Pax Vape Review (2017) Is the New Pax Ploom 3 Stuff Stoners Like?

Pax Vape

Meet the Newest Pax Vape

Review by Mat Lee for SSL

The next vape on my review list is the Pax 3. The newest Pax Vape is the first flower vaporizer from Pax that I’ve reviewed, and my first impressions are totally positive. Stuff Stoners Like previously reviewed the Pax 3 here, but I thought since they sent me one too sine it’s such a popular device. Danks Namaste Vapes for the hook ups on the latest Pax Vape.

I immediately like the form factor, it’s small, but has a nice size chamber, the semi wireless charging, and an intuitive interface. I removed the flat mouth piece and went straight in for the raised mouthpiece. That’s just a personal preference. Flip it around and pop off the back to reveal the flower chamber. Load it up with some nicely ground up cannabis or whatever else people are vaporizing these days, and replace the cover.

Turning on this Pax vape is super easy, and is accomplished by pressing the center of the mouthpiece. That will fire up the Pax 3 and start it heating. Once it gets to temperature, it will vibrate and the light will change. Then you are ready to vape.

The Pax vape app was surprisingly stable, compared to a lot of the other vape apps I’ve checked out. It paired right away and didn’t have any problems loading, changing settings, or crashing. All good things. As I mention in the video, some of the comments on the Google Play listing for the Pax Vapor app were complaining about the location permissions, but that happens on every app that requests location data. Overall, at the time of this writing, they have a 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1,246 users. That’s pretty good stuff.

Pax Vape Let’s talk about the price. It’s not the most expensive vaporizer I’ve reviewed, I believe that title still belongs to the Firefly 2, and it’s not the most inexpensive either, with the Zeus Smite holding that title. But somewhere in the higher end of the middle, lies the price tag. If you can afford it, it’s definitely one of the nicer flower vaporizers to come through here.

The new Pax vape kit, which, at the time of writing this is $249.99, also comes with a cover that has a larger lip on it, so you only have to load a little bit of material, rather than filling the whole chamber in order to get a good vaporization happening. It also comes with a concentrate slab insert. I’m always trying to tell these companies that hey, we don’t like to mix our flower pieces with our concentrate pieces, but of course you have to offer the most amount of options for the price, so there you have it.

Pax VapeI’m sure a lot of people don’t care if they mix the two, it’s just a personal preference. But it does work if you are in a pinch and need a dab that bad. Personally I still prefer the coil pens if I’m going to go that route. If you want to pick up just the Pax 3 vaporizer itself, that’s $199.99. You can also choose from a selection of colors. I personally dig the black one. You can find them both as well as a ton of other color options here on the Namaste website.

Other than that, it works great. If you want clouds, this might not be the device for you, but then again none of the flower vaporizers I’ve reviewed really produce clouds. They are more for vaporizing the material and getting the good stuff where it needs to go. If you want to blow clouds, vape some PG / VG or something. I’m kidding of course, I just want people to have realistic expectations of what they will see when they exhale a hit.

Pax Vape 3The new Pax vape, for me, is definitely stuff stoners like. If you have a chance, and the cash to pick one up, and you love vaping that sweet, sweet cheetah, I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s sturdy feeling, vaporizes the flower nicely, can hold a decent amount, and has a super small form factor that I really find appealing.

By: Mat Lee

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