Nugg Club Cannabis Subscription Box Review August 2020

We scored the August Nugg Club Cannabis box. It’s probably like the best thing to happen to us so far during 2020. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of opening the door to a box of WEED sitting right on your porch. No driving. No standing in line. No ridiculous price gouging. All you gotta do is bend over, pick up the box, and start smoking. Epic.

Anyhow Nugg Club is California’s first true weed subscription box. And it’s a pretty good deal. You get $225+ worth of curated, personalized cannabis products for just $99. That’s a pretty good deal, right?

Here’s some of the 1/8th of Frosty Flowers that came in our box:

What’s in the Nugg Club Box
As you can see we scored four 1/8th ounces of FIRE. The first was “Spray Tan Sativa” from TRADECRAFT FARMS. So tasty. We got some Sunset Mac which is Sunset Sherbert X Mac 1 from Grizzly Peak. We also got some Grandaddy Purple from Forbiden Flowers in this really awesome jar. Looked very 70s psychedelic. And the last jar was some tasty and potent AF Blue Dream from Drop Out that clocked in above 20%.

Of course we got a bunch of different pre-rolls as well. Always gotta keep one rolled, right? We totally love the convenience of a nice pre-rolled joint. Check out the cool packaging on the joints from LOUDPACK.

How Nugg Club Works
Nugg Club will deliver WEED right to your door whenever you want. Not everyday, dude. But once a month, every other month, or every three months depending on your budget. Every product is vetted by their team of cannabis experts. What a fucking dream job,right?

“Our team of certified cannabis curators have analyzed over 600k product reviews to identify the best brands and products,” it says on their site. “We filter out the winners and put them through our own rigorous review process to hand select the best for your box. We found the top 3% in cannabis, so you don’t waste your time or money on anything but the best.”

Oh and you can cancel Nugg Club anytime. Because who the fuck likes commitments. And all you need to join is money and to be 21+ years old. You’ll need to be at least 18+ with a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis to join.

Buy Add-Ons at Wholesale Prices
What else should you know about Nugg Club? Oh yeah you can add shit to your box for wholesale prices. Look your already getting $225 worth of weed for only $99. That’s hella percentage off. How many percent? Who the fuck knows. We’re stoners, not mathematicians. But we can still recognize a deal when we sense one. Even if we’re hella high right now.

Once you’re a subscriber, you can super size your cannabis subscription box and buy more weed products at steep discounts like 40 percent to 60 percent off retail prices! We’re talkin’ premium organic eighths for $24. Yes, please!

What we were talking about? Oh yeah, buying weed—one of our favorite pastimes. Also when you’re Nugg Club weed box subscriber you can purchase any of the products that came in previous Nugg Club boxes at wholesale prices and have ’em added to your next delivery. Epic.

Getting started with Nugg Club is easier than rolling a joint:
1) Click “Get Started” at
2) Choose between edibles, vapes, flower, or pre-rolls.
3) Select your preference for indica, sativa or hybrid strains.
4) Select your delivery frequency preference (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly)
5) Choose your preferred delivery dates and times.

Danks again for sending along the box Nugg Club. Really hope to test one our this month. Hint, hint. =)

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