Power Pen Review

2 Power Pen ReviewThe dudes on Star Trek had some pretty fuckin’ cool gadgets. Space ships, replicators, phasers, all sorts of innovative shit, man. But they didn’t have the Power Pen vape pen. That’s because the Power Pen is so fuckin’ futuristic that stoners in the 60s couldn’t even conceive of a device that allows them to vape hella concentrated dabs of marijuana anywhere and in total secret.

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Power Pen Review

Why do stoners like the Power Pen? Because it’s HELLA stealth. When you hit it there’s no smell involved. That means you can hit this thing in places like the bathroom at work, your mother-in-laws house, the cereal isle—and nobody would know what the fuck you’re doing. And unlike sparking a bowl at the gas station, you can hit this thing while filling up your car and not explode. That’s because there’s no combustion. And where there’s no combustion there’s no carcinogens. That means your lungs will thank you.

Power Pen: Care and Feeding

The Power Pen works with just about any type of concentrate from wax, to budder, to shatter. Highly refined solventless concentrates worked even better and tasted even more awesome. We tried ‘em all—many times, believe us. And this thing performed like a boss.

Packin’ the Power Pen is really simple. In fact, packing this thing is so simple we did it in the dark countless times—at gigs, in grow rooms during the dark cycle.

The nails do get a bit sticky and so does the inside of the mouthpiece, but that’s all part of the oil game. A li’l rubbing alcohol and you’re good to go, son. They last quite a while, we’ve gone through about two or three nails and have been hitting the same pen all day long for a couple months.

We noticed that the Power Pen’s battery charge lasted about a full day and if you wanted to save power you could turn the thing off in between use. Or you could just charge this thing nightly. Oh and it’s way durable, dude. We’ve dropped it a million times and it still works.

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One Vape Pen. Hella Attachments.

3 Power Pen ReviewAlong with the gold and silver tips for concentrates that come with the Power Pen, you can score all sorts of other high-tech accessories—a tip for vaping eliquids, one for vaping flowers and other cool add-ons. We tried the eliquid attachment and it was killer—less messy than using wax and we didn’t have to refill it nearly as often. Plus filling it was a snap, literally. All we did was snap off the mouthpiece and load our product on the side of the steel cylinder. We tried honey oil too. It worked killer with the gold and silver nail, but not so well with the eliquid attachment. Our test kit didn’t include the flower attachment, but we imagine it’s pretty dope. Apparently the Power-Pen dudes are the first to market a micro flower tip for a vape pen. Oh and they’ll be releasing an electronic nail (enail) soon. Dude, no more torches!

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