana and Anxiety: Does Weed Help or Make It Worse?

marijuana for anxietyMarijuana and Anxiety: Does weed help or make it worse?

Marijuana and anxiety are intertwined. While some patients smoke marijuana for anxiety issues, some report that when they smoke marijuana it causes anxiety. So of course there’s an awful lot of discussion going on around the topic of marijuana and anxiety, with countless people anxiously trying to find a strain that works for them. Is this pot paranoia an uncomfortably anxious side effect of the plant itself? Or perhaps some sort of MPTSD (marijuana prohibition traumatic stress disorder) which is how you might expect people to feel after being persecuted, prosecuted, and treated like second class citizens and criminals for so long over a plant?

For those who still live in prickly prohibitionist states, the majority of the anxiety and paranoia felt when smoking weed could be just that. A bi-product of the brainwashing we’ve all been exposed to through the mass media machine of monotonous marijuana misinformation. Maybe you live in a cannabis friendly state yet still get the anxiety and paranoia whenever you smoke. It might be time to switch up strains and create for yourself a more comfortable and relaxing set and setting.

Marijuana and Anxiety

What do you get when you take a populous, and make them out to be criminals and second class citizens all because of how they choose to relax after a long day of work, or even during one? Let’s go one step further and say the whole reason for the prohibitionist attitude in the first place was to be able to more easily control said populous. Assuming those people never figure out the lies they have been told about said substance, things will continue business as usual style.

But maybe one day the people do find out. They find out all about the lies and corruption that has plagued the governing body all for the sake of a buck, and then, they realize that government isn’t really there to help. Merely there to make money and exercise absolute control. If that doesn’t make you a little anxious, then you are more zen than I. If you haven’t already, there’s a fantastic video on Netflix you should all go watch. It’s called  Requiem for the American Dream, and it basically validates what we’ve all been thinking for so long.

So this happens decade after decade. The media flood of how to think and feel about shit, and in turn, the brains of the people it controls with certain ideas and thought patterns all now share this save view. They don’t know why, they just do. Further reinforced by the government saying all the bullshit it’s been saying about how marijuana is bad and marijuana is the devil. Reefer madness kind of shit. That gets ingrained in brains and displayed as an uneasiness, or an anxiety whenever people see, smell, or smoke weed. It’s a weird built by design stimulus action reaction.

There’s nothing we can do about it, but become more self aware and know that these things are exactly what those in charge want us to feel. Although again, if you still live in a state that has less than friendly opinions about cannabis, you might have good reason to feel anxious.

cbd oil for anxietyCBD Oil for Anxiety

Does weed help with anxiety? Perhaps. If you are the type of person who has panic attacks or other negative type reactions after smoking weed or taking dabs, maybe a lower ratio of THC and a bit more CBD might help. You have to ask yourself, why does weed give me anxiety? Would weed for anxiety be a good thing? Is CBD oil for anxiety a good thing? You never know unless you try it. But if you are new to this, remember to keep the doses low at first. You can always take more, but it’s hard to take less. Taking too much can make an inexperienced individual start to have those freak out feelings, they feel like they are losing control, even though they aren’t. But the feeling of it makes them feel like they are losing control even more, which can spiral out into a full blown anxious annie panny attack. It’s always good to do this sort of stuff with friends who are more experienced, that way they can help sooth you down should the need arise.

Weed and Anxiety

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system and everyone has different levels of different brain chemistry happening. This means that it’s hard to say with any amount of definitiveness whether or not a particular strain or cannabinoid ratio will help or cause more marijuana anxiety. If some of your anxiety comes from the high of weed, perhaps CBD for anxiety might be the answer. There’s a ton of good information out there, about weed and anxiety, plus if you ever have any questions, you can drop a comment below.

Plus so many other things go into the experience. Not to mention what is called Blue Dream one day that did not give you anxiety, may give you anxiety the next. It’s just one of those things. Eventually cannabis science will get to the point where people have individualized cannabinoid and terpene profiles depending on their genetics, which will give one the perfect ratio and dose depending on the desired effect, each and every time. Does smoking weed help anxiety? I’ve never been much of an anxious person myself, at least not in that sense. So I would say the answer goes both ways. Yes and no. It all depends on you. Know thyself, and you will know the answer.

Tell us about the relationship between marijuana and anxiety in your life. Do you take marijuana for anxiety. Have you tried cbd oil for anxiety issues? Have any tips for people who smoke weed and anxiety sets in all of a sudden? Let us know ’bout ’em in the comments section below.

By Mat Lee

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    Smoking weed has helped with my seziors and anexity my doctor wants me to get the canbis oil for my seziors but I live in INDIANA

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