Zeus Iceborn and Zeus Smite Review

zeus Iceborn vaporizerZeus Iceborn and Smite Review

The Toronto-based ZeusArsenal produces the Zeus Smite flower vaporizer and some cool vape accessories and a vape pen or two. The Zeus Iceborn is what you see there hooked up and frosty in the video below. So what does all this crazy cool cannabis tech do? I’m glad I asked.

The Zeus Smite is a super cool little portable flower vaporizer that when not in use, looks something like a cell phone battery charger block. It’s very lowkey, which, if you live in a less weed friendly state, you can appreciate. Slide the top or the bottom open to reveal a ceramic heating chamber that’s fairly deep. The other end slides open to reveal the mouth piece.

Simply grind up your flower and load the ceramic heating chamber up. Once you have a few pinches of herb in there, screw the mouthpiece over the top of it. Now you are ready to go. But wait, there’s more! Add the Zeus Iceborn into the mix and all of the sudden you are taking super cool vape rips.

The Zeus Iceborn is a cup with a couple of metal tubes on the top and the bottom. Once you assemble the tubes and get them in the proper spot, you fill up the Zeus Iceborn with water then freeze it. Don’t put the tubes on until after it comes out the freezer. It’s just easier that way.

zeus Iceborn vaporizerThe idea is that once the water is frozen, you attach the mouthpiece tube to the center nozzle, and then attach the other tube to the other nozzle and the other end of that tube to the mouthpiece of the Zeus Smite. When you suck on the  mouthpiece, the vapor gets pulled from the vaporizer, into the cup where it is cooled as it passes through the tube and into the mouthpiece. This cooling action makes for much smoother hits. Especially if you already have some issues with smoking flower or taking dabs.

Speaking of dabs, this thing is definitely not made to have a fat dab run through it. It clogs instantly. Keep an eye out for the extra footage at the end of the video to see what I’m talking about.
Zeus vaporizer

Zeus Iceborn and Smite Bottom Line

When used properly and especially with the Zeus Smite flower vaporizer, you get hit after hit of calm, cool, cannabinoid saturated vapor. It really brings out the taste of the flower as most decent vapes tend to do.

Overall, I really enjoy the Zeus Iceborn and Zeus Smite. The vaporizer, when on high completely vaporizes the material, and the Iceborn keeps the hits nice and cool. You can get your own Zeus gear at their website. Check out ZeusArsenal.com for more information and to order. It’s definitely stuff stoners like.

By Mat Lee

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