Help Keep Kids Away From Edibles with StashLogix

locking stash case from StashLogixWe’ve said it before. Dude—nothing kills a buzz faster than kids. Just image if some snot-nosed li’l brat got into your stash and got sick? That shit happens, dude. That’s because edibles look just as yummy to someone hella stoned as they do to someone hella underage. Or hella hangry—or your greedy roommate or even your dog.

But seriously, though. Just last year in Colorado alone there were 151 calls to the state’s Poison and Drug Center related to cannabis infused edibles—45 of which involved kids under 8-years-old. That’s just unacceptable, man. So our buds at StashLogix have come up with a product to put an end to all that stuff—a locking, odor resistant, heavy-duty stash bag. It’s on Indiegogo and they need your help to bring it to fruition.

locking stash case from StashLogix
ensure that stashes and buzz kills, we mean kids, are safe everywhere.

These StashLogix bags are pretty dope as far as cases go. They sport a hemp exterior with highly-durable nylon on the inside and come with different sized bud and concentrate jars, as well as removable pockets and dividers to organize it all. Drop in your rolling papers, a pipe, maybe a vape pen and some dab tools and you’re good to go. Plus the cases are completely air tight, man—you can stash as much weed as you can fit into one of these bags and ain’t nobody on the subway’s gonna know you’re packin’. Added bonus? Your herb’ll stay nice and fresh for the trip.

StashLogix bags are available in three sizes—Grande, Vente, er uhm we mean the EcoStash (the medium-sized bag and the first available), the GoStash (the small-sized, highly portable bag) and the ProStash (the big boy for the serious stoner). The last two we mentioned, however, will be available once funding is completed. So you should probably bust out your credit card right now—do it for the kids, man.

locking stash case from StashLogix
Heavy-Duty zippers won’t hold break & your WEED hostage

Let’s see what else, what else? Oh yeah—so your stoned-ass doesn’t have to remember keys, the bags feature a 3-digit integrated lock. 420 is an obvious choice so we recommend going with 666. Just don’t get stoned and forget the code. No. Wait. Go ahead and get stoned. Just don’t forget the code. Or like write it down somewhere or something.

The cases are made with the best zippers available, YKK. Don’t snark. Shit’s important, dude. How pissed would you be if these dudes scrimped and used some cheap-ass, flimsy zipper and it broke? Your weed would be held hostage, dude. That’s no good.

locking stash case from StashLogix
Hey! You’ve got to hide your WEED away—safely in a StashLogix case.

StashLogix is a member of CanopyBoulder, an accelerator program geared specifically for the cannabis industry. With their support as well as some support from you these dudes can bring their cool cases to market and ensure that stashes and buzz kills, we mean kids, are safe everywhere.

More information about StashLogix and their Indiegogo campaign is here. And make sure to follow ’em on Twitter too.

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