Source Orb 4 Vape Pen Review

Source Orb 4 vape penSource Orb 4 Vape Pen Review

Looking for a simple and effective vape pen dedicated to concentrate that delivers big ol’ tasty rips at low terpene-preserving temps. We are too. That’s why our buds over at Source Vapes sent over their orb 4 premium vape pen. It’s so shiny, flashy and futuristic-looking that we immediately fell in love with it’s looks. But how easy to use is the Orb and does it fry the hell out of concentrates? We’re not down with sacrificing flavor or performance for fashion so we decided to put this thing to the test.

Simple to use? Hell yeah. The 2-piece SOURCE orb 4 vaporizer pen has a magnetic locking top which opens to wide and deep atomizers—we’ll get to those soon. Anyhow it’s super easy to load—just pull the top, load and click closed. It’s even easier to use. Just push the button and inhale.

Source Orb 4 vape penAnd the SOURCE orb 4 is entirely made of  Stainless Steel 303— the healthiest and safest material ever used on a concentrate vaporizer pen. Speaking of atomizers it comes with three USA-tested Grade 2 Titanium atomizers. Step up your game with the SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kit. that includes six different SOURCE orb 3 atomizers—two Quartz atomizers, two Coil-Less atomizers, and three Double Coil atomizers. How much does it hold? We say as much as gram, depending on how much you want flavor vs convenience. Load it with less if you’re looking for tasty dabs, drop in more if you’re on the go and looking for a longer sesh where convenience is key.  Definitely make sure to let your material cool first, which will make it solidify some before it goes in your pocket or purse or whatever. This will ensure your gear stays looking good and sticky free to the touch.

The airflow is what’s really awesome with the Source Orb 4. That and how cool it looks. The teardrop-shaped dome is perforated with small gills that allow for the perfect airflow. We really dig it. The dome doesn’t get too hot either. And the large, 1300 mAh capacity, battery featuring a protective heat sync lasts hella long. Can’t wait to try it with the Source nail attachment. Stay tuned for a review. Hint, hint.

Source Orb 4 vape penAll in all we really dug this one. Definitely take a look around the Source Vape site, they have a lot of cool stuff for the ORB XL and other pens they offer including 9 different wax atomizers, 5 coil-less, 3 double coil. It also comes with a Lifetime Warranty—Source say they’ll replace any product that’s not working correctly absolutely free. How cool is that?

Have you tried the Source Orb 4 vape? Or have you tried any Source Vape products? What did you think? Your opinion matters, man. It helps other stoners make good decisions. So let us know your thougts in the comments section below.

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  1. rYAn G

    Orb 4 so far is the best vape pen I have had. I really like the coilless titanium atty, it really prodices a nice smooth flavor and it dont get too hot. Awesome for shatter holla!

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