New West Summit 2018 Returns to Oakland, CA This October

New West Summit 2018In just a couple months the 4th Annual New West Summit returns to Oakland. You better mark your calendars now for Thursday, October 11 through Saturday the 13th before you get stoned and forget. The event will take place again at the Marriott City Center on Broadway in downtown. The New West Summit is the first conference to focus exclusively on the game-changing, disruptive developments in technology, science, media and investment within the Cannabis space. Early Bird Tickets are on sale now so if you’re into saving money you should scoop ‘em up right away, man.

“We bring together the best and the brightest international entrepreneurs, thought leaders, top-level investors, innovative brand developers and creators to look at what’s next,” says Jim McAlpine the founder of the New West Summit. McAlpine is a popular activist and community leader. He is also the guy behind the awesome annual athletic competition known as the 420 Games that just took place here in the Bay Area earlier this month. And you thought all stoners were lazy.

New west Summit George ClintonLast year’s Summit was really excellent. We had blast, dude. Not only did we hang with one of the most important people in all of pot, the late great Dennis Peron, we heard a fantastic talk by George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic about how he got off crack by smoking weed! Plus we met a bunch of cool people and made a lot of new friends like Snowtill’s Joe Snow who grows epic no-till cannabis and the 420 Black Birds who threw the exclusive Oakland Cup over the summer. We also networked with a ton of other cool people from a lot of cool companies, watched some killer skateboarding and smoked a ton of weed.

Speaking of weed, last year the Black Bird dudes gave out these things called Dirty Birds—basically a fat joint filled with top-shelf herb that was mixed with hash then drizzled in errl and sprinkled in kief. Seriously though New West is the type of event that you don’t want to miss because you’re surrounded by a nice mix of passionate stoners, movers and shakers of the industry, luminaries and local heroes. Plus there’s a ton of cool schwag being kicked down as well as plenty of awesome samples being passed around all over the place. Last year there was stuff like vape carts and pens, this interesting THC powdered—all sorts of cool stuff—as well as free dabs of course. And the VIP party was super killer. You don’t want to miss that, man. The vibe is awesome and the networking is on.

New West Summit 2Anyhow this year we’re looking forward to checking out all the brands that’ll be showing off their new wares. We hear that there’ll be more than 100 exhibitors on site. We’re also looking forward to the 50 panels and 150 speakers including our good buddy element #100 on the Periodic Table of Stuff Stoners Like Poster, the Guru of Ganja himself, Mr. Ed Rosenthal. Our good buddy Tim Blake the Founder of the Emerald Cup will be speaking as well as our good buds, the original hippie couple Nikki and Swami of Swami Select and of course the event’s co-founder and executive producer, our pal Brian Zisk.

At New West 4.0 this year there’s also going to be an Investment Symposium, a Career Fair and they’re going to do another Consumer Dayfeaturing a much lower ticket price as well. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of cash or the entire weekend at this thing—it’s a great option.

new west summit denis and ed
Father of Prop 215 Dennis Peron and Ed Rosenthal

“We are hosting our 2nd Annual Consumer Day And Career Fair focused on attendees that are new to cannabis and/or long-time consumers for recreational and medical purposes. This is where you discover the freshest products, gain knowledge and meet fellow enthusiasts, experts and consumers. Participate in our Career Fair hosted by Vangst, whether you’re looking for a job as a budtender or an executive looking for a new career there will be a myriad of opportunity with over 30 Companies looking to hire.”

For more information visit or take a look at the flier below. Also don’t forget to grab those early bird tickets and save some money so you’ll have more to spend on weed.


New West Summit 4.0 is focused exclusively on game-changing, disruptive developments in technology, science, investment and media in the cannabis industry. New West Summit 4.0 will also feature:

  • Prolific speakers discussing the future of the cannabis landscape.
  • A look at what’s next for dispensaries, non-profits, venture-backed startups, publicly traded companies and crowd-funding. Panelists of active, accredited investors and successful entrepreneurs cut through the hype.
  • Explore shifts in verticals such as extraction, cultivation, vaporizers, and POS, CMS, and auditing systems. Peak over the horizon and future-proof your business model.
  • Meet the influencers and review the state of the art of cannabis communications, focusing on: social media, marketing, activism, modern branding, editorial trends, the entry of Fortune 500 brands into the space, and the normalization of cannabis.
  • Talk directly with the executives & decision makers of the industry’s top companies.
  • Pitch your company or idea to find investors.
  • Network with the cannabis culture of California and beyond.

On Thu Oct 11 (9:30a-6p), Fri Oct 12 (9:30a-6p) and Sat Oct 13 (10a-4p) ~ New West Summit will take place once again at The Oakland Marriott City Center – Convention Center. This year’s event promises graduate level content like no other show or conference in the industry!

More info available at

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