What is the Most Expensive Weed?

What is the most expensive weed?

Have you ever found yourself sitting at home, stoned on the couch, and thinking…. I wonder what the most expensive weed is? I mean we have what should be open and free operating capitalist marketplaces for buying and selling top shelf cannabis. The thing is, there’s never a set price for an ounce of pot. It’s regional, and seasonal, and it also depends on who you know.

Let’s imagine, just for arguments sake, that you are actually allowed to go into a recreational marijuana store and purchase an ounce of pot. Top shelf cannabis. I mean the loud fucking fire right? Expensive weed sounds dope if you are the one selling it, but maybe not so much if you are on the consuming side of things.

Most Expensive Weed

We should also decide which side of the market we are talking about. Are we trying to buy the most expensive seeds because in our minds the most expensive seeds should then, produce the most expensive marijuana. Perhaps you are into clones, so you want to know what the most expensive clone would be. Or maybe you are some sort of super popular rapper, and you’re looking for something to rap about on your next album, and a lot of dope shit rhymes with the phrase “expensive weed.”


Rock a shroud, getting crafty hitting up dispensaries

Looking high and low for that loud ass expensive weed.

Sprouting off at the mouth, coughing while the censors bleed

Through color changing glass, especially to bless the greed.

top shelf cannabisDid someone say an ounce of pot?

See, it’s really not that hard. Shit, I would rap all day for an ounce of pot. But for me personally, when someone asks me, “What is the most expensive weed, I instantly think of going into shops and checking out their bullshit test results, then asking the budtender what their most expensive weed strain is. More times than not they’ll hand me what they say is top shelf cannabis, solely based on a number that has zero bearing on the experience one has while getting blazed down properly with that ounce of pot. It’s all good though, stay positive and keep striving to educate yourself, and the people you interact with on a daily basis.

But when it comes right down to it, at least in my own mind, the most expensive weed isn’t top shelf cannabis at all. Hell, it’s not even an ounce of pot, or any other measurement of marijuana or particular strain you can think of. The most expensive marijuana is the herb that ruins your life.

When I say that, be absolutely clear I’m not talking about the ganja itself, I’m talking about the ridiculously unjust laws that are still in place and enforced in some states. Hi, its 2017, have we met? You should really step into the future and join us. We have pot, and life is good.

Plus, if you think about it with half a heart like the empathic humans you should be, these laws make the state a bunch of dirty, tainted money. Profiting from people who use a plant because it makes them feel better and improves their day to day life, then taking it one step further, and in some cases completely destroying that individual’s life, is dicks. Complete and utter dicks. Especially considering everything we know about cannabis these days.

Two, having these laws in place guarantees other steady business models that keep people coming back through the system, bleeding money at every step of the way and ruining countless lives in the process. It’s truly disgusting how we’re still trying to fix this issue.

most expensive weedThe most expensive weed is…

So aside from a bunch of bullshit posts on the internet about what the most expensive weed is, that’s my answer. Although I’m sure if you venture to Seattle at some point, and hit up some marijuana shops there, you’ll find some pretty damn expensive weed. As much as bomb ass legal weed is stuff stoners like, overpriced garbage flower is absolutely not.

In all seriousness though, these laws create markets where people are constantly buying an ounce of pot that turns out to be the most expensive weed. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system, so naturally a lot of us gravitate towards the herb to facilitate that system, thus improving our overall quality of life. So in dry markets, or legal markets, or zero tolerance states, if you are looking for the most expensive marijuana, that’s where you look. Or Mars. If there was weed on Mars, it would be expensive as fuck.

Plus, the price is different everywhere. I found this cool site while digging around for some prices, and I think it’s the closest thing we have at this time to some sort of global weed price tracking system. At least one that is halfway reliable. Find out what an ounce of pot is going for near you, or your pen pal in Portugal.

What do you think the most expensive weed is? How much was the most you’ve ever paid for weed? Let us know in the comments section below…

By Mat Lee

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