Nectar Collector Review

Nectar CollectorNectar Collector is Stuff Stoners Like

Review by: Mat Lee

The good people at Wasatch Glassworks were kind enough to send me a real, hand made Nectar Collector V.1 and all the awesome stuff stoners like to go with it.

I’ll tell you right now, the weight of the real Nectar Collector when it’s empty, is more than the cheap knock offs are when they are full. This is some damn fine, thick glass. Between the way it feels, and the official Nectar Collector logo on the piece, and the stand, you’ll never mistake a real one for a fake again.

Nectar Collector
The Nectar Collector and it’s assorted tips

When you order one, you’ll definitely want the titanium tip and the stand. Not only does it make for a beautiful display piece, but it’s so much more comforting putting a piping hot tip on a metal base, rather than laying it down on the wood table. Plus it looks so bad ass as an art piece. Did I mention each one is handmade and numbered? This glass though. You seriously need to feel the difference.

If you’ve never seen one of these things in action, just wait. They are getting quite popular. Let me school you real quick on how it works, then you can watch this silly video I made playing around with mine.

As you can see in the video, put some extract in the dish, then get the collector ready to collect. Fill it up with water, put the mouthpiece in the top, put the tip in the bottom, and you should be good to go. Heat the tip, just the tip, holding it sideways. Don’t worry, assuming you didn’t overfill the Nectar Collector, it won’t spill.

You can also get joint wax for the glass on glass attachments if you feel like they might fall out. I’ve had pretty good luck with mine, except for one incident, but it was my fault for trying to catch a falling piece of burning glass. Lesson learned. Ever since, we’ve been good to go  and on point. Also, speaking of falling burning glass, the borosilicate and quartz Wasatch Glassworks uses in crafting the different tips are pure as the driven snow. I’m talking COE’s of like 0 or 1 or something. I completely expected the tip to shatter when it hit the hardwood countertop, but nay, it did not. These things are built to last for sure.

Nectar Collector
The real official Nectar Collector is definitely stuff stoners like

Heat the tip, and once you get it to the desired temperature depending on the material you are dabbing, you’ll want to start sucking on the straw before  you touch it to the material. That will keep it from getting clogged and get you a great hit every time.

Nectar CollectorThe Nectar Collector site also has some helpful tips and tricks here. Plus if you would rather see a cute girl nectar collecting, they have a video and some more information here. The real official Nectar Collector is definitely stuff stoners like, and if you ever have a chance to get one, I highly recommend it. Once you collect nectar, you’ll be hard pressed to go back to regular old dabs. I can safely say the real deal Nectar Collector is one of my favorite tools to smoke with. Be sure to follow @nectarcollector710 on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with their beautiful, functional, glass creations. Have a Nectar Collector? Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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