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  2. Leave a comment below telling us why you want to win this vape pen—that’s it. You’re done.

We have a really dope prize pack from our buds over at Power Pen to kick down to a lucky stoner. We’ll pick a random winner at 4:20 pm West Coast time on Friday July 3rd. USA residents, we’ll pay for shipping—if you live outside the US, shipping is on you, dude. Oh yeah, you must be at least 18-years-old to enter.

Power Pen Stealth vape pen
Power Pen globe attachment
Power Pen e-liquid atomizer attachment
Power Pen dab mat
Power Pen herb container w/built in grinder
Power Pen concentrate container (2)
Power Pen V-syndicate grinder card (2)
Power Pen stickers

power-pen-stealth-giveaway again
We’re kicking down a Power Pen Stealth vape pen to one lucky STONER this Friday

Stoners dig the Power Pen because not only is it really affordable, hits hard, buy it’s is HELLA stealth. Drop this thing in your purse or pocket and take it anywhere. Which means you can hit this thing anywhere—the work bathroom, the movie theater, the cereal isle—and nobody knows you’re getting stoned. Dope, eh?

The Power Pen works with just about any type of concentrate you can get your hands on, dude—from wax, to budder, to shatter. Highly refined solvent-less concentrates work and taste awesome. Plus these pen is super durable. We dropped ours a million times and it still works.

Check out our review of the Power Pen Stealth vape pen or the original Power Pen and good luck with the contest. For more information about the Power Pen and their products visit powerpen.com

56 Responses to “Power Pen Prize Pack Giveaway”

  1. JT

    I deserve to win cause I’m the rootnest tootnest stoner in the west

  2. Wyatt

    I havent been able to try out a vaporizer but this will give me the perfect chance.

  3. Mikey Alcala

    I want to win this because my dabber just broke over the weekend 🙁 and Friday July 3rd is my bday. 😀 Good luck everyone! Happy 4:20 everyday!

  4. Jason

    I would love too win this because I need a vaporizer. Trying to quit smoking (not the green stuff the bad harmful stuff) and it’s not easy. Wishing everyone the best in their chances of winning 😀 cheers everyone PEACE!!

  5. Harley smith

    I would love to have this amazing pen, ya see I live with my grandma cause she has gotten to sick to stay by herself and has terribly bad lung problems, it’s got so bad I can’t even smoke a blunt or hit my bong in the house anymore cause it chokes her up so bad, and it’s too sketchy to hit a bong outside my house, the neighbors are rats from hell, so basically I have to go to a friends house and smoke or be super paranoid and lose my buzz by token outside, so as you can see this pen would help me and my grandma so so very much.
    Oh and btw she was a big time stoned in her day, and completely supports me on smoking weed.

  6. Kelly Greenwood

    I just think it’s alot nicer than the one I have!!
    Thank you!!!

  7. Tim Groves

    Power Pen would be great to win!

  8. TheCanMan

    I had a dream I was sitting on my back porch puffing this vape pen rather than smoking spliffs. Maybe dreams do come true. 4:20 all the time.

  9. Kelly Sutton

    That is one bad to the bone vape pen! Reason I should win? Because I’m an awesome stoner, and I follow and recommend “Stuff Stoners Like” to friends and everyone else within shouting distance! 🙂 Good luck everyone, and thanks guys!

  10. Lacey Jaye

    I recently just got my medical marijuana card and could really use a sweet multi functional rig like this!! It’d sure help me out!!

  11. shelly

    It would be great to get back to utilizing cannabis again. I’ve stopped for years and the only way I’ll start again would be to vape. If I win, I will be truly grateful and I won’t have to worry about carcinogens making its way to my lungs. I sure will be letting everyone I know how great your company is for this giveaway.

  12. Danielle H

    I would like to try one out

  13. Susan

    I’ve been eyeing vapes for a couple of months now after being told by my Dr “If you’re not vaping, you’re not doing it right!”

  14. Brenden Hewitt

    I wanna get stoned and ride my magic carpet

  15. Diane Christiana

    I would love to receive this gift as I have been a cannabis smoker for a looong time and would like to try the new ways in which to smoke it

  16. Karl Alfred

    This stuff is neat and I never have tried smoking in a Vaporizer before, I think you could also teach me how to properly use one. 🙂

  17. Emmaline Dyer

    i wanna win this pen so bad. i just broke my old pen and honestly have had my eye on this pen for a while. i would love to be able to win. i also will take tons of pics for 420 nurses. i’m always looking for new products to expand my collection. i hope you all have a great day and i hope whoever wins is really happy.

  18. hatchetking314

    I would like this pen to administer my meds the cleanest way possable.

  19. hatchetking314

    OOOPS *possible

  20. David K. Fields

    I like to win,whatever I can,yeah!

  21. Essedik

    I really wanna win because my snoop g-pen got stolen lately and I’m freshly back from beachweek so I’m broke as a mug 🙁 so I couldn’t even buy it :((((

  22. randyg

    im ready for my first portable vape pen ! i use a silver surfer vape at home and would like to try one on the go.

  23. cade weidemeyer

    if i win ill spread your company to the area around me, i know the shops around my area have the lowest pen technology and it drives me crazy, i would love to introduce them into a new product!

  24. Jeno

    I would really love this vape pen giveaway. I am new to vaping but have only been able to afford the cheapo pens that use the bad solvents. I have been dealing with extreme chronic pain mainly in my lower back and legs but
    Also my Neck area since 2009 since a car accident. I am still trying to find the right strains for my pain with not much luck so far and smoking really hurts my lungs and throat. Good luck to everyone.

  25. Eric Hansen

    I want this because I cant afford something this nice and want to experience luxurious tokin’!

  26. Denice Lessard

    I really need that pen. I bought some cartridges at the High Times Cup and I was supposed to get the pen, but it wasn’t in the bag! My bad cuz I was VERY STONED and taking a vape while doing my transaction!
    If I had that I would be able to smoke em and there’s this lovely Lemon that I’m really wanting to puff on.
    I am a very long time stoner and trying to get away from joints! It’s the perfect way to get high and your pen will really help me out (well, if the cartridges fit. They don’t have their name or web address either on them!)
    So I’m in a pickle and would promise to smoke immediately and frequently.

  27. Sammy

    I LOVE Stuff Stones Like!! THATS why I should win!
    And, it’s illegal in the state I live in to smoke, So have pity on me! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  28. Deion Greggs

    I think I should win this because it’s for my mom and she had really bad depression and dosent like to roll joints or blunts she wants so!etgibg she can put buds in and just smoke with out having to roll anything. She will be so happy if I won this for her so please help our family out with this and save our mom from her depression

  29. June Ebinger


  30. Briar Smith

    I have a newborn daughter. I need a stress reliever without having to worry about the effect the smoke has on her!

  31. gary cater

    My wife belonged to the collage that went under–HEALD COLLAGE.We lost everything—Tuition,Credits,Books.So while im feeling BUMMED i could use to Vape my wife.,,,,,,,,,,,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHE SCREAMS ALL THE TIME AND I HAVE NO TIME TO CHILL but i love her very much so thank you for your time .

  32. KushQueen

    Cause old stoners never die we just continue to Blaze..will be 49yrs young July 25th and Its my Birthday and I’ll get high if I want to..high if I want..high if I want to..youd get high to if you got this Prize Power Pack sent to you! Keep Blazing

  33. Jim

    It looks cool!

  34. Mike

    This seems like it’s quality

  35. Ronda

    I deserve to win because I’m a responsible stoner, working professional trying to purchase my 1st home so can’t afford to buy my own Vape right now.

  36. Ronda

    Oh and because my birthday is Mon the 6th 🙂

  37. Bee Smith

    I work in Customer Service. Enough said.

  38. David brooks

    Because I support you on all three social sites mentioned, I love your posts. I want to rep your pen. I’ll be a great choice to rep your brand. #powerpen #whatsyourstank

  39. Edy Haskull

    I would really be stoked to win this pen, because I lost the heating element on my pen and it’s been driving me crazy looking for it! It was so-so anyway. I need to be mobile, dabbin on the go!

  40. Macky Cosmos

    I want to win this toasty pack from Stuff Stoners Like and Powerpen because I wanna get my vape on and I mean, come on. It is stuff I like after all.

  41. Erin Adams

    I wanna win this because I have never tried a vaporizer before, and this one looks awesome!

  42. Cory

    I’d love to smoke some tasty rosintech, budder or some shatter out of this thing! Repping some gear from SSL and telling everyone how great they are is dream!

  43. KP

    I’m a medical patient-hate 🙁 smoking-love vaping 🙂

  44. Chuck Rogers Jr.

    I’d love to win this so that I have a healthy way to consume the medicine I need for pain issues.Thanks

  45. Brian

    I want to win this because it looks like something this stoner would like!!!

  46. Dan

    Everyone deserves to win once in life .
    “Winning “

  47. Ethan Cantu

    There isn’t a particular reason I want this other than the fact I like to build my collection of pieces and seeing as I don’t have a vaporizer yet this would be a nice addition and would be greatly appreciated.

  48. George

    This is awesome!

  49. Jake

    Cool design

  50. Stewart

    I would like this because it is healthy

  51. Dan

    This would make my day, thanks!

  52. Paul

    The convenience of having this would be great

  53. Eric

    This seems like it would work well

  54. Lou

    You can tell this is really nice. Thank you.

  55. Jim Kimes

    Would like to have one to vape CBD oils

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