Best Vaporizer of the Year for Flowers

best vaporizerBest Vaporizer of the Year for Flowers

The vaporizer has transformed how stoners get stoned. That’s because when it comes to vaping vs smoking weed the answer is clear. Vaporizing your herbs is far better for you than smoking it. That’s one reason why the vaporizer is so popular.

So when it came down for us to choose the year’s best vaporizer for flowers we decided to look beyond the common but awesome box style vaporizer and the famous Volcano. Both of those are awesome vaporizers and work really well. But we’re on the go a lot and we know many of you are too. So we thought we’d try and parse out the best portable vaporizer of the year in the post.

Best vaporizer criteria

What was the criteria for determining the best portable vaporizer of the year? Glad you asked. For starters portability was a factor. If you’re looking for a big vaporizer that plugs into your wall and sits on a counter then cool. We’re not. The best portable vaporizer of the year, we feel, should fit in your pocket, purse or backpack—you know something like the size of the average vape pen. When selecting this year’s best vaporizer we also considered easy of use—shit like packing, cleaning and control. We also considered durability. If you’re going to plunk down some cash on a vaporizer you want it to last. Or you’d just build your own damn dry herb vaporizer, right? We also considered discreteness. Can you easily conceal this thing and get away with using it at work, the movie theater or the cereal aisle if you so choose? Lastly we considered functionality. Does it really vaporize herbs or does it just burn them? Can you control the temperatures or is it one size fits all, etc.

Sure some vape pens come with changeable tips for flowers, THC e liquids and thick concentrates like the G Pen, Power Pen and the Kandy Pen. However, they all suck for using with flowers. Even High Times’ favorite vape of the year, the Atmos vape pen, sucked with flowers. That’s because these cheap vape pens, we mean inexpensive vape pens, burn rather than vaporize flowers. We also tested more pricey vape pens, some with dual coils like the Source Orb, which made our 2015 Vapor Pens Buyer’s Guide. We dug it. It delivered bigger vape clouds and a bit more control over temperature than those cheap vape pens, but ultimately we ran into the same ‘ol problems with it. So for this year’s best vaporizer we were looking for something simple…something almost plug and play.

best portable vaporizer
We voted the PAX 2 the best portable vaporizer of 2015

The best portable vaporizer of 2015 is…

And the best vaporizer of 2015 goes to the PAX 2. The Pax 2 vaporizer is the latest vape pen in the company’s line of futuristic-looking vaporizers designed for use with flowers. It looks like something you’d see at the Mac store and fits in your pocket just as easily as an iphone. It also comes equipped with a really deep oven so you can fit a nice amount of dried herb in it without having to constantly pack it. Plus the cover is held in place by magnets—a really cool feature.

To dial in just the right temperature this dry herb vaporizer has four settings. They are low, medium, high and can you take me higher. They’ll all accessed by removing the top of the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is actually the only button on the entire vaporizer pen. Turn on the device by pushing it. Once it’s activated the intuitive mouthpiece senses when your mouth is close and begins producing vapor at that point. Cool, right? And this bad boy is ready to go in about 30 seconds.

Packing and cleaning this vaporizer is a cinch. It’s probably best to clean it probably after each use to make sure it stays operational. At $279 the Pax 2 vaporizer is pretty expensive, but if you’re into sleek gadgets and vaporizing weed this dope dry herb vaporizer is totally worth it.

Anyhow this is OUR opinion of the best vape vaporizer of the year…what’s yours? Let us know in the comments below…

2 Responses to “Best Vaporizer of the Year for Flowers”

  1. Sean

    I came here to get good vaping advice. However I’ve used the PAZ II extensively and it’s not even remotely close in quality of vapor to the Crafty or the Mighty by storz and bickel. I found the PAX will combust, has a poorer draw, and doesn’t taste anywhere close to the storz and bickel crafty or mighty nor produce as thick of vapor clouds.

    Therefore you’ve lost your credibility with me. Having used a PAX a bunch of times I’ve never found it to be as good as a few others I know of. I’d say the Hebe is about on par with the PAX for flavor and portability. It’s weaker in the battery department but it normally costs less than 50.00. I’ve bought Hebe’s as low as 26.00 US. Bought one on Amazon for 31.00 Canadian and IMO they are comparable in performance (poorer battery life than PAX but it’s easy to carry portable USB power) to the PAX but also have digital temp by degree from 0 to 220 degrees celsius. The PAX is going to cost around 300.000 so that’s going to buy

    At least I know that your reviewers do not value the things I do. That’s reason enough to move on. Thanks.

  2. Cindy

    HELP! I’m old school! I’ll soon be vaping medicinal cannabis for chronic pain, but I also have onset of COPD so NO smoking! PLEASE help me select a vape PEN that will produce quality vape from this high dollar medicine. I’m adimant about a pen, for discreetness (I’m almost 62 years old) but mostly because I’ll be using it for pain and want it by my side all of the time. This medicine IS PRN! 🙂

    PLEASE advise what is the best for 2017, for less than $100. I have spent a ton of money on various products but when it all comes down to what I’ll be using since the Feds took away opiates (and trying to kill Chronic Pain Patients!) I need a vape pen for flowers…that I cannot smoke…big pout.

    PLEASE respond asap. I’m in MD, a VERY slow starting state but I’m told product will be available between Labor Day and Halloween, quite a span but it’s coming and I want to be ready. I NEED IT! My biggest problem is that I’m on Social Security Disability. Have you ever met anyone collecting it that has money to spare? Nah, so this is a purchase of the utmost importance!


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