Phoenician Weed Grinder Review

phoenician grinderPhoenician Weed Grinder

Review by: Mat Lee

Recently I saw a company on Instagram that makes these wicked-cool, medical-grade, weed grinders. So I did what every good stoner reviewer would. I bugged them with likes and comments until they sent me a review unit. Guess what? It worked. That company is Phoenician Engineering, and this is one of the coolest weed grinders I’ve seen in awhile.

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phoenician grinder
Phoenician Engineering makes these wicked cool medical grade grinders

So cool in fact I had to make an equally cool video showing off their cool weed grinder. Find the video in the embed below, or click here to check it out on my YouTube page. If you’re looking for a grinder for weed, definitely check it out.

Mesa Arizona based Phoenician Engineering is at the top of the weed grinder game if you are looking for a beautifully designed, made in America, medical grade cannabis grinder. This thing is no joke. So much in fact they have a whole page on their website dedicated to warning you about all the different ways this thing can injure you.

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First of all, you’ll see in the video that the sterile bag it comes in has a large warning label on it that says Sharp! They aren’t kidding, this thing isn’t just sharp, it’s basically the equivalent of Occam’s grinder, if Occam smoked weed and carried a weed grinder that is.

Phoenician Grinder
Mesa Arizona based Phoenician Engineering is at the top of the American-made grinder game

They are sure to tell you on the literature page not to put any part of your body anywhere near these blades. Unlike most metal grinders, the tops of the teeth are like razor blades. Usually grinders are just sharp on the sides of the teeth, but not the Phoenician.

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Second, if you have a pacemaker, you might want to stick with a grinder that doesn’t use N52 in the lid. This thing apparently emits a pretty decent little magnetic field. Probably not enough to constitute sticking it in a faraday cage, but you definitely don’t want to put your credit cards near it, or anything like that.

Phoenician Weed Grinder
So how does the Phoenician Grinder work? Like a dream of course.

You should also keep that in mind if you have any facial piercings that might be attracted to an exceptionally strong magnet. Especially considering the teeth that surround the magnet on each side are sharp as fuck.

So how well does this beautiful weed grinder work? Like a dream of course. This thing chops through weed like a damn Ginsu 2000. It slices, it dices, it makes julian fries! Well maybe not, unless you put a potato in it…. Seriously though, it sounds like a ninja turtle katana sword fight when you spin it. It’s such a huge difference from my old chromium crusher to this.

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Phoenician Weed Grinder
The Phoenician Weed Grinder chops through weed like a damn Ginsu 2000

I really like how the top not only has a spot to fit your rolling papers, but also a spot to use as an ashtray. Genius right? How many times have you grabbed your weed grinder to get a joint ready, and realize you don’t have an ashtray within arms reach when you spark it? If I had a nickel right? I could save it up and get another one of these things—the best grinder for weed I’ve tried yet.

This thing is sturdy, and as long as you keep the locking areas clean from kief buildup, will continue to work perfectly. I’ve been using mine for a couple of weeks now and have put damn near a half pound of weed through it. It’s still cutting through the shit like it was brand new. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they were selling adamantium weed grinders. Actually they are made out of 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, 304 Stainless Steel, or Type II Titanium, depending on the needs of the customer.

phoenician weed grinder
This weed grinder—it slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries! Well maybe not, unless you put a potato in it…

Phoenician Engineering currently offers three sizes in ten different colors, depending on what suits your fancy. The large model with the rolling paper holder is the one I have. The prices range from $30 to $1,500 for the large 24 karat gold plated elite version.

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If you are wondering why the Phoenician weed grinder is so expensive, you only need take a minute to read the innovations page on the Phoenician Engineering website. The tech that goes into making something this awesome, while adhering to strict medical standards, it pretty cutting edge, and as we all know, cutting edge is expensive. Especially when it comes to weed grinders. This the best weed grinder I’ve tried yet? Hell ya.

Phoenician Enginnering have paid very acute attention to detail in every aspect of creating these awesome top shelf grinders. From the amount of teeth and their placement, to how they finish the exterior. According to the Phoenician Engineering innovations page, “The exterior of all our grinders are hand lapped and finished, this creates an extremely fine surface finish and post-anodize creates a virtually scratch resistant and burr-free surface.”

 weed grinder from Phoenician Engineering
This weed grinder from Phoenician Engineering is definitely stuff stoners like

Regardless of if you are a daily stoner or just an every now and then smoker, if you need a bad ass and beautifully elegant grinder that looks amazing coming out of Herb Boxx, then you need a Phoenician Engineering grinder.

Good shit costs more money, so you can buy a cheap plastic grinder that’s going to piss you off every time you use it, a cheap metal grinder that gets the job done, but only half ass. Sure you can keep using your homemade weed grinder. (No, don’t ask us how to make a weed grinder.) Or you can save up a little cash and splurge on something nice for yourself. You deserve it, dude. Go ahead. Up your game and get a nice weed grinder. Phoenician Engineering is definitely stuff stoners like.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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  1. grinder

    The Phoenician grinder works great and looks awesome. Great pics! The fact that it’s so scratch resistant is a bonus.

  2. Alex Farley

    I bout this grinder and it a piece of shit the need catch sucks I had a 15 dollar grinder that did ten times better the people who swear by this product are idiots don’t waste your money please it’s not worth it

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