Smojo Permanent Smoking Screen Review

Smojo Smoking ScreenBongs and pipes are stuff stoners like. When they’re not clogged. A clog is what really turns a perfect piece of pot paraphernalia into a really big bummer. Sure you’ve tried the ol’ kitchen sink screen trick. You know where you unscrew the little cap on the faucet, remove the screen when nobody is looking and use it in a bowl. But really quickly that li’l thing gets all crusty and caked in resin. Soon it’s clogged. And those little glass inserts that your step-mom loves just fall out all the time. So aside from cleaning your pieces super frequently or just switching to joints—what’s a stoner to do?

The precision-designed space-age Smojo has none of the drawbacks above. It’s no joke. Drop this thing in a bowl and it stays in place. You could be taking bong rips upside down on a roller coaster doing 175 mph under water and this thing’ll stay put. Plus it’ll last way longer than those janky sink screens. Those things are super thin and tear the second you scrape ’em and let’s face it they get all clogged up after just a few hits. But the makers of this Smojo thing claim that it’ll easily outlast 1000 mesh screens. Wow. That’s a lot. Just imagine how many nice and tidy bowls you could smoke with just one of these things. Go on we’ll wait.

Sure it doesn’t clog. As an added bonus it also doesn’t allow any hot weed bits, resin or ash to get into your mouth. Nobody likes ash or hot weed bits in their mouth. Don’t let the humble Smojo fool ya. It’s both hi-tech and low-tech at the same time. Wha? Yep it’s high-tech in design and low-tech in implementation—no moving parts, nothing to break, wear out or get stopped up. Simple. We used it to smoke bowl, after bowl, after bowl of some tasty Strawberry Banana buds. Because that’s the kind of weed blog we are, man. We’ll tirelessly smoke weed all day long to test out shit like the Smojo because we love you. We also love smoking weed all day too. But that’s besides the point. This is a review about the Smojo—not a boring story about our weed-smoking habits. Anyhow after hella hits the Smojo kept on hitting like a champ.

We decided to try one in our latest bong. It fit the bowl nice and snug-like and worked just as well. Rip after rip, no clog or little bits of burnt bud getting into our glass. But don’t take our word for it. Here are just three of the 25 (and counting) five-star reviews on Amazon about the incredible Smojo:

Smojo ReviewsAnyhow what were we saying? Oh yeah, man, we were saying that we weren’t totally sure why this simple little Smojo thing wouldn’t clog. We narrowed the reasons down to two. It probably has something to do with either its design or some black magic. Rather than continue to speculate we decided to just ask the Smojo dudes to explain how their product worked. They said that the Smojo uses dynamic apertures created by the geometry difference between the Smojo head and the pipe bowl. Our heads exploded. We were all like WTF? And they were all like, dude, there’s like no room for all the burnt stuff to get into the pipe hole. But there’s plenty of room for the smoke to enter. Makes total sense, right? Right.

Smojo Smoking ScreenSo then we asked the Smojo crew what happens if you hit this thing with a lighter over and over again. Won’t it just burn up? They said that you can’t burn a Smojo with a standard cigarette lighter. Then they said something about heating stainless steel will cure it by forming like this protective crystalline passivation layer that like acts like glass and stuff. So cool, right? See what we mean about high-tech, dude?

Anyhow, man, once airflow begins to diminish and your pipe feels clogged—it’s time to clean your Smojo. To clean it just torch it a bit with your lighter and scrape—easy peasy. See what we mean about low-tech, eh? Or like you’re playing that old school game Operation you could carefully pull out the Smojo with tweezers or pliers after it’s cooled and plop it into some isopropyl alcohol. Notice that we said after it cooled, genius? Hot stuff is hot. So don’t get burned. You could also strap the Smojo to the top of your ride like we did and cruise through the car wash. It’ll come out squeaky clean and ready for use.

Smojo Smoking ScreenThe Smojojojo, er uhm…we mean the Smojo works in just about any bong, pipe or hookah that has a single hole. If your piece has more than one hole, well then it probably sucks and you should buy another one that works with the Smojo. Plus this Smojo thing is made in the USA and entirely from type 304 Stainless steel. Not 303 or 305, but 304 stainless steel. We’re talkin’ the good stuff, man. The kind of stuff that’s most commonly used for food service gig and for surgical equipment. So like doctors use this kind of metal to cut open your body and remove shit like your kidneys, or your spleen, or like part of your brain—so you know it’s healthy to smoke off it.

You can grab a Smojo, put it in your pipe and smoke it by visiting or you can visit the Smojo store on Amazon and pick up a few. You can probably find them at your local head shop too. And if you do, don’t forget to tell ’em that Stuff Stoners Like sent ya.

Have you tried the Smojo in your pipe or bong? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section below.

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