Is Using Miracle Gro Soil for Weed a Bad Idea?

Miracle Grow Soil for Weed

Question: I’m starting my first grow. I plan on putting five feminized and two autoflowering seeds in 5-gallon bowls outside. But I don’t have the money for FoxFarm Soil or other expensive soils like Roots Organics. So I’m wondering if I should just go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and pick up some Miracle Grow potting soil? Is using Miracle Gro soil for weed a bad idea?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: I think you should try to go to a local garden store or nursery in your area or a neighboring town. Just ask for some organic potting soil when you get there. You might spend the same amount going to Lowes or Home Depot—maybe even more—than you would spend at a home-grown, family-owned business that could use the support. I’m sure they’ll have a potting soil or some sort of mix that’s in your budget because you really don’t want to put Miracle Grow or Scott’s soil in the Earth. Don’t replenish the planet with that shit. You’re better off putting your plants in big garbage bags and growing them outside in that kind of soil.

If you’ve got to do it, though, Miracle Grow has a new soil called Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care, it come sin a green bag—you might have seen it. Give that a try. You could always go with the old school Miracle Grow potting soil in the green and blue bag. It has the moisture control. And pick up some Perlite with it too because that soil is thick and heavy. You don’t want a tight substrate—that’s not good for growing weed. Soil needs to spread out so that pot plants can have their way with it—they’ve only got so much time.

Sure you can use the bagged soil from the mainstream stores but try your local nursery first. Or one in a neighboring town. Call ahead and see if they have any organic potting soil and save yourself some wear and tear on your vehicle. But we don’t recommend putting Miracle Grow soil inside the Earth because it’s not made of stuff that originated from it. Try not to do it if you can.

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2 Responses to “Is Using Miracle Gro Soil for Weed a Bad Idea?”

  1. Thomas

    I bought miracle grow out of very low budget. I’m wondering if since it has chemicals can it be smoked or ingested when it’s time to bud or is it wasted time making a hazardous plant?

  2. Rob

    The weed will be perfectly safe, only problem is, you might have a smaller yield. I would add some bloom nutes during flowering to help with that. You can get excellent grows with pretty much any cheap potting soil you find at Home Depot. Don’t let the snobs trick you into spending hundreds of bucks on soil.

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